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Summary post of the past two weeks plus some poll results

November 8, 2008

After my Diwali break I wrote five posts, or rather just three, because I can’t count the last two, the one about the quirky tag and the one asking for feedback.

The previous week, before I closed for Diwali, I wrote four posts and in one of these posts, What is the solution to India’s high accident rate, I had inserted a poll asking readers whether they break traffic rules. There was a poll the previous week as well, on Legalising live-in relationships, and here I got a better response. I had asked readers whether giving maintenance to a live-in partner would discourage men from entering such relationships.  At the bottom of this post I have given the results of these two polls. Sure, the numbers are small, and not really indicative of anything, but after all you have voted and I thought that maybe you would be interested in the results of the poll.

First, the summary of posts:

Quirky Tag I was tagged to write about 6 Quirky things about me by Dinesh Babu and well, it’s been some time! Finally I did the tag: my six quirks…

I need your feedback This is a poll requesting readers to spare a few moments to give their feedback for my blog. I needed this to try and understand how much time I need to give to my blog, what kind of articles readers prefer. So far the response has been good, but I hope more people vote! At the end of next week I will share the results of this poll.

Give some credit to Maharashtra After Raj Thackeray violently hijacked the cause of the Marathi people, a lot has been written for and against him. Some of what I read about him has amused me and some has amazed me. But what never fails to annoy me is when those who are against Raj Thackeray’s politics deride Maharashtra. They mouth platitudes about unity and being Indian, but are quick to talk against people of another region… Considering the atmosphere today in the country today I think I need to do it for all those who think that Maharashtra doesn’t deserve what it has achieved, or those who think that Maharashtrians as a race are parochial…

Fashion Movie Review (no spoilers) I enjoyed Fashion despite it being two and a half hours along. True, there was nothing groundbreaking about it in the sense that that one is aware of the dark side of the glamour world…What I liked was the way it was all portrayed, through a myriad of interesting and believable characters…The lifestyle of the rich and the famous is presented as fairly decadent – the infidelity, the promiscuousness, the drugging, the vacuous gossiping…and that is exactly what the public wants to see. The average Joe gets a kind of vicarious satisfaction to see the damning “truth” behind the made-up faces of the page 3 world…

Rural India snapshots (photo post) On a recent trip to the country we visited some areas around the small town of Kamshet in western Maharashtra…While the scenery was picturesque, as always I found the people the most interesting…

Arranged marriage vis-à-vis a love marriage – which is better? Arranged marriages, according to trend expert Marian Salzman, will get more popular in the west. This is what she said in her book, Next Now:I wonder if she is implying that arranged marriages are more stable and do not disappoint. There are others who are propagating this…does the kind of marriage (arranged or love) has a bearing on the reasons for divorce?…Whether an arranged match or a love match is better also depends a great deal on the personality of the individual. People brought up on a diet of love and romance will never feel comfortable with an arranged match…

Funny buildings in pictures (Photo post) Of late our construction industry has mushroomed and we have people coming up with some weird designs for their projects. Anything goes and at times these buildings are more of a joke more than anything else….

Do top management deserve their high salaries? This post discusses whether the top management and managerial staff in companies are being overpaid, and whether their high compensation levels act as an incentive for better performance, with statistics from a report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

What is the solution to India’s high accident rate? Traffic problems aren’t something to take lightly anymore, not when we have been proclaimed as the nation with the most traffic accidents. Sample the statistic about the number of road accidents in India as compared to the rest of the world, the real victims of traffic accidents, and the real perpetrators…

First the response to this post about traffic problems, where I had asked readers if they broke traffic rules:

54 people voted on this one and out of these the least number of people said Often (9 percent) and the most number of people said Never (41 percent). Rarely (28 percent) and Sometimes (22 percent) fell somewhere in the middle. If the majority said they never break traffic rules I guess they must be the Indians who live abroad! I was hoping that more people would say Often, as I see everyone around me break traffic rules, but I have a feeling that those who voted didn’t count breaking lanes or driving without a helmet, or driving without a license (it has to be kept in the vehicle) and some other such lapses as breaking of traffic rules.

