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Summary Post of the past 6 days

September 6, 2008

These are the 6 posts I wrote in the past six days. Two movie reviews, one post on Celebrities, one on Politics, one on Women and night shifts, one on Writing. As I am traveling this week-end, I may or may not post on Monday. Have a nice week-end! (Mine tends to start late, and ends on Monday!)

How to write an article Here are some How To steps, 8 in all…selecting the target audience, how to get ideas, research, structure, and other sundry tips…also some information from well-known sites.

If facilities for women on night shifts are bad it doesn’t mean that night shifts should be banned! The law allows women to work late night shifts if adequate provisions for safety and transportation are followed. In reality no one adheres to the law…and people believe that this is reason enough to ban night shifts…

Mayawati the prime ministerial hopeful – can she be compared to Obama? Forbes magazine, which has ranked Mayawati (chief minister of Uttar Pradesh) number 59 in the list of the world’s 100 most powerful women, considers her to be “in the running” for prime minister…It’s the allegations of corruption against her that make her a poor candidate in my view, but then the Indian political reality dictates that corruption allegations mean little…Some people have compared the rise of Obama to the rise of Mayawati but is this comparison valid?

Celebrity Woes Our government officials can be remarkably overzealous while carrying out their duty and they often target well-known people. We ordinary folks can be thankful that we are…well, just ordinary. American Ken Haywood would certainly be thankful for it. He had a Look-Out notice issued against him by the anti-terror squad…When it comes to individual tax-payers, celebrities fork out crores of rupees in taxes every year. However, business people, whom we know to be equally rich, escape the tax net more easily. Even taking into account the fact…

Rock On!! – Movie review This is one of the most pleasant movies I have seen this year. Even though Rock On is almost three hours long, I didn’t get bored. I guess it helps if one is a rock music fan…Music is what this movie is about…it’s essentially about two things…about relationships and about music. It’s about  the strong bond that music creates between the four. Music is what brings them together and it is what almost breaks them apart…

Wanted – Movie Review Wanted, is one of the sickest movies I have seen and it’s not because the movie is violent. It’s the way the violence is handled…What surprised me were the rave reviews this movie got abroad (it was released there in June). I guess the reviewers are right in a way. Technically this film seems flawless..

WikipediaWictionaryChambers (UK)Google imagesGoogle defineThe Free DictionaryJoin exampleWordNetGoogleUrban DictionaryAnswers.comrhymezone.comMerriam-Webster
WikipediaWictionaryChambers (UK)Google imagesGoogle defineThe Free DictionaryJoin exampleWordNetGoogleUrban DictionaryAnswers.comrhymezone.comMerriam-Webster
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  1. September 6, 2008 7:56 pm

    Hi Nita,
    I am bookmarking the “How to write an article” post. It is awesome.
    Post on Mayawati and obama was the best.

  2. September 8, 2008 4:40 pm

    Great Stuff!!!

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