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How does India treat the north-easterners?

July 27, 2007

Although India is a good example of a country having within itself a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society, there are certain parts of India who feel alienated from the ‘mainstream’. The north-east is a prime example.

Maybe I did not think too deeply of this earlier because I was insulated from the reality. I did not ever feel that north-easterners were any different from us…or at least not more different than those from another Indian state. Having had an army upbringing I have always had the good luck of being able to mingle with people from all religions and all communities. Not just that, I lived in the north-east, and we have family friends from the region. However this subject of them feeling different, or alienated from the rest of India never came up. I don’t know why…

But lately I have been thinking more about this. It was the news report about a booklet suggesting a code of conduct for students and visitors from the northeast published by Delhi police that made me almost write a post on it. There were a lot of protests from students about this booklet which basically asked north-easterners to ‘behave differently’…more in keeping with Delhi norms…in terms of dress, attitude, food etc. Something on the lines of do in Rome what the Romans do. This was indeed a strange suggestion because it was treating the north-easterners as if they were foreign visitors. You cannot ask people to change their culture in their own country.

This incident simply underlined the divide between north easterners and the ‘mainlanders’ as many call us.

But what really shocked me was this this post. It talks of widespread discrimination against people of north eastern origin in Delhi. There are certain commercial establishments which don’t let them in! This is what the writer says:

Everyone from the region has his or her own stories and experiences, which have been rather silently buried. I know such vocal attacks have, on many occasions, resulted in violent anger, arguments and fights between the so-called “mainstream” people and the people from the North East.

What this post said was disturbing:

They (north-eastern girls) are seen as ‘fast’ or ‘of easy virtue’. This perception exposes girls from the Northeast to the worst sorts of sexual harassment, both within campuses and without. Diana, a Mizo student at Indraprastha college, said, “Delhi men believe that north-eastern girls are easily available. They look at us with only one thing in mind: sex. If we protest, they warn us to clam up, because we are alone and there is no one we can turn to for protection.”

I want to believe that the rest of India is not like this, that this is simply a Delhi phenomena, but I don’t know. I talked to some college students here in Mumbai and they said they don’t discriminate against north-easterners…but don’t mix with them either. There is a language barrier they insist and the north-easterners also tend to keep to themselves. None of them could deny that north-easterners are considered ‘different.’

The question is: Why do the majority of Indians think of north-easterners as ‘different’?

Is it because they look different?
Is it a language barrier?
Is it because they are geographically far far east?
Is it because their regions are economically not as vibrant as the rest of India?
Is it because they are culturally different?
Is it because they themselves feel different and keep away?

I’ll try to answer these questions.
If we are honest with ourselves we have to admit that even though in India all of us different kinds of people live together, not many of us actually MIX with each other at a deeper level. How often will you find a traditional Gujarati girl hanging out with a traditional Tamilian? Or a religious Hindu boy hanging out with a religious Muslim boy? Or a a conservative Sindhi family going on a holiday with a family of Kashmiris? Or a group of traditional Sikhs who are best friends with a group of say….Assamese….or another group of north-easterners…?

In all these cases I have used words like traditional, conservative and religious…because I believe the modern Indian is different. Specially the young modern Indian. So, if there is some sort of mixing with the ‘other’ it happens more with the younger generation. Those who have some sort of pan Indian identity. Naturally we are talking only urban here…but even the modern Indian discriminates. People who are westernized and speak English fluently do not like to hang around with those whom they call ‘vernacs’ or ‘behenjis’ or ‘ghatis’ and it is the other way round too. The ‘ghati’ crowd looks down on the westernized crowd, thinking of them as somehow immoral and un-Indian. So if a north-easterner (or in fact any other Indian) is not as fluent in English or well up on the western music scene, books or films, he is unlikely to have anything in common with this group.

But I have deviated from my point about racism. Other groups may not suffer the same sort of treatment that north-easterners do. Why? Is it simply because they can merge with the mainstream because of their looks? There are people who call north-easterners Chinki and this is offensive to them. Its become a derogatory term. Can I dare suggest that north-easterners should instead wear it as a badge of pride? What is wrong in being Chinki? I think north-easterners are beautiful – slim, agile and delicate looking. But ofcourse if this term refers to them as Chinese, its wrong and can be offensive as it implies that they are foreigners.

Then there is the cultural difference…but this should not be the basis of any discrimination on any significant level as all Indians are culturally different from each other. North-easterners couldn’t be discriminated against solely because of the language problem either because there are plenty of Indians good at neither Hindi or English.

It can’t be westernization at any significant level because every community in India has westernized people. People who are racist towards north-easterners will not reject those from their own community who are westernized.

Besides, the Parsis as a community are westernized but they are accepted better. If anything, the Parsees themselves were known to to keep a distance from the rest of India, and tried their best to marry only amongst their own community. Yet this attitude that they had towards the rest of India did not go against them, if anything it made them more respected. Was it their white skin? Was it the fact that they were economically a very successful community? True, the Parsees did adopt Gujarati as their mother-tongue but that was because they had no home land. They had come from Iran and they never wanted to go back.

