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Summary Post of the past week

July 26, 2008

This week I managed to stick to my normal five posts. I don’t want to go beyond this because it eats into my other writing time. In fact in this hot political scenario I was tempted to write another post on politics yesterday even though I am neither an expert in political analysis and nor am I that deeply interested in politics. But some aspects (of politics) do interest me and if what I have on my mind is still relevant next week, I shall write a short note on it.

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful week-end!

No humanity towards trafficking victims I read about about kidnapped young girls being kept in a Gujarat village, where a mob of villagers actually snatched back a rescued girl from the clutches of the police…I was shocked that villagers were not cooperating with the police. If people perpetuate these inhuman crimes just because those girls are from “outside” their region and community (which they invariably are) what is the future for humanity…victims are subdued and silenced by violence…they are starved, locked up in a dark rooms, beaten, burnt with cigarette butts, bound, forced to drink, drugged, strangled, stabbed or killed (if all else fails). Attempts are made to create dependency on drugs and alcohol.
Children break within 7 to 10 days…

Why I comment I comment because of various reasons and you probably share them, but at times I don’t comment even though these reasons are present. But first the reasons. They are broadly four…:But this doesn’t mean that I always comment if one of the above reasons is present…I may not comment because I don’t feel comfortable commenting. I may not feel comfortable commenting if the writer does not have a clear persona that comes through…

Between horse traders and traitors who is left? No one is surprised with the allegations of horse trading to buy MP’s for the trust vote on the nuclear deal…but if the Left is accusing the Congress, they have some dirt in their backyard too…even if it isn’t taking bribes. If there are some politicians who don’t sell their loyalty, they do other things. Like stab their country in the back. Frankly I am disillusioned with the BJP too as it’s clear that they are upset that it’s not them who is getting a chance to push the deal through…another important fact is that India is number one when it comes to money in Swiss bank accounts in the whole world…

It’s not just parents’ attitudes which are obstacles in the way of a girl’s education Recent NSSO statistics National Sample Survey Organisation say that about 15 percent girls never attend school as compared to 11 percent boys. As the kids grow older, the gap between boys and girls widens…Most of us know that important reasons for girls’ drop-out rates are because of the belief amongst parents that girls don’t need too much of an education and because their help is needed at home. Boys tend to drop out (later) because they are required to earn. However, other factors also influence learning…and these factors may be more important! Parents are certainly not demons and they want to educate their children…

Different education boards creating havoc and heartburn The 85 and 90 percent scorers are not getting admission into “good” junior colleges because of the revised admission system (percentiles being taken into account across various boards rather than actual percentages) and this has resulted in a lot of heartburn amongst students….if the syllabus of the SSC students is different in some way, it’s not their fault. If they do not study in ICSC schools, it’s not their fault. In fact SSC students are mostly from middle class families and often cannot afford ICSE schools which often charge higher fees…

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