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Weekly Summary Post

June 8, 2008

These are the 6 posts I wrote last week. Due to some hectic activity on the personal front this week-end, I may not be able to post till late on Monday or perhaps Tuesday. Have a nice Sunday! Me, I am helping someone very close to me shift house.

Agitate, strike, paralyze normal life and attack freedom – that’s the mob’s job The chaos in Rajasthan caused by the violent agitation by the Gujjar community has barely died down and other agitations are in the news!,..During the Gujjar agitation Indian industry lost Rs 4,500 crore…anti-national elements can watch their nation squirming in pain without shedding a tear…they can watch their very own nation wounded…what is even worse is when the mob’s pressure tactics leave an invisible scar, a scar that doesn’t make headlines…let me give you three examples from…

Taxes on petrol and diesel very high in India We in India pay high taxes and duties on petrol and diesel, higher than some developed countries like the United States and some Europeon countries. We pay approximately 52 per cent tax on petrol and 31 per cent on diesel. It doesn’t seem fair does it considering that incomes here are much lower than in developed countries! Here is a table which compares…

Increase in income and life expectancy don’t always go hand in hand A map showing how life expectancy and income per capita have changed over the years – from 1950 to 2005 – caught my eye. The map depicted almost all the countries of the world, but I reduced the clutter by choosing a few countries to compare….

Filicide happens all over the world but the reasons differ from society to society The murder of children by parents is in the news lately… Parents killing their children is not unusual in any society…only the motives differ. In western societies today the “reasons” if I may use that word, are thought to range from an inability to look after the child to an overwhelming loss of control over their life. Also, feelings of revenge/jealousy due to divorce and/or separation can tip a parent’s mental balance, particularly if the children are with the ex-spouse….Parents killing their children once they are teenagers sounds crazy doesn’t it. In the west this is uncommon. In fact, there are more cases of teenage children killing their parents rather than vice versa…In India…

A meme about myself I have a feeling that there is something narcissistic about doing memes about oneself…anyway, here goes…

A good cricket captain needs nerves of steel and more The team with the best captain made it to the final…and won. Shane Warne’s captaincy skills have been much lauded and I too cannot help but wonder what it is exactly that Warne has that he managed to take a team with hardly any stars on to win the IPL. And my respect for M.S. Dhoni has also shot up. Despite his star batsmen leaving after the first few games he got his team to the final…so what are the qualities of a good captain…

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