The other poll I did was ask people whether giving maintenance to a live-in partner would discourage men from entering such relationships. At the time I made this poll, I wasn’t sure of the answer myself, but after writing the post and reading the comments I feel that my views on this are clearer. Here are the results:

A total of 109 readers voted, and most of them said, no, forcing men to give maintenance will not make them change their behavior. 40 percent said it will and I tend to agree with this. Only a small section of people (11 percent) said that they were not sure. I feel that although such a law will not actually stop men from living in, it could make them think twice. After all, why do men think twice before getting married? Partly it is because of the financial responsibility. If men have to give some sort of alimony to a woman they have lived with after breaking up with her, its going to make them men wonder whether it’s worth it. I don’t know whether such a law, which makes a live-in relationships semi-legal will ever see the light of day, and I am not even saying that it should, but it is still interesting to see what ramifications it will have on society.

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  1. November 8, 2008 10:21 am

    Hmm sad to see that you have 400 readers using Google reader to read your blog and yet so less voters.

  2. November 8, 2008 10:30 am

    Reema, why just google reader, what about other readers? I know that hits doesn’t mean unique visitors but if I get a daily 2-3 thousand hits a day (week-ends its less and mid-week the most), it must surely mean that I have at least a 1000 readers? Or maybe my analysis is wrong! Who knows!!

    P.S. But I want to add that everyone has their own reasons for not voting/commenting and I respect that. They may not be interested in that topic or may be going through a hectic period at work. Like one commentator mentioned on my feedback post, they think of reading blogs like reading a book or a newspaper and only comment if they feel strongly about something. I understand this perfectly.

  3. November 8, 2008 11:21 am

    Nita, I still think you should go for a Custom CSS upgrade. You need not to maintain it once its all set up. You just need few things in a theme:
    1. little wide
    2. emphasizing on text
    3. two sidebars
    4. big header
    5. top page navigation

    These are basic things you need. So its CSS will not be much complicated as you think. And believe me, if you get it done from some pro, you will never need to even look at it again!!

    Suda, I agree with you in theory but I do not know any Pro who will do this job for me and I think after reading forums and other things, I doubt whether it will be a one-off thing. I just don’t want to get into the hassle. Also now if I do it it means losing my technorati ranking which stands at 22,201 today. Sure, the ranking keeps going up and own but usually it is below 30,000. I will lose this instantly and it also means losing google page rank. This will in turn reduce my coming up in search results. So I do not think it is worth it. But maybe I would have done it if I was sure of the tech part. I like to be in control Suda, that is one reason why I blog. I don’t want to dependent on anybody for this blog. But thanks for your advice. It is sound I agree. – Nita.

  4. November 8, 2008 11:21 am

    For got to put : “Off Topic Comment Follows” at start of comment 😀

  5. November 8, 2008 2:27 pm

    Technorati Rating and Page Rank!! I wasn’t aware that Custom CSS upgrade helps ( 😀 ) to lose them.
    I thought it happens only when you go Self Hosted!! May be I should search the forums for this.

    Well, maybe you are right and CSS upgrade doesn’t help lose them, I don’t know. But the other points remain. – Nita.

  6. November 8, 2008 3:14 pm

    Ok. Looks like I have to find some solution that will retain your full control and also give flexibility 😀
    Hmmm, let me try my Problem Solving Skill. Will let you know as soon as I device a good enough strategy 🙂

  7. November 8, 2008 4:45 pm

    @ Nita

    I don’t see Suda mentioning you change your blog URL or anything like that. So loss of Technorati ranking or Google page rank wouldn’t come to pass.

    You can do CSS customisation with WP credits right here. The only ongoing thing, afaik, will be ongoing payments to WP. Some themes are more flexible than others so it may involve some work in selecting the theme which allows you to implement the desired features.

    I am learning CSS customisation for my hosted blog (although early work has been painstakingly done by a buddy). It is doable, I assure you.

    Shefaly, I realised that a little later! I am a tubelight where techy things are concerned! 🙂 Well, I don’t mind the payout, but I do not want to get into CSS as I have no time. Nowadays I am working on week-ends too as I have suddenly got a lot of freelance work. For me things come in fits and starts and therefore at least for the next few months I cannot learn CSS. In fact once I almost did it and there were a lot of mails to and fro between Ruhi and me, and she even gave me some sites where CSS themes were ready-made but I didn’t like those themes. So finally I decided not to. – Nita.

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