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Summary Post of the past week

July 20, 2008

Here are the posts I wrote the previous week. More than my usual. Next week is going to be a slower week!

The Dark Knight – Movie Review (no spoilers)There is so much to talk about in this film The Dark Knight (directed by Christopher Nolan) but the only one thing that one wants to talk about is Heath Ledger. He’s the villain, who plays the Joker, the psychopath that all Batman fans are familiar with. Ledger manages to portray the inner turmoil of a twisted soul so well that he literally quivers with the hate. The hate bubbles and boils on his surface…a hate so cold and sick and uncontrollable that it makes you recoil. The pace of the movie is fast…some of the action scenes made you a little dizzy and well at times it was difficult to figure out what was happening…however most reviews of this movie (in the United States) praised the movie sky-high…

Instant Chinese Meals – Product Review I don’t like to use instant pastes and powders while cooking. Not that I haven’t tried them. I have tried a lot of these instant mixes – from sauce and noodle mixes to pickle and soup mixes but I hate them all. If I do find the taste of some mix tolerable, I cannot enjoy it the second time. Well, not for a year at least! Some of them make me puke…I did not use the mix as they had suggested. I used half the quantity but made up for it by adding the very same ingredients mentioned in the ingredient list. I also added some red wine and a little salt. The end result was…

So do you have national pride? Are we Indians more critical of ourselves than those of other nationalities? And if we are, does that mean we are not patriotic? Well, I don’t think being critical is being unpatriotic, but perhaps not having pride in our country’s achievements is on the borderline of being unpatriotic…I think Indians have a very fierce pride in their country, although they are equally fierce in their criticism…an opinion poll about whether different citizens of different countries have pride in their country…

Sleeping late doesn’t mean you are lazy! In India rising early is a virtue. And sleeping late is considered sloth. Even though now we know that there is no such thing as too much sleep or unnecessary sleep, these attitudes persist. Even though now we know that sleeping isn’t like eating. Our appetite for sleep doesn’t grow as we take in more and more. If we sleep, it means we need it…

India’s global competitiveness declining? In industrial competitiveness surveys of 2007-8 India seems to be taking a beating. In an IMD survey India was ranked 29th (out of 55), a slight fall as compared to last year. The criteria here was economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency and infrastructure and it was infrastructure where India scored very low…The latest report is the competitiveness scorecard released by The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). One of the reasons why India scores badly…Also GDP charts, market advantages and a comparison of GDP growth of different cities in India

Testosterone overrated? The male hormone Testosterone has been found to be associated with “dominant” and “aggressive” behavior and as men have higher levels of Testosterone, many assume that their “aggressive” behavior is linked to their biological make-up. However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that its the testosterone which counts… I never really believed that women are less aggressive than men. It’s just that they express their aggression differently…

Hancock – Movie Review (no spoilers) If Hancock had been a Bollywood movie the critics would have trashed it and given it one star. Maybe I am exaggerating, because the technical finesse in Hancock was evident and if present in a Bollywood movie, critics might have gasped. But the movie has to have something more. Some good action perhaps? After all this movie is supposed to an “Action” movie…

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