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Crime and the media

May 27, 2008

neeraj murderBy now none of us are very surprised when the media goes overboard over murders which take place in metro areas and the victims are upper class people…and even more so if the killer/s are upper class people.

The murders
The two murder cases hogging the headlines of late are [1] Neeraj Grover’s murder by a Naval lieutenant (Jerome Mathew) in Mumbai after which his girlfriend (Maria Susairaj, a Kannada actress) helped him dispose of the body and [2] the murder in Noida (near Delhi) of 14-year old Aarushi Talwar and 47 year old househelp Hemraj – allegedly by Arushi’s dentist father (Rajesh Talwar) after which Rajesh Talwar’s Nupur gave him an ironclad alibi. The reason the first murder grabbed headlines was because the killer was a Naval officer and his girlfriend Maria a small-time actress. The victim Neeraj was the creative head at Synergy Adlabs. In the second case, the alleged killer is a wealthy doctor who allegedly brutally bludgeoned his own 14 year old child to death and then slit her throat…after which both he and his doctor wife went to bed. The servant’s body was found on the terrace.

The Mumbai murder seems to be a crime of passion…it happened (according to police reports) after an insanely jealous lover hacked to pieces the man he found in compromising circumstances with his girl-friend. As for the other murder, the coldbloodedness of the crime is spinechilling to say the least…as is the icy demeanor of the mother who is giving interviews.times of india

The reporting
As a TV news viewer and a newspaper reader what I find irritating is that these murders have been in the news even if there is nothing much to report (the picture on the right is yesterday’s newspaper). And on TV, the same clips were aired repeatedly…five second clips were shown at least 25-30 times in one news report! Even if the media bosses feel that viewers want to see crime, this is hardly the way to go!

This is what one media boss ( G. Krishnan, CEO of Aaj Tak, a Hindi news channel) said at a FICCI meeting just this May. It was reported on

Today, the consumer demands the 4 C’s, namely cricket, cinema, comedy and crime…

I had defended the Indian media once saying that they are giving people what they want, but I am not sure that they are giving people what they want anymore. Even if viewers are interested in crime no one wants to meaningless reports, and nor do people want to see the same video clips ad nauseum.

We readers and viewers deserve more. We deserve to get a balanced picture about crimes committed in the whole country…villages, semi-urban areas and in the poorer city areas and it doesn’t matter if the victims are poor and/or the killers are poor. Crime news needs to be suitably balanced.

Poor news analysis
What I have found quite horrifying was the news analysis of these two crimes…one article bemoaned the deteriorating urban culture and called the murders the “sweet deathly smell of success” and called the Neeraj’s murder by the Naval officer as the “sordid reality behind all the dazzle”!! What does a crime of passion have to do with razzle dazzle or tinsel town? This is a case where a jealous lover catches a man in a compromising position with his lover and attacks him in a fit of murderous rage and this kind of thing has happenedArushi murder since time immemorial!!

The same article goes on to talk about the second murder, that of Arushi, and calls it the face of “a changing Indian urban landscape where not only values and attitudes but also crimes are undergoing a metamorphosis.” But fathers killing daughters is not a new thing in Indian society. It’s worth thinking whether the doctor (if he is guilty) would have killed his child if she had been a son…in the same circumstances. I am quite sure that if the father killed his daughter, it’s because he felt (probably imagined!) she had “shamed” him in some way and not because she found out about his extra-marital affair. I have never heard of parents killing their teenage children because they found out about an extra marital affair. But honor killings are an age-old practice in feudal India, so why write that this murder is some sort of modern afflliction or in some way against Indian “culture?”

Update: According to latest reports (July 12th) Aarushi was allegedly murdered by Krishna, an employee of Aarushi’s father’s and also neighboring domestic help. No hard evidence is out yet but this has been revealed by narco-analysis of Krishna.

