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June 1, 2008

A major Indian newspaper steals a blogger’s photograph!! One hears of bloggers infringing copyright but have you ever heard of a major “reputed” publication stealing a blogger’s work? Well, here is an instance. I got a shock to see that a reputed newspaper like the Hindustan Times had stolen a photograph of mine…

Refusing legal tender is illegal but nobody seems to care No one has the right to refuse legal tender but they still do it…can you imagine making a fuss if a shop-keeper refuses to accept a 50 paise coin? No one does and the behavior continues. It doesn’t make sense, why shop-keepers (even government bus conductors) are doing it. I can understand the logic of not accepting torn notes, but not to accept coins in perfect condition is ludicrous…

Will English dominate India in another fifty years? English is now the third most important language in India if one goes by the medium of instruction at upper primary level. That’s significant in a country of 22 official languages… and English is growing slowly and steadily. Even in the north which is a Hindi speaking bastion, states like Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are going against the trend there…but why do people want to educate their children in English medium schools?

Galloping populations and energy consumption The population in South America, Australia and even North America was negligible in 1600 A.D. (although Europe had significant numbers) but the population in India and China was sizable. By 2005 the whole world had become a crowded place. Here is a slideshow illustrates this change…however it is not just the greater numbers which are affecting energy consumption but lifestyles. If China and India are not careful, their increased numbers plus lifestyle changes will greatly impact their energy requirements…

Crime and the media By now none of us are very surprised when the media goes overboard over murders which take place in metro areas and the victims are upper class people…and even more so if the killer/s are upper class people. The two murder cases hogging the headlines of late are the creative director Neeraj Grover’s and that of 14-year old Aarushi Talwar…as a TV news viewer and a newspaper reader what I find irritating is that these murders have been in the news even if there is nothing much to report…the news analysis of these two crimes is also inadequate…one article bemoaned the deteriorating urban culture…

Dual Citizenship – good or bad? It is difficult for someone who has lived in one country most of their life to understand why anyone would want Dual Citizenship. Dual citizenship automatically implies dual loyalties and that is what throws up the very uncomfortable question: How is it possible for a person to be loyal to two countries, particularly if one has political rights or works in government jobs?…There were strong rumours that the Indian government was going to allow its citizens to be the citizens of two countries but now…

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