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Summary posts of the past week

May 24, 2008

I wrote five posts this last week. One less than usual…perhaps I should stick to just five a week, because I am running short of time these days. Well, here is a brief summary of what I wrote…

Bollywood and Hollywood…the twain are set to meet! Today India can pay for an Andrew Symonds with ease…and a day will come when our industrialists will be able to buy the top Hollywood stars as well…And it’s us, a nation of movie and entertainment hungry fans who will pay for all of this…! We are already one billion strong, and our middle class is three million strong…that’s almost as much as the population of America…

Pesticides creating havoc in India A recent report that the DNA of farmers in Punjab might have been altered making them susceptible to cancer is shocking but has come on the heels of many such articles over the past few years…Punjab is showing the most dramatic effects of pesticide exposure but other states like Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (cotton growing states) are also suffering. The list of reasons for this is given below….the possible solutions are several…

Indian youth starting to drink at 19 Urban youth in India is taking to alcohol in a big way…the average age of alcohol consumption in India has fallen by nearly nine years over the past decade, from 28 to 19, and this is predicted to fall to 15 in another 5-7 years… India is not the only place where there is no enforcement of the law to stop underage drinking. It happens all over the world…for example in Britain…As Prohibition will never work in India, what’s important is awareness of the dangers of addiction. Today in India (unfortunately) alcohol hasn’t come out of the closet…

Joona Bazaar photo feature Pune’s Joona Bazaar (Joona is a Marathi word meaning old) is a place where you can buy second-hand stuff…something akin to a flea market. The only difference between a flea market in western countries and a similar market here is that in India you won’t get just second hand stuff, but third hand and fourth hand goods too…

Does India need a Prevention of Terrorism Act? The Jaipur blasts where 80 people died and many more were injured is a terrible blow to the nation… and all of us have only one question on our minds:What is the government doing about terrorism?…the BJP is clamoring to bring back POTA, which they feel will help nab terrorists. So is this the solution India needs?… The USA and Britain, which face terrorist threats, have similar laws. So does Australia…So it seems logical that India should have one too…or does it?

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