Even Rediff talked about how “emerging lifestyles are changing the way the urban India lives.” The murder may have happened in urban India, and the reasons for the murder may be complex but eventually this is a case where a father kills his daughter…and as I mentioned above I think it’s something to do with feudalism and skewed gender relations in a our society. The Rediff article goes on to talk to parents and experts who feel that the murder happened because of the “lifestyle” of the family and some even hinted that Arushi was a disturbed child because of poor parenting. I don’t know whether this is true, but I am quite sure that the murder didn’t happen because Arushi’s father was having an affair, or because he was rich or because he and his wife were bad parents or because Arushi was a troubled child. I don’t even think any one of these factors were catalysts…take away any of them and the murder would still have happened. The doctor clearly thought he owned his daughter’s life and set different standards for her behavior than he did his. Sick.

The power of the Media
The media has helped solve murders and uncover scams. That’s really wonderful, but I think it’s time that homicides in the country are projected the way they really are. We need to see these crimes in the context of the Indian social fabric, and we need to know what they mean. If they mean nothing, they mean nothing and we don’t want to hear lies about lifestyle trends. Just because the killers and victims were not poor homeless creatures it doesn’t mean the crimes are some bizarre blot on the Indian urban horizon! We get fairly good and comprehensive political news, we get good sports news too…so why can’t we expect balanced and intelligent coverage of crime?

(Photo credits: The first photo is from ibnlive, the second is by me, and the third is from the Hindu)

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  1. May 27, 2008 8:46 am

    That is the exact reason why I have stopped watching news on television. It is so much glorified and blown out of proportion that it irritates the hell out of me. The trend has started to seep in the web too.The stories are spiced up just to make them more “enjoyable” instead of presenting the facts.
    And I guess, there are people who find such stories more amusing if they are presented all spiced up. Because the truth is that if something is in the market, then it must be in demand. One of my friend told me a few days back that the channels like Aaj Tak, which we find completely revolting, are watched with great awe and interest in the interiors of India.

  2. May 27, 2008 9:47 am

    Great article, Nita! It’s good to see a journalist bashing the so-called “mainstream media”! I get news from different sources on the internet and to read detailed and balanced analyses, I read The Hindu.

    I agree that the first one is a crime of passion that can take place anywhere in the world. These things happen in villages all the time and they don’t even find a mention in the so-called “mainstream media”.

    I am shocked by the second one. But not surprised. It is a result of the filthy feudal mindset 😡 in which women are seen as the “property” of men, so that men and their wives can kill women and girls,sometimes even before they are born! The mother seems to be more keen on defending her husband than on helping the police solve the case. I have always believed that one half of the female population becomes the greatest enemy of the other half in feudal and “free market capitalist” 😡 societies.

  3. vivek mittal permalink
    May 27, 2008 9:57 am


    All there are about 30 news channels in the country, and people usually watch television only few hours a day, and news not more than 1 hr a day………so for this 1 hr, there is a fight in 30 plus news channels to attract viewers to them…………and they want to make it as sensational as possible…..and in the process making news a Tamasha

    Also many of the mainstream news channels act literally as a local news channels of Delhi….

    But i would like to suggest a correction………….The Arushi murder case has nothing to do with Delhi……..It has happened in another state…..outside the scope of Delhi police and Delhi Govt….the command and control of the investigation is in Lucknow and not in Delhi

    Okay, thanks for the correction. It was in Noida…which is in U.P. I shall make the changes – Nita

  4. May 27, 2008 10:12 am

    the publicity that these murders are getting is outrageous. TOI had full front page coverage + a whole page of analysis. I did not read any. ‘Father killed daughter ‘is all i need to know, nottheir family background, interview with uncle, neighbours…..and a detailed sketch on how he did it.
    I mean is this because its sensational news? the upper class?
    My dad used to write to a prominent newspapers ( The Malayala Manorama) to stop putting suicide and murder cases on the front page. he suggested that all the murders, honour killings, and family group suicides (when they are bankrupt) gives many the idea of doing it so.
    Well he may not be entirely right, but stll I feel that the news should be portrayed with seriousness and not blow it out of proportion, with pictures etc.
    The HIndu rarely put pictures if dead bodies, BBC never shows those pictures but some local channels air those pictures over everning news when the entire family is watching.

    About honor killing, it has been a tradittion for us for years now….. last month a couple was killed and the girls mother was involved as well. She was interviewed and she showed no regrets. That is disturbing. Like Amit I am going to stop watching TV.