The north-easterners have a home…in India. They cannot be expected to change their language or their habits to suit some group in India! That’s ludicrous.

I wish I had the answers to this mess…but I really don’t. Basically I feel that the discrimination is due to a little of all the reasons mentioned above. There are probably more reasons which I have not outlined and I will be glad if a reader provides insight into this problem.

But I don’t feel the situation is hopeless. The north-easterners can be brought into the mainstream. I feel India needs to starts more industries there, and open up the more of the best educational institutions in that part of the country. They have to feel that they belong…

Update: I would like to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that there is an ongoing controversy in Tripura over the language issue. Their native language is Kok Borok but as the Left Front govt. is ruling, they have imposed the Bengali script on them! Kok Borok apparently did have it’s own script once but it’s dead. Today they do not have their own script but sadly, this is the third time the script has been changed!! Whenever the local parties come to power they change the script to Roman (the way English is written). As a result the school kids suffer. On TV I heard that the local govt. is promising that if they come back to power, they will get the Roman script back. Another change for the kids.
For more information on Tripura’s language issue, the following links can be accessed.
Indiatogether article

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  1. March 10, 2008 8:01 pm

    I am copying the comment here which I wrote on the other post:

    monechee, I understand and you have my heartfelt sympathies.. but what is the way out? To stop outsiders from coming in means that economic development stops. What you said about bangladeshis is sad and the politicians being corrupt do not bother. But I don’t think violence is the way out. Yes the indigenous people of India (tribes) are suffering all over the country and are being margilinised and the way out for them is to get into the mainstream. There is no way out. China is not an alternative as you know what happened to Tibet. And nor is independence as the NE will not be able to survive on it’s own, not politically (China is waiting) nor economically.

  2. March 10, 2008 8:23 pm

    If the govt are just so concern about the chinese agression why cant they fence the whole of north eastern border. None of the Northeastern states ever claimed that they are part of chinese. Chinese ???
    india has already been to war with china. Chinese??? Is that why most Indians call us Chinkys..or is it a chinese propaganda .is the people from mainstream India trying to compare us with chinese because india had a war with china ???or is it because we are ethnically so different from the rest of the indian.
    India barely shares any border with NE. The only thing that separates rest of india is the chiken neck. Is the Govt concern about it ?
    hypothetically speaking if chinese has to invade india from eastern front…NE is going to be the battlefiled.
    NE region will suffer the most. thats why i sometimes feel that the govt should start looking from the perspective of NE too.
    the poor villagers living in the border of myanmar is already suffering brutality everyday from the burmese junta. Women are being raped and boys are being forced to join the junta army.

    Please remember Yanger it is you who compared yourself to the Chinese. Please read your own comment. You said:

    The Northeast has a strong genetic similarity with the peoples of East Asia..

    Well, if you didn’t mean Chinse, who exactly you meant I wonder. If I misunderstood you I am indeed sorry. I hope you are aware though that the Chinese want parts of Arunachal Pradesh, and China is the only country who wants to swallow up the NE so naturally one thinks of Chinese! I was surprised you referred to them though – Nita.

  3. Ravi permalink
    March 10, 2008 8:31 pm

    Apparently delhi police are more concerned about the code of conduct of north easterners than the rapists in delhi. What kind of losers are they?

  4. March 10, 2008 8:50 pm

    dear Nita….it was an extract from wikepedia.

    North easterners will find easy to recognise his fellow northeasters from other states of north east. i can reconise Bengalis to some extent…esp when i hear them speak…i can make it out that they are bengali.
    but beyond WB its difficult -i take the rest as one. But i never give them names or call them by names.
    Of course Punjabis with turbans are easily recognisable but i never call them by weird names…if i try i some wierd names…but why would i?.
    North easterner as a matter of fact looks totally different from the chinese. Even the Burmese dont look simlar with the Neasterners.
    simliarly i guess Mainstream indians find it difficult to differentiate us with the chinese…because we are of mongolian race. SO thereby Chinkys.

  5. March 10, 2008 8:57 pm

    Yanger, thanks for your comment. Yes it is true what you said. But I can easily recognise people from other states, I can distinguish a Punjabi from a Haryanvi or a UP ite. I find it more difficult to distinguish people from the S Indian states though I can recognize a Maharashtrian and a a gujarati. This is because of the kind of people I have come across, that’s all. I can understand why you think others in India are the same. But they are not! Thats important to remember.
    I never call any people from the NE chinky’s and I think it’s racism to do that. But Tamilians are often called certain names too and maharashtrians are called ‘ghats’ by the north indians. yes it’s offensive! We have to realise that we are all different, ethnically different. I do not consider only people from the NE as different, we are all different but we have to live together. I agree with you entirely that the govt. is neglecting the NE, that has to change.

