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Summary Posts of the last week

June 21, 2008

These are the posts I wrote last week:

De Taali Movie is directed by E.Niwas whose first film Shool won the National Award for the best Hindi feature film way back in the year 2000…the movie  doesn’t have big superstars but Riteish, Aftab, Ayesha and Rimi more than make up for the lack…The movie can be worth seeing if you are looking for some light viewing, certainly. The music is average, but the actors are lively and entertaining. If you can sit through the first half hour it’s likely that you will be able to sit through till the end. And you will get a few laughs as well. The movie is more suitable for…

A virtual peek into Mumbai – a slide show Ever visited Mumbai? Well even if you have, these photographs might be interesting…

Aamir – movie review- This genre (thriller) is my favourite genre, but few thrillers have managed to thrill me the way Aamir did. There was no hype surrounding this film but it’s doing well even 10 days after its release. The cinema hall was packed when we saw it on Sunday, and we had to buy tickets in the fifth row from the from the screen. The movie reminds one of…

The Expansionist Meme – Nova tagged me for a meme which I thought was quite interesting as it makes one think of things that one should be thinking about but doesn’t…

The Devaluation of CookingThe trend nowadays is to cook less at home. It’s a world-wide phenomena that hasn’t spared India…well not urban India at least. The most obvious reasons given are (not in order of importance) the break-up of the joint family, difficulty in getting skilled help in the kitchen and women going out to work. However, I reject these as the real causes. I see the real reason as…

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