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May 3, 2008
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Khuda Ke Liye – Movie Review It has been almost a month since its release in India and the Pakistani film Khuda Ke Liye (In the name of God) isn’t doing too well…However, it’s worth seeing. It’s original. It’s bold. It’s very brave as well as it tackles the relationship between moderate Muslims and the extremists and it’s coming from a deeply religious country like Pakistan. Sure, the film’s production quality could do with improvement and the story could have been less melodramatic and it should not have had the many stereotypical characters that it did. Despite these faults, the movie is…

Are all India’s 8 north-eastern states disturbed areas? Did you find something odd in the above news that the northeastern states have surpassed Jammu and Kashmir in insurgency-related violence and civilian casualties? Well, I did. First, I wondered why one state was compared to seven…or rather eight…

A blogging tag about some favourite things Nova and Suda both tagged me for this meme and well the way the tag is raging round, I guess I better do it before there is no one left to tag. In fact that has already happened I think…so here is my list…

The uniqueness of Goa captured in pictures A lot has been written about Goa and a lot of photos are out there. I thought I would share something different…I also thought I would use this opportunity to bust some myths of Goa…One is that Goa is conservative. As conservative as the rest of India…The Goa of the beachcombers, of the hippies who discovered Baga in the early 70s, of the rave parties, of paedophilia, of decadent hedonism is just a tiny strip of beach between…

Will we ever get used to seeing flesh? The brouhaha stirred up by the bare flesh and athletic dancing of the imported (mostly American) cheerleaders at the IPL matches is over. The politicians demanded that the girls cover up or quit and well, they’ve covered up. Two questions remain. Why so much fuss over the girls’ scanty clothes and relatively little over the fact that these girls were eve-teased and subjected to lewd remarks? And why were the people who made these remarks not hounded out of the stadium by security…

BRT in India – how great concepts can get ruined The skeletons are tumbling out of the closet now that the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) has fallen flat on its face in Delhi and is creating massive traffic jams. The concept is a great one but it has been pushed through in a hurry and implemented badly. The culprits people experts behind BRT are from IIT Delhi….The Delhi government was impressed because they were shown “a list of 80-odd countries where BRT has succeeded.” Surely they should have known that imported ideas need to be tailored to India?

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