  6. Ravi permalink
    March 10, 2008 9:21 pm

    There is no doubt that one can easily recognize north easterners from their slant eyes and features. It’s not necessary for them to MIX with each and every one they come across and nobody has to. Outgoingness has more to do with the personality of that person than the region/race. We can say that a person is going but not a person from that group must be outgoing. I do not like to hang out with some telugus and like to be with some north Indians basically I liked some personalities who are telugu and others aren’t. We are the one who has to choose and not the other way that somebody chooses us to speak with. Practically it’s impossible like you mentioned about a westernized, fluently English speaking guy/girl hangin out with behenjis or ghatis and vice versa. Unfortunately those uncivilized set of people thinks English or westernized culture is immoral and un-Indian but who cares 🙂 nobody gives a damn to their opinion.

    I have no idea why some Indians always come up with stupid words that carry no meaning like chinki. What the hell does chinki mean? The ongoing differences among different communities in India must be ended in no time actually I m thinkin of a solution like this. Our minds must be refreshed (by some way I haven’t yet figured) to like and appreciate people who look slim and healthy unlike a BIG FAT ASS, whose waist line is 40+and never get to wear designer wear. Whenever one sees a good looking girl who can wear a size 6 apparel must think I (every indian guy irrespective of region/religion) must go and talk to her (not for sex though) no matter which part of india she belongs. And a guy must be totally westernized (do not care about bollywood music anymore, listens to hip pop, sports hair color, ear ring, reads hell number of books on science and business, Hollywood buff importantly uses American slang). He must see people as people unlike majority of Indians and says “SHUT THE FU** UP” to anyone he felts boring or irritating even to a guy/girl from his caste/religion/region. Very small fraction of Indian is westernized and it’s unfortunate that seems to be the only way we can change our society. It’s already been proved that education cannot change the mentality or behavior of stiff personalities.

    Regarding Parsees it sounds funny but Nita please don’t edit this. I want people laugh to death after reading this if they understand the slang. Who wants to go back to Iran? Iran is Fuc*** UP. They buy women 🙂 Nobody wants to go to Iran because it’s worst than a Mexican jail where everyone gonna get their AS* FUC**D. All the Parsees IF they have to leave India I bet they will prefer Mexican jails over Iran. 🙂

  7. Ravi permalink
    March 10, 2008 9:31 pm


    I do not agree with you regarding mistaking north easterners to Chinese. If somebody is doing that that person must be ignorant or must be doing that intentionally. Maybe its difficult for you to differentiate other indians because look black and brown. Oh please never use this mainstream indians I m sorry to say this but it hows you felt undermined. Just don’t care about others. Indians are inferior to most of the successful races like chinese, japanese, koreans, white, jews and many more to list out. Majority of indians do not know english so you must be glad to use this powerful tool.

  8. Ravi permalink
    March 10, 2008 9:35 pm


    I just read your other post concerning about chinese occupation. Apparently you have no idea how dumb indian leaders are. They don’t know how to handle china I mean in a way to solve the issue in any means. The way indian govt handling things in north east is like provoking people from your place to revolt against the govt and join hands with china to get separated from india and form a country and become a part of china.

    • silent ketshu permalink
      April 5, 2017 5:50 am

      its not about government its about educated fools around india. they even don’t now my stare exists in india. I asked to a lecturer of delhi he didn’t even knew that it dies exists. ma point is people are shit out in India need to change the way they thinks. need to change their cheap behavior. u also have realized no body in social networking sires says good about India except Indian due to fucking this attitude of thinking they r superior. that is y we r not Like u guys.

  9. March 10, 2008 10:11 pm


    I agree with Ravi.I never mistake a North-Easterner for a Chinese.If some people do it intentionally,then it only shows that they are uncivilised.

    Yes,please do not use the term “mainstream Indians” whatever that means.Different Indians are different in their behaviour.

  10. March 11, 2008 12:00 am

    If i was that person who s been ridiculed ..i wont hesitate to use my untapped skills in karate.

    Yes im sure most of the people from the rest of India will easily recognize people from north east. But sometimes it becomes humiliating for us when they generalize us by just calling us names like Nepali. Any person with Slant eyes is either considered NEPALI or MANIPURI not knowing that people from Nepal looks totally different from even a small state like Manipur. Even the people from Manipur has no resemblance with people from Nagaland or Meghalaya .
    Just recently a RJ of radio 93.5 called Prashant the Indian idol winner a chowkidar which resulted in violence across siliguru. They don’t know that NE region in India (7 sister states) has the most diverse people in India.
    We have people from Punjab and other northern region who are mostly in armies. We have people from Rajasthan who do business. We have people from UP and Bihar -laborers, rickshaw pullers and Vegetable vendors. Most beggars that you find in NE are either from UP or Bihar which I think is sad. Quite a lot from the south India are either principals in schools and nurses in the hospital. We have Bengalis from WB scattered all over NE who are either business man or professors in colleges. Infact we even have Bangladeshis who migrated from their country. We have poor Burmese in states like Manipur and Mizoram who ran away from the clutches of Military junta. In Meghalaya you will find khasis of Anglo origin. Even people of Chinese origin exist in Meghalaya however you will find that they have mingled well with the locals and now easily accepted in the society. And of course the Nepalis who are mostly in Gurkha armies and some who are involved in milk business. Then we have Bhutanese in places like Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. Sikkimese of course exists in small numbers in Arunachal Pradesh. Then of course the Tibetans who sell most of the western apparels all across the NE.
    And last but not the least the local people themselves. There are around 200 local ethnic groups in NE, each with their own local dialects and folk history. I don’t think I should go in detail to explain each ethnic group. The question is who will represent them. Does the Government even understand their plight? Just recently the Australian PM made an official apology to the Aborigines for the negligence committed upon them. The Native Americans in America also suffered a lot in the hands of white Americans.

