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Summary posts and something else too

March 15, 2008

Here are the posts I wrote last week. But before I start to summarize them, here is some information passed on to me by a reader, Sangeeta. The Department of Administrative Reforms And Public Grievances, a government of India initiative, has started a platform for redressal of grievances. If you have any grievance against any Government organization in the country, you may lodge your grievance here. This link has also been added to the left sidebar under ‘Useful Links.’

So here goes the summary:-

How to suck up to your boss I came across an interesting article in Forbes about how to suck up to your boss. In response to each of their tips, I made up my own tips, suited to India but more on a humorous note.

Indian Americans are doing well, but not that well! After some exaggerated claims (based on a spam email) were made in our Upper House of Parliament and subsequently reported by the media, I searched for some authentic statistics on Indian Americans. Indian Americans may not comprise 36 percent of all NASA scientists or 38 percent of all doctors in the United States (as the fake email claims) but they are a successful lot alright. Here is a brief overview…

Tipping in India In India today tips are not just expected, they are demanded. True, in India we have not reached the stage where taxi and rickshaw drivers demand to be tipped…The fancier the place and the higher the salary of the person who serves you, the higher the tip that needs to be paid. Wonder what the logic is. Surely tipping is based on the quality of service rendered?…Some believe that the tipping culture is not endemic to India, and has slowly become stronger over the last decade or so. There are others who feel…

Goa gets a bad name after 15 year old girl is murdered The brutal murder of a 15 year girl has destroyed Goa’s ‘image’. Everyone who’s been to Goa knows that the drug trade there is flourishing. True, the drug angle to the murder has surfaced only now in the police investigations but the fact that Goa is a drug haven is an open secret…

Naxalism – some reasons and some solutions The Indian government seems to be waking up to the Naxalism (revolutionary, often violent, communist groups) menace if the spate of articles in the mainstream media in the last few months are anything to go by. About time too as the Maoists plan to attack urban centres like the industrial belts of Bhilai, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Calcutta and Mumbai, Pune, Surat Ahmedabad…

Gurus – should we love them or leave them? India has never been short on Gurus, and the names like Swami Chinmayananda and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi come to mind almost immediately. There are many more…but what is important is that in the last decade or so Gurus have proliferated and quite a few of these Gurus do not induce the kind of reverence that the older ones did. Perhaps because some of them are being seen more as astute businessmen rather than ‘Gurus’…

After WordPress came out with their wonderful feature of enabling us to see the stats of our referrers and also search engine terms, addition to our post stats, (and not just for seven days, one month, a quarter, and one year but ALL TIME!) all of us bloggers have been enjoying ourselves finding out stuff about our blogs that we never knew before. Some bloggers have published their oft used search engine terms, referrers and so on, but I thought I would publish my least used search engine terms and referrers. Just for the heck of it:

Search engine terms used the least ever (since this blog started) to reach my blog:
sex education
abhishek buchan
salaries in India
light eyes

The Referrers who sent me the least traffic (All-Time) (naturally, because they copied my complete post!)…

Have a nice week-end. Shall post on Monday.

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  1. sunil jogdeo permalink
    March 16, 2008 10:40 pm

    Thanx. I would definitely use this link. This is a great contribution nita.

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