  5. May 27, 2008 10:30 am


    As an American, I am finding your analyses of the Indian news media fascinating. The US has its own issues with the news media; television news here is just as much geared toward “entertainment” as Amit says it is in India, and just as lacking in substance. For many of us, what passes for “news media” in the US is nothing more than a poor joke.

  6. May 27, 2008 10:54 am

    of late i have stopped watching news channels(of course except ndtv profit,which my mom watches)..they seem to be reporting nothing but useless stuff(when i ever i on the tv,am wrong?)..”today chennai take on blah blah”…aren’t sports news supposed to be at the last? The media has lost sense of what is important and what isn’t it…certain things are getting undue attention and the “habits” which they talk about spreads( i may not know much about psychology ,but if you see to much of something don’t you think that it is alright to commit that act?).i remember the channels having a segment for board exams (last year when i wrote my tenth) in which they glorified people as toppers,which the CBSE is trying to do away with.. i is time we regulate what comes in the media..i mean i am in for efforts like ndtv’s project on tiger,but the telecast of the samething over and over again isn’t going to help their ratings soon…

  7. inder gandhi permalink
    May 27, 2008 11:02 am

    Hi Nita, i was actually wondering yesterday why you did not have a blog post on these simmering topics up already ! 🙂

    i understand your irritation and frustration with the media and the role they are playing nowadays…

    all i’d like to say is…. why are the media and some people of India (pls see blog responses on ibnlive and other news sites on this topic) so bent upon passing judgement on Dr Talwar – he has been arrested by the police who have not yet provided any evidence and have still not recovered the murder weapons nor the mobiles? plus they do not have a clear motive…

    The Inspector General of Police made some serious gaffes on Friday in the live press conference the least of which were, where he mis-named the murder victim as “Shruti” instead of Aarushi no less than 4 times! there are so many (loop)holes in the police theory presented so far that it looks like swiss cheese !

    i just want to say we should refrain from passing judgement on this case and others like it, until we have enough evidence to prosecute these heinous crimes.

    another point – are we all guilty of some perverse form of voyeurism?


  8. vivek mittal permalink
    May 27, 2008 12:48 pm

    Our news channels have come to a state of stupidity…we have a “news” channel called Star News…which has totally become a gossip channel….it shows nothing but gossip, in a silly and childish way….the same news channel till late nineties and even till 5 yrs back used to be an excellent news channel……It showed other than news, various wonderful programmes, Debates on very important topics etc……….Zee news was also good one……it all started with the arrival of a new news channel named “aaj tak”…it gained immediate popularity as it looked fresh and told the news in a dramatic way….and other channels in order to gain similar popularity followed same trend, and changed themselves to worse

    And, today Aaj Tak though stupid and populist, is much better than Star news

    But still today we have a very good news channel named NDTV, both Hindi and English versions of the channels are very good, and particularly Hindi one reminds me the Star news of the late nineties, it shows various meaningful programs and debates on various topics an is much more decent

    Only thing i dont like about NDTV is Pankaj Pauchauri 🙂

  9. vivek mittal permalink
    May 27, 2008 1:12 pm

    Whatever i spoke above is about Hindi news channels, but the English ones are not far behind in becoming populist…….I think DD news is the only channel which has not been altered to gain popularity.

  10. vivek mittal permalink
    May 27, 2008 1:16 pm

    whatever i spoke above is about Hindi news channels……but the English ones are too not far behind in become populist………..i Think DD News is the only English/Hindi news channel which has not been altered to gain popularity……….

  11. May 27, 2008 1:17 pm

    Amit, I read somewhere that the ratings of Aaj tak are falling…and I think they will continue to fall if they don’t please the consumers. As we the viewers become more selective, we will get better stuff to watch so its great you’ve stopped watching. Actually I have reduced my time spent watching news channels. I am watching IPL instead! 🙂

    Raj, I am not really bashing the media you know. I don’t like that word because bashing usually means seeing no good in that thing at all. I myself am incapable of bashing anything. 🙂 I think our media is doing a great job in many ways compared to the chamcha type of media we had earlier, but one needs to be critical as well. And slowly as viewers start becoming selective our media will improve..I have full faith in that.