    “Our minds must be refreshed (by some way I haven’t yet figured) to like and appreciate people who look slim and healthy unlike a BIG FAT ASS, whose waist line is 40+and never get to wear designer wear. Whenever one sees a good looking girl who can wear a size 6 apparel must think I (every Indian guy irrespective of region/religion) must go and talk to her (not for sex though) no matter which part of india she belongs.”…… that was funny Ravi. I dont even mind interracial marriage. Infact I feel that it’s healthy for the society.
    But the threat of losing ones culture and identity will always be questioned. In NE there is just too much westernization happening without any modernization. A lot of NGOs and elder groups are getting more and more concern about it. (Aids are quite prominent in NE).

    “Regarding Parsees it sounds funny but Nita please don’t edit this. I want people laugh to death after reading this if they understand the slang. Who wants to go back to Iran? Iran is Fuc*** UP. They buy women Nobody wants to go to Iran because it’s worst than a Mexican jail where everyone gonna get their AS* FUC**D. All the Parsees IF they have to leave India I bet they will prefer Mexican jails over Iran. ”
    ……are you serious..?? I dint know about that!!

  11. monechee permalink
    March 11, 2008 12:00 am

    I am posting this as requested by Nita, it was originally posted in

    HI Nita,
    Well there is way out ofcourse, the chinese system of worker permits in NE is would be a good idea, well already they are in place in some state, Mizoram. But sadly the system is not respected.
    Ecomomically we acutally do not lose much as the workforce that is entering is in the low end of the market mainly labor force, instead most of them are setteling on rural areas and are competting for the same land and resources as fish in river and cutting forest .This has created animosity among the local people. Most mainland Indians do not understand the nature of the problem and yea in the name of nationalism we are being made sacrifices.
    Also does not help the fact that the marwari traders are not investing the profits that is earned in the NE , its usually send back as remitence. We are not getting educated people who can make a difference.
    I actually would welcome qualified people who have education and would like to start grass root development work.
    // Anyone interested in Marketing goods from North East India are welcome to contact me. my email is We are starting to produce spices ,pineapple, banana and also I am trading in various handicrafts//=)

    But yea to tell you the truth , I even resent the mass migration of labor force(thats one sector that I am not looking for jobs =P but there are thousand of us who need to work as labor ), we have enough trouble ourself feeding our own people.
    And no we do not want to be in China, that was never an issue.

  12. March 11, 2008 9:57 am

    There is one thing I need to say here. People from the NE at times get offended when people cannot recognize which state they are from which I think is not fair. Can they recognize people from other states of India? In fact before I went to China I could not recognize Chinese so I fully sympathize with those Indians who cannot make out the difference between say a MIzo and a Chinese. How can they know the difference? Can NE person tell the difference between a Andhraite for example and a Srilankan? Unless you have interacted with people of that community you cannot. Anyone who can spot a Chinese person immediately had to have various interactions with the Chinese. Today after spending 10 days in China, I can tell the differnce easily. So not being able to tell the difference is not ignorance or racism. How can an ordinary person be expected to be well traveled and how can an ordinary person living in say gujarat be lucky enough to have interacted with poeple from the 7 states of the NE? There is no way that today I can tell the difference between people of different states of the NE and I bet they can’t tell the difference between the states that are geographically far away from them. This is not racism!
    What is racism is usage of derogatory words like Chinki not because anything is wrong with the Chinese, because the term signifies ‘foreigner’ and that is insulting to people from the NE.

  13. March 11, 2008 10:55 am


    I agree that it is difficult to distinguish BETWEEN people from the NE states.I cannot do that.Also,not being able to distinguish between North-Easterners and Chinese is not racism.But I think if people cannot tell the difference,then they should NOT assume that North-Easterners are Chinese.ASSUMING such things IS racism.

    I regard North-Easterners as Indians and as my equals.I never think of them as foreigners.I never ever use words like Chinki.Infact,I had a serious argument with a few of my (former) colleagues because they referred to some North-Easterners by that term.If anyone uses the term Chinki,it is racism.And not just North-Easterners,every Indian should feel insulted if they hear words like Chinki.

