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Summary post of the past week

June 29, 2008

These are the five posts I wrote the previous week:

A packaging trick by Johnson and Johnson! Recently I purchased a prickly heat powder by Johnson & Johnson and like most people did not read the quantity mentioned on the pack – 300 gms (10.25 oz). I was attracted to the large bottle and assumed it would be at least three quarters full…but it was half empty. Here is the photograph…

Women have feelings just like men do!! How a woman or girl should behave with her in-laws or after marriage is a subject discussed in bedrooms and drawing rooms and “experts” dole out sexist advise in national media. A professional counselor and psychologist, Uttam Dave, tells girls that “In the Indian context, the onus for overall adjustment in life always lies largely with the woman” and well it’s implied that women have to grin and bear it as Indian men will not adjust…

Academic Intelligence is related to Emotional Intelligence Everyone wants to know what it takes to reach the top of their profession. Academic honors? Drive? An x factor? The general consensus now is that while academic success gives you a leg up in life, it does not make the man or woman…however researchers have been able to find a connection between Emotional Intelligence and Academic Intelligence…

Those who dump construction debris should be jailed Some years ago we lived in a building surrounded by bungalows with large gardens. One day the bungalow next door started some refurbishing work. Loads of construction debris emerged out of the house and was dumped outside on the streets, not in the large empty space inside the compound of that house. Worse, the debris wasn’t dumped on the road in front of their bungalow, but right in front of our building! It was an eyesore, not to mention the inconvinience it caused. So did we complain to the rich neighbours? Well, I went…

The outsourcing of cheating In India we complain about our students cheating, but cheating is a world-wide phenomena. The only difference is that there school and college managements are more alert, and if caught students can face stringent punishment…Cheaters who get away will do it again, and the next time they do it could be in real life. With the advent of the internet, cheating has got easier and more difficult to catch. This is what the following post is about (contributed by Sarah Scafford) – the outsourcing of school assignments to India. The involvement of students from Britain has come to light…

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