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Summary Posts of the past week

February 9, 2008

These are the posts I published last week. Will now post directly on Monday.

The difference between the East and the West in pictures The designs in this post are made by a Chinese designer living in Germany, Yang Liu. I found these pictures brilliant, as they explain the differences between the East and West in a way that words never could. Quite a few of the pictures used to represent China could represent the Indian way of life pretty well. It is important to remember that these pictures are not meant to show that any one culture is superior to another. They simply show the differences…

Do local Mumbaikars resent ‘outsiders’? I wasn’t going to write about this issue of Raj Thackeray’s MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) taking to violence on Mumbai streets. It was when I read this silly poll that I decided I had to write something, even if it was just a bit. The poll concluded Mumbaikars felt that Mumbai is for everyone…but an overwhelming majority of poor uneducated Maharashtrians resent the ‘outsiders’…

American Gangster Movie Review Another movie to hit us late, two months later to be precise. It had a great opening week-end in the US and is supposedly based on a true life story of a druglord of the seventies Frank Lucas. The film’s a hit, although there is controversy surrounding the film…I was expecting a dark, violent film, but even though the violent scenes do make one…

We Own The Night Movie Review The crime thriller We Own The Night was released here three months late so we already know that it was a moderate success in the USA. In India it wouldn’t be expected to do brisk business being of the genre that it is.
The movie is a serious one. A story that we in Bollywood are all too familiar with…brother vs brother. One a cop, the other the bad guy…

Do Indian youth really hate the idea of joining the Defense Services? Conscription has been in the news, having been triggered by an innocent remark by General Deepak Kapoor, the Chief of Army Staff in response to a query by a journalist. He had said that the government “may have to take a view” on conscription in the future “if things don’t improve”…There are several aspects to this debate. One is a theoretical question as to whether India would ever be able to launch a successful conscription program. And if India isn’t able to do so, how will the shortfall of officers be ever made up? Thirdly, one cannot help but wonder if the hype that young Indians are against joining the Defense Services is true. Before I discuss these issues, just a brief overview of what the world does with regard to conscription…

Do we have to live with a slow internet? If anyone asks me about my internet connection I say I have a slow one…I don’t mention whether it’s broadband or dial-up. Actually I have both, MTNL Broadband and a VSNL dial-up…but if I am writing a post or an email I often switch to dial-up as it’s more reliable. Yes, it’s excruciatingly slow (max 44-48 kbps, but usually less than 40) and the connection often hangs…but it doesn’t get disrupted. As for the Broadband that I have, it’s never been at it’s maximum ever and seems to be operate at half it’s speed most of the time but worse, it’s intermittent…I’ve heard Airtel is better but we don’t get it in our area.

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