  14. March 11, 2008 1:21 pm

    i accept with most of you when you say that smost N-easterners are unable to recognize many of the other indians in other parts of the country. you cant balme them much….most of them are totally psyche and bother not knowing whats beyond their region after decades of lost degradation. But will hardly find any Northeasterners calling out names or Racial remarks to other fellow indians. Except in some few instances which i think is obnoxious and i consider those as non existence.
    i was going through my regional blog and these is what i gathered from the blog about NE….

    FEAR- fear than thier unique habitat/culture will get lost or fear of the armies rampaging thru the villages. It has already happened in Nagaland and Mizoram
    DISTRUST- thereby the local folks distrust anything that doesnt relate relate themselves to outsiders.
    ANGER- becasue of the ignorance from the part of govt..thereby some states even resorting to violence. i dont believe in violence. Im from Nagaland and you will find most there following Ghandian principle.
    FRUSTRATION- This leading to degradation, incompetency, drug abuse and excessive alcoholic usage.
    DEPENDENCE- i dunno whom they really depend on but they like forming thier own group and not bothering whats outside.
    LOSS of Freedom OF EXPRESSION- Most NE states are in a silent mode. Maybe thats the reason why thier voice usually go unheard. thereby making them complete starnger to rest of india.
    oblivion from the world stage
    CORRUPTION: i dont need to explain this.
    DIVISION: yes, creating a feeling to alienate themselves from the rest of the India.
    OBLIVION FROM EXPOSURE: States like Manipur hardly gets attention considering the immense talent they have in sports. Nagaland and Mizoram has a unique culture and folk songs. the younger generation all over NE are aslo very fond of music. Assams film arts is excellent. Govt and even the people has ignored the sports and entertainment resources of NE.

  15. March 11, 2008 2:30 pm

    extracts from the Nita’s blog:

    vinay, on March 11th, 2008 at 12:30 pm Said:

    “One thing US has definitely taught me: if something is wrong but doesn’t get attention, protest it. They have different ways to do it. I picked one among them. You might have been inspired by Gandhi’s way of living.. but ehem… sorry not my way. the deserving people should get what they deserve.. be it an aspersion or appreciation. ”

    i hope people dont give such comments..theres already too many violence in NE.

  16. Vivek Khadpekar permalink
    March 11, 2008 6:38 pm

    Yanger Jamir,

    I don’t think Vinay is advocating violence; only protest. Perhaps his comment “…Gandhi’s way…sorry not my way.” lends itself to misinterpretation.

    Would I be right in guessing (from your name) that you are an Ao but living (as suggested by your blog) living in Shillong? I have fond memories of visits to Nagaland — about two weeks spent mainly among Ao and Angami — some of the time in Kohima, most of it in Khonoma. I have been to Shillong also, thought the visit was too short for me to connect with the place. And my visit to the interior of Meghalaya had to be cancelled because of civilian unrest.

    Your concern with preventing further violence in the North-East is touching. But the issues at stake are so complex, and the local people’s participation in finding solutions so restricted, that the peace process promises to be a long and difficult affair. Violence must be avoided at all costs, but it is easier said than done. Sustained protest with absolutely no violence seems to be the only practical approach.

  17. March 11, 2008 7:49 pm

    hey ya you guessed it right…im an Ao. Im from Nagaland..but i did my school and college in Shillong…i love Shillong.
    All the civilain unrest happening back home can’t be denied…a lot of things back home needs to be put into prespective. Civilian unrest is a social distortion and happens everywhere in the world. Finding solution is difficult and i feel that giving up hope to find a lasting solution is the last thing a person should ever think.
    The case of Nagaland for instance never started off as state with law and order problem. They had more
    genuine cause than any other state. what started off as political turmoil i m afraid is turning into Violence.
    Thanks to cease fire we havent seen much violence in Nagaland. But just Cease again is not enough if there is no consensus.
    Meghalaya is a lot peaceful now..i dont see any problem for the outsiders.

  18. monechee permalink
    March 12, 2008 5:00 pm

    Hello All,
    I came accross this article , where I belive its an attempt on Moral policing by outsiders(consevative indians) on the youth of shillong . Some of the problems like Drug abuse highlighted by the article is true , well for alcohol its also true to some extend and I think progressing to softer alcohol like beer or wine would be appropriate then hard alcohol .But we have a tradition of brewing alcohol and I donot think that it should be stopped.Drinking in moderation is always welcome.
    But I resent the way the article somewhat condems mixing of the sexes.Its very importing that sexes mix to have a healthy society.
    I can recount one incident in Guwahati where the police SP who happened to be from North India raided popular youth joint and arrested young people who were dating (They were kissing ) under immoral act. This is sad that some main land people are trying to impose cultural rule.
    More so I think we should not try to stop mixing of sexes as consequences could be dangerous, we might end up like rest of India were mixing is not encouraged and fustration of young men is high.

    Thanks for the link Monachee. I agree with you, the writers are extremely biased. They blame the migrant students behavior on the local culture…actually the reason for the migrants students behavior is suppression in their own home states. India has become very very sick Monachee. Suppressed and sick.
    The people of Shillong should drink in moderation (as you yourself said) but not stop the free mixing of the sexes. Their society will regress if they do that. Hold on to your healthy values!! – Nita.

