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Summary Post of the past week

October 11, 2008

These are the four posts I wrote last week:

SIMI and Bajrang Dal – can they be compared? There is a heated debate on in India about whether it is possible to compare SIMI and Bajrang Dal …and also whether to ban these two organisations. Let us see if we can compare these organisations…Assuming all these allegations are true, this means that both Bajrang Dal and SIMI have committed crimes. We tend to think the terror crimes are more heinous…Whether these two outfits should be banned is a difficult question

At what age do you reach your peak? When people should retire is a burning question. In the field of sports it is easier to measure an individual’s “peak” … Mental capacities are harder to evaluate…who can say when exactly a person reaches his mental peak?…What are mental skills anyway? Here is a tentative list…Even though mental ability is difficult to measure and can remain intact well into the person’s sixties, there is a bias against older people…The bias against older people has something to do with personality traits as well…Take a look at the graph below. More than half our population is young…This is in contrast to those in the UK, the USA and Japan… But then their population graphs look different…

Ways to protect yourself from mobile phone and tower radiation There are hundreds of cell phone towers in India and many of them are in residential localities as we have not had the regulation to prevent them from coming up within 50 meters of a residential area (this is now changing). And it’s time to ponder on the health aspect…Although the research available on the long term threats isn’t sufficient, scientists are warning us…Here’s what to do to protect yourself…

Kidnap Review If you want to learn how not to make a movie perhaps you should see Kidnap. Or perhaps if you want to have a good laugh at the film, you should see Kidnap. It is indeed a very funny movie, although the director, Sanjay Gadhvi, intended it to be a dark movie, a thriller. But alas, the result is comic…This movie is not just about a kidnap. It’s also about Minissha’s body…the theme isn’t bad. The movie is about how young people who are wrongly convicted can turn into hardened criminals. And on the other hand there are other (often wealthy) individuals who commit worse crimes but get away scot-free. Noble theme but poorly executed.

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