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Summary Posts of the past week

May 10, 2008

Plastic bottles and pizza boxes are not safe anymore We’ve been doing it for years and now they tell us that it’s not safe. Two separate “discoveries” in the last few weeks have revealed that those hard transparent plastic bottles and containers you use are toxic…and so is cardboard. Those cardboard boxes in which you get your pizzas delivered to your home could well be carcinogenic…

An aerial view of Mumbai city (photo post) These are some of the photographs I took as we flew over Mumbai last month… the first photograph was taken after we had taken off from Mumbai and you can see that the plane was flying over some sort of railway yard…

Be careful before you enroll into that foreign course Import of higher education into India is wonderful in itself because those who cannot afford to go abroad to get their degrees can get them here. However at times the foreign course that the student dreamed of can be a disaster. It fails because the course fails to take into account Indian conditions…in other words the course runs as if it is operating in the country of its origin…

A song which inspires – a tag Aikaterine tagged me for a writer’s tag. She said: “Think of THE song that most inspires you to write, whether it gives you an idea for a story, script or just puts you into a better frame of mind AND/OR peek into the lyrics and find a verse that sums up the theme of whatever project it is you’re working on…”

You are eating GM food but you don’t know it GM foods change the DNA of plants so that they become resistant to pests and thereby increase food production. They also reduce the usage of pesticides… all this to feed the starving millions! But we are tampering with the DNA of organisms, mutating them in labs into something “superior.” That is the stuff of science fiction and horror movies and should remain so! Well, at least until we find out the exact consequences of speeding up nature…

Iron Man – Movie Review Iron Man The movie (directed by Jon Favreau) is a cinematic adaptation of Marvel Comic’s superhero and is just what we wanted to take us away from the now stale (and boring) masked heroes flying around. This one seems is for real. Iron Man’s super heroism is not in his genes like in the case of Superman or Spiderman. He builds it. Reminds one of another superhero…

The internet can make our private lives public but most people don’t care It does give one an eerie feeling doesn’t it…to know that once you put something out there on the net, it is completely out of your control…A New York Times article says that if these trends are anything to go by “a time will come when nothing that is said online will be treated as embarrassing because we will have become accustomed to everyone disclosing everything.”

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