  19. monechee permalink
    March 12, 2008 6:08 pm

    This post is about the decission to make IIM in shillong and peoples reaction to it.

    I am sad to see blogs and comments made by tthe people with out knowing any back ground of the situation . Sometimes I wonder if ever we can be together.

    Any way the IIM students just take coaching classes to get admission , it does not say anything about their intelegence. They just mug up robotically. So its prejudice to say that we can not compete. We just do not think its appropriate to mug up things. I have also had bad experience in IIM-L admission procedure, I got selected for interview with out ever going to coaching class. Ok I got through qouta but my marks were good. on all I had about 90 right answers.
    But the experience i had in interview process was bad, it was a racist one. I had to name all the Indian states then they said we are tribal natured and fight all the time. I got defensive and told them like you do not have violence in UP and Bihar. After that I did not go to other IIM interviews that were sheduled , I just had ENOUGH.

    Later I studied outside of India in French Grand Ecole.

    Monechee, I read that post about the blogger’s reaction to an IIM in Shillong and I was shocked at the ignorance displayed. Such posts should be ignored. One needs to take a holistic approach to things (I am talking of the blogger). I don’t understand why people are jealous about Shillong getting an IIM, their turn will come! Anyway I am glad he revised some of his opinions. That’s good.
    About the interviewer’s question, I don’t think there is anything wrong in asking you the name of Indian states. However the other statements are racist. Thanks for sharing these links Monachee. But don’t get disheartened so easily, remember there is racism and ignorance everywhere in every state. Always the majority is ignorant but that should not blind us to the aware people. Yes, we can be together, we ARE together. – Nita.

  20. monechee permalink
    March 12, 2008 11:28 pm

    Just that its depressing that even well educated people think that way, well I will not say top talent, as IIM most of the time produces number crunchers and not critiacal thinkers. But still they will some of the people who will be running vital businesses later on.

    Monachee, I don’t think it’s the IIM’s as such. Overall, they give excellent training. I know some brilliant thinkers from the IIM’s. However, if you are saying that seveal people with great academic credentials cannot think, I agree. the problem is that we expect them to be above average at least and so if they are not, then it sticks in our mind. We assume that anyone from a reputed institute is a brilliant thinker, but when they are not, we are shocked and disappointed. The problem is that it is not necessary that only intelligent or brilliant people get into these reputed institutes and therefore no amount of training can help them! – Nita.

  21. Ravi permalink
    March 12, 2008 11:43 pm

    What if FELLOW Indians recognizes you? What do you care about? When you get out of your apt you have to deal with ass****s and gentlemen, take that you come across a dumb A** when anybody calls you a nepali. But I doubt it because people don’t dare to call anyone by their identity unless that person happens to be out of his mind.

    I m glad that you liked my comments on Parsees and Iran  what do you think of a society that BUYS a woman like an animal. Those kind of societies are totally FUCK** UP. Probably you know whom I m referring to. But I have to tell you that ratan tata is a parsee infact I admire because he really cares for his employees whereas most of the Indian businessmen don’t give a shit to their employees. We can’t generalize things by race or region.

    I request you not to get impressed by some dumb idiot who insult you by your race. Those kind of people need help from you and me.

  22. March 12, 2008 11:54 pm


    Do not be fooled by those who proudly claim that they are “educated” !

    I have even seen many “illiterate” people (I do not mean them any offense by using that term) behave in a much more civilised manner than some so-called “educated” people !

  23. Ravi permalink
    March 12, 2008 11:55 pm

    I can see educating people can make a change. Schools in NE must encourage school/college trips not to goa or cochin but to other schools/colleges all over india where they can see india as a whole and figure that india is vast and varied in its culture, language and the way people look from different parts of country.

    It sounded funny when you compared US to India regarding protest and other stuff. In US you can get justice by protest whereas in India if you protest you will be jailed and stamped as an extremist and I have no intention of belittling india by any means. Our leaders do not take protest to disagreement of society or people but a threat to their very existence. I can see some reasons for our leaders to act dumb and ignorant when handling the problems of our society. We are not following Gandhi’s way of living. 

  24. Ravi permalink
    March 13, 2008 12:18 am


    Your link to the study on immigrant and non-immigrant students in shillong was interesting. I was wondering what could be the sample size of this study. I did noticed that students from 15 colleges were taken into study but I wasn’t sure about the students in nagaland consumes more alcohol to whom? I m kind of puzzled.

  25. Ravi permalink
    March 13, 2008 12:46 am


    I m glad to hear that you finished your graduation in business else where after chosing not to attend any IIM. I think the world needs people like you who are determined to pursue their dreams. But its sad that india dont want those determined personalities anymore as if it’s ruling world politics :-). It’s really unfortunate and surprises me how could fit-for-nothing narrow minded people like the one you met during your IIM interview make it all the way to a respectable position of selecting Professionals to create a better india. thats why india is still a POOR country. You are not the only one I have seen but so many intellectuals from indian who figured that our people won’t let them progress them in career and life citing reasons like race/religion/caste finally decided to get away from this nonsense. It was lame to categorize people by region. I know how hard it is to do well in CAT. Majority of Indians are sick and they need help at alarmed speed.

