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Summary post of the past week

August 17, 2008

I wrote five posts this week, although I was initially thinking of writing just four. The movie (BAH) was an impulsive decision because other plans (for lunch) with friends got cancelled. This week-end is pretty hectic for me as there is this get-together in Pune with all my cousins and in fact this post has been pre-scheduled. I may or may not post on Monday. Have a happy Sunday!

Here is the summary of the posts:

Bachna Ae Haseeno – Movie Review Bachna ae haseeno from Yash Raj Films is a romance, but the kind of romance that I have not seen in Hindi cinema before. There are three leading ladies which our hero Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) meets at different points in his life – from the age of 18 to the age of 30, and that’s about all I am going to reveal about the story. I liked the movie because Raj has shades and shades of gray and there is actually a story to the film. But be prepared, Raj’s character is just about the only realism you can expect from the film. Not that it took away any of my enjoyment. The dramatic presentation….

Thinking about Abhinav Bindra, not just India’s gold medal I get goose flesh when I hear our national anthem playing in a movie hall so you can imagine my plight when the national anthem played after Abhinav Bindra won India’s first ever individual gold medal at the Olympics. But after that initial and momentary euphoria about India, I have been thinking of Abhinav Bindra. Just Abhinav Bindra, not India. He did it with the emotional and financial support of his family, not the government. On Abhinav’s own blog, he has said…

Is your building safe from fire? It is an unusual building which has fire safety mechanisms in place. Either builders break the laws or worse, the law bends. This is what a group of five activists found out when they inspected documents at the office of the Chief Fire Officer of Mumbai under RTI section 4. This information may be about Mumbai I doubt that other places are much better, except perhaps Delhi where I believe laws have been revamped, and authorities areSo before you enter an exhibition tent or buy that apartment, or see a movie, best check if fire safety rules have been followed. Do you know what your building has or hasn’t? That is the question.

Sari an immodest garment? When I read that the sari might well be banned in Nigeria I can’t say I was surprised. I mean, we in India associate the saree with supreme modesty as it is a traditional mode of dress but all too often fail to realise that others may not see it as such…Actually any sari, if worn as it was intended to, is worn with a short thin blouse, the bare midriff highlighting a woman’s waist. A full figure and a slim waist is an embodiment of beauty in the Indian woman…It’s not surprising then that the Maharashtrian (nauwari) sari has fallen out of favour…it is far too revealing for the moral police I guess. Today it’s hardly seen in the cities…

Singh is Kinng – Movie Review Singh is King (directed and written by Anees Bazmee) isn’t copied, but it has to be inspired by something, right? This one was apparently inspired by a tag line read by Akshay Kumar at the back of a truck – Singh is King! And voila! A film was born…The film is about a group of friends (mostly Sikhs) from a village in Punjab. There’s a character called Happy (at the village) and another one called Lucky (in Australia). However we find out Lucky isn’t very lucky, although he is King (of the underworld), and nor is he happy. In fact Happy isn’t lucky to have around either, although he does become King. If that doesn’t make sense, it isn’t meant to. There is no attempt at realism in the film and that results in some ludicrous situations which provide the comedy…

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