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Summary post of the past week

September 13, 2008

I wrote four posts this last week, one less than my usual five. Before I summarize the posts here, I am refreshing two posts written in the past. One is a how-to guide (basically tips) on men’s dressing and the other is on the portrayal of women in Bollywood. The first I think is a useful article which needs a little air, and the second is one of my favourites. It came to my attention because of renewed comment activity on the post.

The two old posts:-

A touch of class – what should a man wear to get elegant, stylish look We exist in a visual world. Clothes, looks, expression, gestures and tone create an impact which can last a very long time. We unconsciously associate certain clothes and mannerisms with certain personality traits…When a man is better dressed he is noticed, receives more respect…Perhaps that is why corporate dress codes are flourishing…Formals can be dark trousers with a sharp crease, a full-sleeved shirt and a tie. But again the pattern matters. A bright printed shirt…Accessories like tie pins are not in vogue these days but cuff links are. They should have a matt finish…when style goes a little over the edge and becomes rather too individualistic…

Portrayal of women in Bollywood then, now and in the past Most of the Bollywood movies I saw showed girls in sarees as virtuous and the girls in jeans as naughty, or spoilt. I didn’t see this replicated in society…Bollywood movies often imply that girls in western clothes neglect the home and do not work hard…Maybe it is because of the work ethic of the western world but I found that girls around me who were more tuned in to the western culture were more hardworking, while girls from a more traditional background were dependent on servants… in some old movies Mughal-e-Azam (1960) courage was valued in a woman…Bollywood movies (when it came to breaking stereotypes) started to improve in the last decade or so…

Here are the four posts I wrote last week:

Traffic jams at toll plazas (with photos) Delays at toll plazas are irritating because they are preventable with better management. Despite there being separate lanes for cars, buses and other heavy vehicles, the system doesn’t work as people don’t follow rules….Cameras are essential at toll nakas. They will keep drivers in check. And the cameras should also help in beefing up the anti-terror network. It is a shame that despite Mumbai being on the terror list, there are no cameras…

Dressing for television news (with screen shots) Women who read out English news mostly dress in western clothes and women who read out news in Hindi or Marathi usually wear Indian clothes, either a sari or a salwar kameez. There are exceptions…but I wonder why men don’t try wearing Indian clothes on news channels…I am not a fashion person, but even to my layman eyes the styling of the clothes worn by news anchors leaves much to be desired…

Pitfalls of stereotyping and objectifying people The violence against against Christians in Orissa after the murder of the Swami Laxmananda Saraswati (who was opposed to Christian missionary activity) is intolerable…at a rational level we all know that nothing justifies revenge against innocent people…We may not pick up an axe and hack someone to death, we may not burn someone’s house down or threaten someone to re-convert at the point of a knife…but aren’t we all guilty of group hatred and group prejudice? …This “us” and “them” attitude, seeing people as group members (not as an individuals) is deeply ingrained into human psyche…What is tragic is that ordinary people fall victims to it, not just the bigots. The bigots just…

The Ganpati Festival – a slide show On my trip to Pune last week-end, I went Ganpati-Seeing, something I have not done for many years… If you are a serious ganpati watcher, best to go on foot as certain parts of the city are closed to vehicles after four pm..

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