    Those comments on setting up IIM in Shillong is unfortunate. But who cares for their opinions since the govt already made up their decision.

  26. March 13, 2008 12:47 am

    Ravi, gladad u related so much to what I h written. as for your question on whether I care if people recognise me, it entirely depends on the kind of person. if it is a person I can relate to I would be happy if he/she tries to understand me and my culture (and I assure u there’ no dirth of such people on this planet). as for people who do not care or choose to be ignorant ( I don’t give two hoots). as for what u said about the Parsees and Iran it is difficult for me to comment on a society without really experiencing it first hand. also, I donot always believe in how places are portrayed in the media and I donot read too much into second hand information (but I am sure there’s always a flip side to every coin). I do agree with you when you say you shouldn’t ever generalise, for every society has different shades to it.

  27. monechee permalink
    March 13, 2008 4:13 am

    yea true raj, lot of people with out education are more humble then educated ones.
    That reminds me of an incident I saw, once in a restrauant (self service one)there was this guy in suite (educated I presume), he took his meal and went to the table but forgot his spoon so he went back to get his spoon, when he return he saw that one homeless kind of guy was eating his food, he then got angry and abused this guy verbally.The poor guy ignored him then the guy in suite said that well if you are not moving so is he not and started to eat from the same plate.The poor guy just looked at him for a while and seperate the food 50-50 one for him and one for the guy in suite.The poor guy finised his half and left, the guy in suite also ate his half and when he was going to leave he sees that in the next table his food is there still untouched.=) This was a real incident .
    Anyway I am more then happy to find people around here that care and would make a difference , Nita and you included.

  28. March 14, 2008 7:22 pm


    I am stunned but not surprised to read that incident.Thanks for sharing that with us !

    It’s not a big thing Monechee,the caring part,because however different we may be from each other,we are all humans after all.

  29. C02 permalink
    March 18, 2008 9:24 pm

    Nita dont mean to be rude, but i think its a bit unfair to say that the NE would not survive on its own without India. Most of the people dont even want to be seen as Indian (perhaps with exception to plains Assamese), even if they werent so neglected by the centre. The fact is that they have NOTHING in common with the rest of India–the tribals are ethnically closer to SE Asians, as is their language, culture, etc. Indian history never involved any of these states, so being patriotic to a flag they have nothing in common with makes no sense. Also, I think each state knows their own economic and social needs better than the Indian government, who sees the NE merely as a natural resources bank they can plunder anytime they wish.

    As a Mizo, I should be glad that an IIM is opening in the region (Shillong), but I’m not. Opening an institute like that doesnt solve anything overnight, more stupid quick fix solutions by the govt. Second of all, I, as a Northeasterner know that racism and prejudice is a two-way street (though some dont wanna admit it).

    I’ve read about some terrible things done to mainland Indians in Meghalaya and elsewhere by tribals, some of whom are just as intolerant as the Delhiites who harass northeasterners in the capital.

    Racism happens in the mainland and in the NE. Ultimately there needs to be more dialogue to mend broken bridges.

  30. March 18, 2008 10:01 pm

    C02, all I can say is that one can then split India into little bits as there is more similarity between the two bengals, the two punjabs, and even between srilankans and tamils etc etc. The reason you cite is not a reason to divide a country. Every country of the world is moving towards multi-culturalism.
    And no you were not rude at all. Whether the NE can survive on it’s own or not is a debatable point. But when I said that it was in no way to demean the NE. I don’t think too many states in India can survive on their own as separate countries. we are all dependent on each other.
    And believe me even if hypothetically the NE was to form a separate nation, soon there would be divisions within. This is not in particular only to NE but to any place in India. Even if one state divides, the divisions will form. It’s human nature to see the differences…
    Also I think that certain states in India are more used to multi-culturalism than the NE is. After I wrote this post and read the comments I realised that people from the NE think that these divisions and racism only exists towards them and it is only they who are different. Maybe it’s because they haven’t intermingled with other Indians much.
    It’s all relative and maybe that the north easterners are more different, but I don’t think so. If they are different, so are we…from people in Kerala or Delhi. The only difference is that we are more used to the intermingling and being tolerant. Not everyone is tolerant and certain parts of India are more dominant and more dominating and more racist.
    Overall however, I do not think separations of the NE is good for anybody, and nor is the mature way forward. Life goes forward not backward. Multiculturalism is the way of the future, anywhere in the world. An essential thing if any state has to be a successful state.

  31. Ravi permalink
    March 18, 2008 10:42 pm


    My goodness your thoughts had a lot of insight especially your comparison of the conscience of state and indian govt. There is absolute truth in your statement. Indian govt doesn’t know its potential but local govt does. I m glad to see people like you who see things as they actually are.

