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Summary Posts of the past week

February 23, 2008

Here’s a list of posts I wrote in the last week. Will now post on Monday. Have a good week-end! 🙂

Enchanted – Movie Review The just released Enchanted (a couple of months late in India!) is a childrens movie, a delightful musical, and one that you can enjoy with children. This Disney movie has got 2-D animation and it’s got real-life, so you get both. You can read on as there are no spoilers

Plump is beautiful in India In India most people think that being a little plump is perfectly alright, in fact the more curves you have the more beautiful you are…not that this means that Indians are built heavy! Not at all…most Indians are thin…Without trying. Without going to the gym and working out, and without controlling their diet…It’s completely different in the affluent countries, as food is cheap (costs a smaller percentage of income). The poor and lower middle classes can buy high calorie food and I wonder if that is one of the reasons…

When will human beings be satiated? Humans are susceptible to over-eating, and various physiological, evolutionary, biological, social and psychological reasons have been provided by scientists……the end result is that our stomachs expand, and we eat more and more. Not surprisingly, our per capita food consumption is increasing, and sadly, is not going to fall, no not even in the rich countries where people are already eating more than enough…Here are some statistics from the World Health Organisation of out global and regional per capita food consumption (kcal per capita per day)…

A different price for bravery Winners in different states get different cash prizes for the gallantry awards…and this is causing a rift in the defense services. Mind you, it’s the states themselves which decide on the awards…

Where have the Sparrows gone? While growing up in Pune, I have spent many lazy afternoons reading, and watching sparrows hop around right inside our house and in the balcony. Sparrows and Mynas. Nowadays there are only see crows in that area…Sparrows are disappearing in urban centres all over the world. Here’s a 2001 article in the Independent which gives some idea of what is happening to sparrows in the rest of the world…

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