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27 Dresses – Movie Review

March 17, 2008

poster.jpgIt’s a chick flick of the boring kind. O.K. Not so boring as it’s entertaining enough…but it leaves you with a hollow feeling at the end of it. Its a ‘romantic comedy’ they say, but this ‘romantic comedy’ did nothing for me. I didn’t laugh even once and nor did my eyes become moist at any point of time.
It was all fake, the emotion was all fake. And so were the dialogues and the situations.

The movie is called 27 Dresses because Jane (the pretty Katherine Heigl) has 27 bridesmaid dresses which she stores in her cupboard for sentimental reasons…she loves weddings and she loves the idea of weddings as well. A New York Times review has aptly called her a ‘serial bridesmaid.’nyt.jpg

This itself is supposed to be funny I guessed, but it’s not really funny.
To get on with the story (there isn’t much of a story), Jane hopes that one day her Prince Charming will come along and sweep her off her feet straight to the altar…! Unfortunately for Jane, she is not the kind of girl who guys fall for because even though she is stunningly good looking, she works very hard, is responsible and straightforward…I was not sure I understood this stereotype! Perhaps they should have chosen a less good-looking actress or one with a less brilliant smile, or one with less of an innocent look, then perhaps one could have swallowed this silly notion. The way Jane is portrayed, it would be difficult for any man not to fall for her but as I am not a man can’t say for sure! True, her being unable to flirt is a huge disadvantage…but I am not ready to believe that guys don’t fall in love with responsible hardworking girls who cook well, are good housekeepers and are also beautiful and smart. It’s not as if Jane is brilliant or is earning a 6 figure salary, which are the kind of things that could perhaps make guys insecure. Perhaps…
27 dresses is set in New York, where Jane works as an assistant to handsome, suave and sophisticated George (Edward Burns). He is oblivious to her charms and her apparent fawning behavior in his presence. Yes, Jane is head over heels in love with her boss, but he has no idea. Strange! There is another man on the scene…Malcom (James Marsden) and he’s a scruffy, off-beat character whom Jane is absolutely not attracted to, although he is to her.
The story reminds one faintly of Bridget Jones, but Bridget Jones was a brilliant film and it was real and it was heart warming – but not 27 Dresses. It’s a pale ghost of a film.
Anyway, to get back to the plot, the movie is not exactly a love triangle as Jane’s sister Tess (Malin Akerman) plays a major part. Tess and Jane are opposites, although both are pretty. And you guessed it, in the movie they are rivals.
I don’t want to delve further into the plot as the story isn’t anything much and even one more line will give everything away.
The acting was alright, and I liked Malin Akerman’s acting the best, who plays Jane’s sis Tess. She plays the role of the spoilt, selfish little sister pretty well.
This movie is not boring, as I said at the start. But expecting any soulful stuff or even a funny movie is a mistake. It doesn’t touch the heart.

Release info country wise available here. India isn’t too far down on the list, although the movie was released in the U.S. and Australia in January.

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  1. Ravi permalink
    March 17, 2008 8:46 am


    I m confessing that I had watched to movie in theater due to certain obligations probably you’d imagine what they could be. Yes I watched this chick flick and it’s really boring 🙂 I liked Catherine heigl in “knocked up” she was pretty but somehow she didn’t looked that well in this movie. I liked her sister Tess though. She was honest enough to confess that she had been bitching around with hot guys while at school and envied her sister for many reasons.

    I wish some blond girl like jessica simpson or rachel adams could have played the role of jane in this movie that would have been apt to the title. Ms.Heigl deserves better where she can perform to her potential.

  2. March 17, 2008 5:13 pm

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    I really like your blog, very interesting all your comments!
    I’m very interested in all related to India so I check your blog
    very often!
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  3. March 18, 2008 10:29 am

    i skipped it for seeing before the devil knows you are dead
    i fully agree with ravi, that is also a bit disappointing
    ill put up the review soon its still in draft

    i would be seeing FOUR MONTHS, THREE WEEKS AND TWO DAYS thats the one to see

  4. March 19, 2008 3:20 am

    Nita, one of my family friends started this movie on my laptop a couple of nights ago. I dozed off in 5 mins. (she seemed to have liked it). I find it so difficult to watch movies like these 😦

  5. Ravi permalink
    March 21, 2008 8:57 pm


    I had just watched this movie : Horton sees a who!
    I couldn’t believe how people come up with so much novelty in movies. I wish you would watch this movie and start a thread. But the movie is strictly for kids. I dont know how people would receive this movie in india. Has it released there?

    I have not seen that movie and never even heard of it! I guess it will be released her after months and month, if it is ever released here! – Nita

  6. Ameya permalink
    April 4, 2008 2:11 pm

    Hey nice review!!!!.Did u watch a movie called Into the Wild???.If not then pls definitely do…..Its a really good one though its long…around 2 and a half hours!!!!!!!!

  7. November 7, 2008 9:05 am

    Hey Nita, you’re definitely right.
    i’ve watched the movie and i found it sooo boring.
    i can’t clearly understand the plot!

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