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Summary posts of the past week and some popular posts

March 7, 2008

These are the list of the posts I wrote last week – 6 in all. Generally I try to stop at 6 a week because otherwise I tend to neglect my other writing work. Will now post on Monday. Have a good week-end.

This week I am adding another part to this post. It’s a small list of some older posts which have been popular in the last seven days. I have mentioned the posts whose popularity (which I count by number of hits) surprised me. No posts published this week and which are also popular are included in this second list, only older posts.

First, a summary of what I wrote last week…

Dangers of eating newsprint Last week while waiting for my dosa (Indian crêpe) to get done at a stall in a large mall, I watched a man behind the counter start to rub some white paste with his thumb into a piece of newspaper. I watched as more and more of the white stuff was added accompanied by more vigorous rubbing. Finally I asked the man what he was doing. He was drying salt he said, nodding at the now grayish mixture. The salt, he explained, had accidentally got a little wet.

Job discrimination at the workplace (Part 2) If there is discrimination during the hiring process there is bound to be some sort of discrimination at at the workplace too, right? Even if an employer has systems in place to hinder discrimination during the application stage, there will always be people who will discriminate once the candidate is hired, due to their own prejudices. Here is a graph…

Job discrimination is rife all over the world – (Part 1) Discrimination during the hiring process is rampant all over the world. Here’s a chart which reveals just how much discrimination there is the world over when applying for a job…for reasons ranging from age and gender to race and religion…

Top sites comparisons India and the world If one looks at the top ten websites of the UK, USA and India, one sees some similarities in the lists, but India does not share similarities with China, Russia or Japan. Not surprising, considering that China, Russia and Japan have few English language sites in their top ten list…Interestingly, France has more than half of its top 10 sites in English…

Attending Bloggers Meets Wonder if any of you have been to bloggers meets? Haven’t been to any myself but keep hearing of them…a meet was held last month in Bangalore, this time organised by indiblogger. There’s even a Googlegroup of the Bangalore Bloggers. And the Bangalore bloggers are organising some sort of Blogathon in April…

Michael Clayton – Movie Review Michael Clayton was released in India 5 months late and it’s not much of a consolation to know that the movie was released in Germany around the same time, and that it’s yet to be released in Japan…The movie is cleverly crafted, the suspense rising at every step and culminating in a superb climax. The way the director, Tony Gilroy, went about it, slow to start, almost sleepy (pace) and then slowly building up to an unbearable pitch…

Here are some posts of mine which did well in terms of hits these last seven days, I mean better than I expected.

India Budget 2008-2009 I had written about the budget last year too but the post was not that much of a hit. But this year I think I should thank my commentators for giving life to this post…thanks guys and girls! 🙂

Jodhaa Akbar – Movie Review I was convinced that this post would sink into oblivion as everyone was writing about Jodha Akbar, but surprisingly, it’s done well. Can’t figure it out.

Warli folk paintings – This was another post I thought would soon sink…but I got some unexpectedly interesting comments and Vivek K made me see a side to the subject I had not seen. That seemed to bring out some emotions in both Gugin and Suburban, both true artists. And this post continues to do well.

Portrayal of women in Bollywood then and now This was written about a year ago and was one of my favorite posts but was never very popular. These last seven days it seems to have woken up a bit…but the hits have already started to fall…

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