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Summary Post of the past week

July 12, 2008

These are the posts I wrote in the 6 days:

CBI blames domestic help in Aarushi murder It was shocking to hear that there is evidence that Aarushi Talwar was murdered because of an attack on her by three domestic help and an employee of Dr. Rajesh Talwar’s…I have no idea why people employ male domestic help in the house. They may not have a criminal background, but you are still trusting a person whom you hardly know with your children. These domestic help are usually live-in and come into daily contact with the children in the house. They see the children every waking moment of the day and allowed access into their bedrooms…

Exposure to honking can ruin your hearing Honking creates sounds of 110 decibels and above, depending on the horn. And a human being cannot tolerate this decibel level for more than half an hour a day. If the sound is above 115db, 15 minutes is the maximum…There was a no-honking day in Mumbai, a first of its kind, but it was only partially successful due to the crowded roads jampacked with pedestrians…

The Left is now where it belongs – in the Opposition The Left Front reminds me of the mother-in-law who wants power without responsibility. We all know the havoc the Left Front has created ever since it decided to “support” the Congress led government. Well, now they have withdrawn “support” – thankfully! Here is an attempt to sum up for readers the extent of the communists’ opposition to the government…

Jaane Tu … Ya Jaane Na – Movie Review In this romantic comedy, it was refreshing to see collegians behave like collegians. The same feeling I got when I saw Taare Zameen Par where it was refreshing to see a child act like a child. The director, Abbas Tyrewala, has portrayed the characters in this film like normal college kids without a care in the world, with only love on their minds and only a vague idea of what the future held for them. The movie is funny almost throughout. Everyone has their comic parts, and the…

Social conscience can be taught Medical graduates in India avail of subsidized education and in return are expected to serve a year in rural India. However they can escape this clause by pay a lakh of rupees. Unfortunately, a majority of them do escape, according to a recent report…However I am not here to bash the medical students, because one can always apply this you-must-give-back-to- the-country argument to all those who…

Great difference in legal working hours and real working hours! An interesting study (of more than 50 countries) carried out by The International Labor Organization (ILO, a United Nations agency) says that 22 percent of the total workforce surveyed (614.2 million people) worked more than 48 hours a week (The ILO considers anyone working beyond 48 hours a week as working “excessively”) and that too in countries where the legal work-week was often far shorter – ranging from 35-48 hours. From the figures it’s clear that poorer nations tend to work harder…

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