    Vivek M, yes you are right, it’s competition that is making the channels fight for eyeballs. There is bound to be a shake-out and the best will survive. Another thing, right now we pay very little for our channels as compared to what people pay abroad and that is why we deserve bad programming. Just trying to be realist. You get what you pay for and we are getting what we deserve!

    Xylene, I agree with your dad. In fact in my first draft there was a para in which I had mentioned that the crime news should be inside, not on the front page. I too feel very indignant about the way crimes are being shown. Its a disgusting trait in us human beings to want to see gory pictures…but there are those who like this sort of stuff.

    Richard, thanks. I guess this is a problem the world over. People like us suffer because most channels cater to the lowest common denominator.

    Vishesh, so you are another one who is fed up with the tv news! join the gang! 🙂 That’s an interesting thing you brought up about glorifying toppers. I agree with you whole-heartedly – the media shouldn’t do it. But they like to make celebrities out of people. its always the media which creates these celebrities and it can be demotivating for the others, particulary as the difference in marks can be very small. I think we should follow the IB system where only grades are given and not marks.

    Inder, let me address your last point sentence first…yes we are all guilty! I myself love watching crime stories but ofcourse I like the investigative stuff they show on discovery. About the other point you make, about the media passing judgment, well strictly speaking you are right. But I think the police is more to blame. The media simply repeated what they were told. The police had no right to announce things before the investigation was over. I think they have harmed their case.

    Vivek M, I don’t watch either aaj tak or star so can’t say but overall yes when I surf I see both these channels, and nothing much to choose from! I have watched some NDTV discussions, they are not bad. In the long run the good channels will surivive and the bad ones will stop making money and die out. But we have to remember one thing, sometimes a channels is really bad in terms of sensationalism but has the freshest news. So then it becomes difficult to choose.

  12. May 27, 2008 1:33 pm

    hmm…yes,that does help..but i feel the whole system needs to be revamped…i cannot say there is no pressure on me to perform,i am expected to do extremely well in my boards which are coming up in less than 10 months time…even though i don’t like the system,i have to beat it by doing what i asks me to do…thank fully cbse is trying to stop the mugging the thing..

  13. May 27, 2008 2:03 pm

    God, I am sick of BOMBARDMENT of these news everywhere. All news channels and news papers talk about these. It is a shame because we know they will forget the unsolved case within few days.

    Nothing happened to Pandher in Nithari. Ever heard again about the schoolboy who shot his classmate with gun. Nothing. There are so many urban murders happening everyday. Everyday newspaper has a story, and some of them get too much attention.

    As for Aarushi’s case, so far there is no evidence against father. Who knows it is victimizing him or letting a culprit go scot-free (eventually)? I am not sure if to believe that Aarushi was sleeping with 45-year old servant. God damn it, where is the evidence but the dead person is being maligned on national television just to sensationalize.

    And no matter how many crimes happen in Noide (that is NCR) in UP, there is no jurm in UP Supreme Coiurt passed that judgement to absolve AB. IT is as if whole country is going to dogs.

  14. Ravi permalink
    May 27, 2008 2:44 pm

    The images of dead bodies are very disturbing could someone appeal to those News papers and News channels not to show them. I wish someday a law must be passed to restrict journalists and thereby the media that prevents bloody images aired on primetime news channels.

    We have rules on satellite televisions not to air adult shows how come the very same moral police fail to notice that violence is equally disturbing as porn. I wonder why would they cover a murder case so extensively than a scientific discovery. We barely know the technicalities behind the GSLV and its successful launch. I bet the journalists are more willing to cover crime than scientific discoveries.

  15. May 27, 2008 2:59 pm

    btw nita take a look at this 🙂 nikhil has just written about the noida murder…

  16. Vinish permalink
    May 27, 2008 6:04 pm

    I do not understand why news channels broadcast only news related to crimes happening in NCR and Mumbai. I am sure there are thousands of crimes that happens elsewhere in other India. If these new channels claim themeselves as national media, then why concentrate on happenings only around delhi, and mumbai?

