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Summary post of the past week

June 15, 2008

Mumbai-Pune Expressway scenery – a photo feature A few weeks ago I managed to get some clear photographs of the expressway as it had drizzled but the monsoon (which dulls the light) had not set in. A clear bright day…and therefore the photographs are clear too and all I did was trim them wherever required. I am posting some of these here, and this time I have watermarked them…

What’s in your biscuit?Biscuits are our daily bread but times have changed. We now know more about biscuits and what they contain. Ingredients in biscuits like hydrogenated vegetable oil aren’t good for us. Nor is refined sugar, refined flour or additives. That’s what most biscuits and cookies are made of, even the so-called “healthy” ones. In this post I have examined a two biscuit brands…

Blogging mistakes, copyright violations and nasty comments One’s blog is such a personal thing. I mean, whether a blog is a place which you use as a diary, or a place where you jot down random thoughts, or a place where your write about issues which concern you or a media which you use to help others or simply a place which you use as a platform to connect with people…it all depends on what you want from your blog and there is no right or wrong…because a blog is meant to set you free. It’s there to tell people who you are.

Sarkar Raj – movie review – (no spoilers) Sarkar Raj isn’t as good as the original Sarkar, but to give it credit, it’s watchable. What I liked about this film is the fact that it has tackled larger issues which are important to India today…about development and the clash that can ensue because of differing ideologies, the selfish agenda of elected rulers, the dirty politics that people play to get into the limelight, and the ease with which…however the problems with the movie…

Buying antique furniture at Oshiwara Furniture Market in Mumbai (photo-feature) The half a century old Oshiwara furniture market isn’t doing as brisk a business as it used to in the old days but it is still the best place to buy authentic wooden furniture, a lot of it with an interesting story behind it. This is a place where ancient wooden furniture from old houses all over the country makes its way to…

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  1. Tajbinder permalink
    June 16, 2008 12:52 am

    i feel so …… at peace that i have like minded people like Ravi .otherwise it was like going out on the streets and people running after you for your blood. And what made them do this.Just say India isnt doing good or that it just isnt the place to be, for our politicians, bureaucrats , regionalism, religion , corruption among other things have made it that way.

    Tajbinder, I have a feeling that you left a comment on the wrong post. 🙂 – Nita

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