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Summary Posts of the past week

April 19, 2008

The trust that humans have in each other varies from country to country Is Trust in fellow human beings the first to be sacrificed when a society is politically unstable, corrupt, poor, crime-ridden or war-torn? Well, there certainly is a huge connection if the findings of a Pew Research study have any merit…

What was India thinking of yesterday? (In pictures) Yesterday our three major national dailies were caught up with the issue of issue of Congress President Sonia’s Gandhi’s snub to HRD Minister Arjun Singh…The Indian Express (Delhi), The Hindu (Chennai) and The Telegraph (Kolkata) made this issue their main Front Page story… although the Hindustan Times reported on the Olympic Torch run which is scheduled today, the Sonia Arjun story was given equal prominence..DNA was on a different tack from other major dailes yesterday…

Why I love supermarkets Many people prefer the local grocer as they have a personal relationship with the fellow and perhaps feel some amount of loyalty towards him…for me shopping at these small shops had become far too time-consuming…Besides, with vegetable and fruit sellers it was always this endless bargaining process which one had to go through… A recent study by Assocham tells us how middlemen are contributing to the present inflation in India and what the country needs is more supermarkets which will give the farmer direct access to the final seller…

The world will be of mixed race one day Ever since I was a teenager I have marveled at the myriad colours that we Indians come in. So why is this? Why do we come in so many different colours and shades? The obvious answer is that we are a mix of different races…uh oh. I have used the wrong word. From this wiki article I came to know that the government frowns upon this idea. For some reason the government of India does not want us to know that India comprises of people of different races…

Does being a DINK couple help? Working couples without kids (DINKs) are not an unfamiliar sight in India nowadays, not in metros at least. The acronym may be outdated (couples who voluntarily opt to be childless), but their tribe is increasing. And why not! They enjoy a lifestyle that is far more luxurious than their counterparts with children…In India childless couples face social disapproval and so it is a little surprising that the number of DINKs are increasing..True, this prejudice is…

U Me Aur Hum – Movie Review This is a movie that could have been an interesting and emotional short serial of about 30 mins. Instead it is a poorly edited, boring and melodramatic two hour 30 minute film…It was disappointing to see these blatant harassment scenes being passed off as acceptable. Ajay gets sloshed and drools over the waitress…

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