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Summary posts of the past week

February 16, 2008

These are the posts I wrote the previous week. Will now post on Monday, and probably late. Have a good week-end. 🙂

Humans love to form ghettos With this outsider vs insider issue that’s being discussed so hotly by the media, by intellectuals and by the common man, it reminded me of the fact that human nature is such that we love to form groups and leave others out. It doesn’t matter what our nationality, race, religion or colour is, the truth is that human beings love to form ghettos.

Euthanasia may be illegal but it’s not exactly unpopular Recent advances in medical treatment and life-support technology have offered immense benefit to many patients who may not have survived an illness of comparable seriousness even a few decades ago. However, for every life saved by these innovations, there are many others who do not recover and who are left inexorably on treatments and support that only aggravate their pain and suffering…

Mithya – Movie Review (A review without spoilers). Mithya is a dark film with dark humour. Everyone is saying it’s a comedy, but it certainly isn’t a rip-roaring comedy and it certainly isn’t funny throughout. Actually I hardly found it funny but maybe it’s because I have a different sense of humour!…The story is about VK (Ranvir Shorey), a struggling actor in filmdom. The movie starts off with VK stumbling from one insignificant role to another barely able to pay his bills. Shorey’s acting is amazing. We can easily empathize with VK, a desperate, innocent…

We want to know who the jury is! No one knows who the men and women are who decide on India’s national awards. It’s a well guarded secret…Apparently, a top-secret committee meets to vet nominations. A tentative list is sent to the Home Minister and, then, to the Prime Minister. There is no transparency to the process. Nobody knows who made the decisions and none of the judges are ever held accountable…

Molestation: Reasons and some solutions For some time now I have been thinking of highlighting some points from comments on my molestation posts as about 200 comments tried to shed light on the issue. I have picked those comments which gave a reason as to why molestation happens and comments which offered a solution…and finally I have put forward my own conclusions…

Freaky electronic scenes All of us have bad photograph days and I have plenty of those. I love taking pictures but only about a quarter of them turn out alright. My greatest failures have been with night shots as I often use the wrong settings, and sometimes it’s deliberate, basically to see what happens. As a result I have to discard quite a few photographs…My indecipherable night shots I keep in a folder called Electronic Scenes. Don’t know why, they seem electronic nonsense to me! I am going to share them here (sorry!) after having made some sort of story around it…

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