    Its not that I want to see crime related news, but why cover only news related to only one section of Indian society?

    Similarly many TV channels name shows like “Indian Idol” , however the participants are picked only from one part of the country. How can a participant who wins this show claim to be an Indian Idol, if he has only competed with select people from one part of the country?

    Further, many news channel break news (or sometime they themselves create/make news) and as soon as the sensationalization is over i.e. news value is over, they hardly follow up the news and give us what exactly is the status of the news or put pressure on the authorities to finish up the investigation. So, most of the news eventually dies.

  17. May 27, 2008 6:13 pm

    This post has started me thinking about something I have never quite formulated an opinion on.

    Does the media respond to the market, or does it create it?

    Obviously the media does not ‘create’ people’s opinions. When I use the term ‘create it’ I mean something along the lines of influence; although more than influence.

    For example, one of the most important business skills is information management. In short, knowing how to use information in order to obtain your goals. The best way to ensure success is to learn how to manipulate information and present it in a way that results in your target audience’s agreement and acceptance with your intended goal (which may or may not have anything to do with the information you are presenting). Information and influence go hand in hand; and you can influence in a way that more closely resembles creation than guidance. It is frighteningly easy to do.

    I have always had a suspicion that mainstream media works on similar principles. I mean, is “cricket, cinema, comedy and crime” what the majority of people want to read about? Or is it what the media establishment wants us to read about? And if it is, why?

    That is where my suspicion falls apart. What possible benefit does mainstream media gain from putting so much emphasis on these issues? Maybe this is what most people want to read. If so, it is a sad indication of our priorities.

  18. wishtobeanon permalink
    May 27, 2008 7:49 pm

    I agree with what Ravi says – the media needs to be more responsible when it comes to displaying images. One can report crime without actually showing gruesome pictures.
    I don’t think people want to see news of crime in their already stress-filled lives.

  19. Ravi permalink
    May 27, 2008 7:58 pm


    I guess indian media is either short of journalists or technology to cover nook and corner of our country. So they are only capable of collecting and then airing/publishing those incidents related to a particular city/state. Other thing is that we find journalists speaking same shit all the time its due to lack of knowledge in various fields and also their inability to interrelate things to give a broad picture of a particular happening. An article on this was published in science journal by Micheal Crichton disclosing the malice that might be created by an ignorant journalist’s views. Maybe we are short of technology but we have many incompetent journalists who can express their lame views on a potential subject.

    What is Indian Idol? I googled it and have watched videos on youtube. To my surprise that is not an IDOL show cause its not possible to come out with an Indian Idol. I didnt know 90% of the songs sung by the contestants. Where is the homogenity? In American Idol all the participants speak english, sing songs in english and all the viewers know what they are doing. I dont know how successful the show was but definitely the winner is not an IDOL thats for sure. I m waiting to see our IDOL’s song on billboard chart.

  20. Ravi permalink
    May 27, 2008 8:03 pm

    PS: Even premier news channels like NDTV, CNN IBN, Aaj Tak fail to cover at least 30% of happenings in India. We need some one who can add some quality to our news bulletins. We are not short of money anymore and clearly one can see from the prize money of different game shows. We need an organized approach among journalists in Identifying, Studying and Presenting any social/economic problem in detail. I wish it will happen in near future.

  21. May 27, 2008 10:42 pm

    Vishesh, yeah I’ve heard about them revamping the system, but even then CBSC is still mugging by the IB standards!

    Vinish, Poonam, the media is going haywire these days isn’t it! No follow-up even of important news. It’s as if they live for the day. A pity.

    Ravi, in our country violence is okay, but sex isn’t. I agree that even the premier channels fail to cover the country comprehensively. It will happen gradually as consumers start demanding it. Right now we have a large uneducated population who doesn’t care. They want to see news as entertainment.

    Aikaterine, good to see you here after a long time. 🙂 You raise a very important question, what came first, the chicken or the egg..the consumer’s apetite of certain kind of news or their addiction because it was fed to them..and I think it’s a little bit of both. We humans do have a voyeuristic tendency and this is fuelled by what the media dishes out.

    wishtobeanon, welcome to you too! 🙂 You will be surprised to know how people love seeing the gory pictures. while its okay for adults, its not okay for kids. And while good films are censored here and even minor scenes of “objectionable content” are cut, the news channels are continously airing not just pics, but also graphic details of crimes.

