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Summary Posts of the last week

October 7, 2007
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This last week I have blogged more than usual. In fact on Saturday I had planned not to post at all, but two issues just grabbed me and I posted. I guess next week-end I’ll take the break I need! Here are the summary of the posts:

  • Meme: What strengths should a writer have?

    Suburbanlife tagged me for a meme, to list out a writer’s strengths. She listed out strengths which she feels a writer should have and hopes she will attain…and asked me to do the same… Out of her five points I am picking one (Incredibly acute ability to listen, to hear) and making it my first…

  • Protests against Sonia’s speech on International Non-Violence Day suppressed by media

    Apparently the news that there were strong protests against Sonia Gandhi, (the president of the ruling political party, Congress) speaking at the UN on the International Day of Non-Violence (inspired by Mahatma Gandhi) was more or less blacked out by the Indian media! I don’t know the exact truth…

  • Public service ads don’t work but jail does!

    Today on the front page of the DNA there was news that not just drunk drivers but even those using cell phones while driving (including hands-free sets) are being sent to jail, even if it is for a day. Cell phones, the Mumbai traffic police say have to switched off otherwise the driver could get…

  • Justice denied to Sikhs

    On the 29th of last month I read that the CBI dropped charges against Jagdish Tytler in the 1984 anti-Sikh riot case. From the start the case hadn’t gone well, and in fact in 2005, The Union Home Ministry had asked the CBI to re-open the cases against former Union Minister Jagdish Tytler, Congress…

  • A post about the Post

    Did you ever wonder how our post office is doing now that email has swamped the nation? Well, I did, and therefore this post.To start with, we are the largest in the world, reach-wise. Here’s the chart. Postal network — International Comparisons True there are those who have reasons to criticize…

  • National holidays and work weeks are not always an indication of how hard people work

    Yesterday was Gandhi Jayanti, one of the three national holidays that we have. The other two are Independence Day and Republic Day.Is that all?Yep, because a national holiday is “simply a statutory holiday enacted by a country to commemorate the country itself”. It can also be called a legal…

  • Sex Selection is big business in India

    Sex selection is estimated to be worth about 100 million dollars in India, although all of it is underground and a large part of it operates through mobile sex-selection clinics. Advertisements like ‘Pay Rs 5000 today and save Rs 5 lakhs tomorrow,’ are placed in select newspapers and magazines…

  • Dealing with loan recovery agents

    When I first heard about the suicide of the father of three girls (all below the age of 10), Prakash Sarvankar, because of harassment by loan recovery agents, it reminded me of the suicides of indebted Vidarbha farmers and how harassment by loan recovery goondas (goons) played a large part in…

  • Johnny Gaddar – Movie Review

    Johnny Gaddar is not exactly a blockbuster, but it’s fast-paced and entertaining. I wasn’t disappointed even though I had expectations from this movie after seeing Ek Hasina Thi, which was director Sriram Raghavan’s first movie.This movie has a similar theme, as the story is about a gang of…

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