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Summary Post of the past two weeks

November 22, 2008

In the past two weeks I wrote seven posts. I was also planning to write out an analysis of the feedback I got for this blog today, but unfortunately something came up and I have to make a trip outstation. Hopefully I will be able to do an analysis next week. So here is the summary of the posts:

Gay parents and heterosexual parents – any difference? A gay Israeli couple, Yonatan and Omer had their baby delivered by a surrogate Indian mother in India…this in a land where homosexuality is a criminal offense…In India we are still talking about de-criminalising homosexuality, but there are said to be about 2.5 million male homosexuals in India…there are a lot of misconceptions about homosexuals as parents and here are a few:… but research since the late fifties has found no reasons to believe that gays make poor parents or that their children turn out to be maladjusted or that their children become homosexual…

Wearing the duppatta Indian Style (photo post) The salwar kameez originates in the north of India, Punjab to be specific, but now it has spread to every part of the country…City women in all parts of India have already taken to the salwar kameez in a big way. It is not just about the freedom of movement that the salwar kameez offers but also the fact that it requires less maintenance than a sari..This post is about how Indian women have adapted the salwar kameez to daily wear to give maximum comfort. It is the duppatta that often comes in the way and there are ways that women deal with it…

This is what the world is saying about Barack Obama Obamamania is what is on, although the sky high expectations would make any President nervous. Here are some excerpts from the media and the blogosphere…also survey which encapsulated reactions of people across the across the world, those who never voted but had strong opinions nonetheless..Do we all need learn lessons from the American election? A lot of the international media wondered whether a minority candidate could have similar success in their countries…As each U.S state is represented by two senators, and it is not based on population, there are several benefits. One is that the fewer number of candidates ensures that votes are not splintered…

Dostana Movie Review This is a one of those mindless comedies which could have been more entertaining if it hadn’t been for the insensitive and stereotypical portrayal of gays…The movie is worth seeing either/or you have nothing to do, like the actors concerned, like mindless comedies, are curious to see what Karan Johar has to say about gays, and want to make up your own mind as to whether gays are portrayed sensitively or not…

Sectors most affected by the slowdown in the Indian economy Just how badly has the global financial meltdown really hit us? I am presenting an overview/summary…

Quantum of Solace – Movie review Being a die-hard Ian Fleming/James Bond fan, I am rather critical even of well-made Bond movies and this movie is no exception. And Quantum is certainly not the best of the Bonds. To me to the James Bond movies have all been about subtle humour and the wit, and in fact the repartee between James and Miss Moneypenny is something I always looked forward to. I also prefer a slower pace (for the Bond movies) and like to watch the plot thickening and the action building up…if this seems as I am tearing the movie to shreds, that isn’t the case. The movie is tightly edited, well-directed and entertaining.

A Double Seat Life – photo feature The pictures below illustrate life in India…double seat, triple seat and yes even quadruple seat if there is such a word! The photographs are of people from different classes of society and shows them going about their daily life…to work, to school, to pray, to celebrate, or just for a joy-ride…

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  1. November 22, 2008 1:29 pm

    Enjoy your outing, this weekend!

  2. Chirag permalink
    November 26, 2008 2:11 pm

    See I told you this help! Read em all from here.

  3. Smitha permalink
    December 6, 2008 8:51 pm

    Thats a very nice picture your have on the top of the page…
    P.S. i just don’t know where else to add this comment

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