  22. Armoredfish permalink
    May 27, 2008 10:43 pm

    I read your article, rather skimmed it at the end. You are professional blogger and possibly part of a generation that is serious about these modes of expression. Crime, Aarushi and the media will play out in this “banana” /”orange republic of ours. There are two names that I have added based on my experience (in nothing) – 1) India Incorporated 2) The 61st State of the United States of America. But as it making its transition from a semi – independent country of the 60-80’s to a dependent country once again we may have to hand over the keys once again to a new set of rulers, policy makers and executors of such policies. Rajesh Talwar has not been proven guilty as yet(yet it is so easy here with no forensics, systems and no witness protection department, etc). Police remains the tool of the British(and now Indian) Sarkar and as the world rapidly slides into an information age/knowledge age and one of new age enlightenment, pollution encrusted energy depleted Mars-like surface , Lyutyen’s Delhi blissfully sleeps with Cabinate meetings and morchas and more deal making.

    True, all that Indian police need is confessions! They don’t bother with a professional investigation. I think they are planning narcoanalysis now. – Nita.

  23. May 27, 2008 11:33 pm

    lol,guess then they should consult me 🙂 i am a no no mugger…i very rarely mug anything…infact i sit and waste time trying to find the logic behind my violin notes 😛

  24. May 28, 2008 12:29 am

    Media is not like a rudderless sailing boat that drifts here and there depending on which way the wind blows, i.e. what people want. It is media’s responsibility to act as a rudder and steer conversation in a direction that moves people/society/country in a positive direction, or at a minimum, fosters debate on the direction to be taken. But for that, we need some wisdom that is not simply beholden to the bottom-line and ratings. Ultimately, editors do have a sway on what conversation takes place among people by deciding to publish (or reject) certain stories. That’s why it is important to have op-ed pieces that may present a different (and differing) point-of-view.

    Amit, Media has a responsibility like you say but today I don’t see it. There is poor analysis of news except in a few cases, although some papers do get good breaking news! In fact that is all they think they need! I think the problem is because there is something called a celebrity journalist here in India, and one has to read whatever they dish out. However some people are really good like Swaminathan – Nita.

  25. May 28, 2008 1:24 am

    in the talwar case things r more complex and everything is alleged to have happened as per the police whose investigation was very lacking and callous
    as i see it,
    the media is dealing with these issues, no better than it regularly deals with other issues, so why blame them
    they are marketing news , selling adds
    and are performing what is demanded of them
    didnt i read,,,
    Today, the consumer demands the 4 C’s, namely cricket, cinema, comedy and crime…
    on the Hindu being level headed and unbiased read this

    That was interesting. Well, I am the kind of person which never believes that any newspaper is the greatest or the best or even the worst or the sickest, so I am not at all surprised. We need to view everything with a healthy criticism.- Nita.

  26. May 28, 2008 1:28 am

    Also is having an affair with a colleague any reason to kill ur daughter ? think about it
    And this is UP/ noida police
    the standard of investigation of the cbcid in Mumbai is getting horrid thanks to it being considered a punishment posting thanks to it being a non office of profit

  27. Yamini permalink
    May 28, 2008 9:53 am

    I am probably being rather naive, but what comes through very strongly in your article is this: That in the second case you have decided that the father is indeed the murderer, even while the investigations are on. Isn’t that a case of media crossing the line and coming to conclusions? Shouldn’t we at least wait and let the investigations take their own course?

    Yamini you are right but all through the article I have been careful to add “alleged” but I think it’s entirely possible that you missed that part.
    However, I do admit that I think the doc is guilty. I haven’t said it in the article, but perhaps I have implied it, and now that you brought up the subject I might as well say it outright. I guess I have been influenced by the “facts” of the case too. A girl found in her own home with no forcible entry, parents say they heard nothing at the time of her death and the surgical cut on her throat. Also the expressions and demeanour of the mother has confirmed by suspicions that the doctor is guilty. Sorry, can’t help thinking so but do think of me as a human being and an individual…I would like to know how many Indians genuinely believe the doctor is innocent? I certainly don’t! But knowing my responsibility as a blog writer I have repeatedly used the word alleged and other words to ensure that I do not defame anyone. – Nita.

  28. May 28, 2008 11:12 am

    Now who said that The Hindu is unbiased on all issues? For those who swear by the crap dished out by the Times of India, read this:

  29. May 28, 2008 1:53 pm

    good link Raj, i call toi raddi paper because it is so bulky

  30. May 28, 2008 11:30 pm


  31. May 28, 2008 11:30 pm

    yes, i also agree with yamini. i felt the same as well. 🙂

  32. May 29, 2008 1:38 pm

    Some 10 years back when we did not have 50 odd news channels and when American news channels dished out news of sniper attacks and petty crimes in the US, we would say “C’mon, why why? Who is interested”
    It is only the evolution of media that we see here(or may be too much of media).
    Too many channels, not much news happening. So focus on crime in metros/among upper class.

    How is an Arushi Talwar case something that is of national importance to be lead story across channels?(all condolences to the family, May her soul rest in peace)

    I have lost hope with the Aaj Taks and the TOIs .

  33. May 30, 2008 10:48 am

    Kids are America’s most precious and most at-risk citizens. With drugs and peer pressure facing them on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that mental illness and drug abuse is at an all time high. Problems facing American children.

  34. pandit permalink
    May 30, 2008 11:50 am

    If someone was with your wife/ fiancee by taking advantage of her vulnerability before you got married to her and you had a knife and caught them ….would u not cut him into 600 pieces. Neeraj deserved worse. What is his father talking about now? Is this the cultural values that the family had.taught to their children….sneak into a female/s apartment and have an affair? Neeraj knew the consequences of his decision to stay at marias place and took the risk. Maria betrayed the trust too ..and deserves to be hanged. ..she acted as a prostitute for career ambitions..

  35. rohmen permalink
    June 8, 2008 6:43 pm

    You know I’m surprised that you pinned the blame on Aarushi’s mother so easily. I’m not defending her, but lets presume she and her husband are innocent till they’re proven guilty. No?

    You are right Rohmen. But that is what I feel and I know it wasn’t politically correct to say what I feel, but the way I am if I do choose to write about a subject I write what I feel, even if it seems the wrong thing to say. – Nita.

  36. vivek mittal permalink
    June 19, 2008 5:33 pm

    Nowadays new faces are coming CBI has taken charge of the case on request by UP chief minister…..and they seem to be doing good least better than noida police

  37. Ravi permalink
    June 20, 2008 9:46 am


    Im not surprised to see TOI as the fastest growing newspaper…Like people say that in India sex and shahrukh sell so as TOI…lol

  38. Arvind Giri permalink
    March 2, 2012 10:51 pm

    Mainstream Media & crime a Question..? When we r saying about the media first question arises to me , whose media is..? Who are running it & for whose benefit. The real aim of media whether it be, newspaper, TV channel or any other media is to uplift the issues , crime which are happening in the society. It means the Social construction of reality in the way it is & sensitizing the issue to all , those who are in power & not ( common people ) how the issue / crime increasing fast way & it has also give the people’s opinion about that. Instead of that Media any In TV channel they are showing more Gossip & News paper reflects beautiful news like ; Aishwarya Rai become pregnant, 10 top rich person in the world are from India. But it never shows how many poor are their in India, How many are still after 64 year of independence not getting the benefit of the Govt. scheme, how today also after 64 years how caste prevalent in India & how honor killing happening, how dalit, trials, nomads, minorities & other deprived section of society are neglected, how they are facing problem etc. not shown by the media. Media Known as the voice of people but today’s news paper , TV channels & other channels 1-2 be the exception are shame on the name of voice of people , today’s media is not the voice of people but it is the the way of generating more money ( commercialized mainstream media) & it is shame for the society at large. So today’s media are the puppets in the hands of Politicians, big businessmen & rich persons in the society.

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