    I think the only solution for the end of racism and prejudice in india is the end of indian race or indian people. You might wonder if there is no racism and prejudice in other countries. Yes there are but they don’t show racism on their own people.

  32. C02 permalink
    March 22, 2008 8:58 pm

    On a side-note just wanna mention that not all Assamese (being a NE state) people have the same ethnic features as the rest of the northeasterners, contrary to much popular belief. That’s a just perception. Tribals like the Bodo’s obviously have more in common ethnically with SE Asians and speak a Tibeto Burmese language. In fact, the majority of INDIGENOUS non-tribal plains Assamese I know are of Aryan stock ( and that doesn’t mean Bengalis, Marwaris, etc who’ve been in Assam for generations). They also speak an Indo Aryan language which is very closely related to Bengali.

    Just an aside – I know what you mean. In fact some people mistake me for Assamese! 🙂 I mean actually I look like a cross between a north-easterner and a mainlander (sorry for the use of that word!) I don’t know why actually because I do not have any Assamese blood…in fact this convinces me that we are really all the same. 🙂 – Nita

  33. Vivek Khadpekar permalink
    March 23, 2008 1:46 pm


    //Every country of the world is moving towards multi-culturalism.//

    I’d like to agree with you; I want to agree with you; but I’m afraid the signs of the times suggest otherwise. Check out the following:

    and several other allied readings that you can access just by googling “multiculturalism”.

    Vivek, none of the links you gave have changed my idea that the world is moving towards multi-culturalism. 🙂 Actually even before i went through those links, I have been aware of problems in some countries and btw, there are problems in the UK too. this does not contradict the idea that the world is moving towards multiculturalism. There are people who will hate it and oppose it tooth and nail, but no one can stop it. They will simply have to deal with it, some countries will cope better, some won’t be able to cope. Ofcourse this is simply a point of view I have after reading what’s going on in so many developed countries of the world. – Nita

  34. northies permalink
    March 23, 2008 3:31 pm


    The so called people from Hindi belt in India (mainly UP, Bihar, etc) are as much a minority in India as are people from North East. The days of central governments largely dominated by Hindi belt people are long gone. And I know a few things about this given that my fathers side is from Patna, Bihar. My mother’s side is from Varanasi, UP and my family has been living in Delhi for last three generations mainly working in central government.

    In fact we from north India are often the butt of many jokes in India these days (a position formerly occupied by Sikh’s and their turbans – another north Indian group). Surely you must have heard of Bihari jokes or about how UP and Bihar combined are slowing down the growth of India or how every single social evil in Indian society is attributed to the Biharis in some way.

    Bihari laborers are exploited (not just discriminated) everywhere whether it is in the newly discovered coal fields of Meghalaya (a north eastern state), the agricultural fields of Punjab, or the factories of Maharashtra.

    The south Indians blame us for imposing Hindi on them and corrupting the country and lately the people from Maharashtra have also joined the game by developing a new hobby of trying to kick out all north Indians (by which they actually mean UP and Bihar types) .

    So yes, people from NE India are discriminated but not anymore than the discrimination that North Indians face themselves.

    The point being we are a diverse country and no one group is ruling India anymore. Given that a Sikh is the current prime minister of India (who could have imagined this during the 1980s when Punjab terrorism was in its full form).

    So I definitely won’t be surprised if someone from North east becomes the prime-minister in 20 years or so 🙂 Coalition politics which seems to be the norm in the center these days can do that quite easily. Why think of yourself as seperate from so called “mainland” when you could be ruling the mainland along with your own native land in say 20 more years or so.

  35. C02 permalink
    March 24, 2008 5:17 am

    Hi northies, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I think it’s an absolute disgrace the way Biharis and UPites have been treated in Maharashtra and the senseless and cowardly killings in Assam. See, that’s why I mentioned in my last post that hostility exists on all fronts. On one level there’s jokes about Indian sub-groups, but then there’s one step too far and people have crossed the line.

    In the NE, it’s been well documented how mainlanders have been treated. Bengalis were treated like garbage in Meghalaya and Tripura, and ins some cases, led to some very horrific stories. Now Hindi speakers are being targetted in Assam. Don’t get me wrong, there are people from the NE (I’m Mizo) who are just as ignorant and hostile as other Indians. They feel that they’re the only ones in India being targetted, when in reality we’re all subject to prejudice. As a Mizo, I can’t only sympathise with my own people, but instead I want to understand the plight of all Indians.

    In Delhi and elsewhere, Northeasterners are facing injustice, but to me that shouldn’t stop anyone from rising to the occasion. I think if u let discrimination get the upperhand (verbal discrimination mostly), life can’t go on. India is still a democracy and though it might not be perfect, we still have our rights.

    • NGOs permalink
      October 28, 2015 4:26 pm

      Co2…which mean carbon de oxide, in Tripura does Bengali face like a trash!!!?…if u don’t know about Tripura you know nothing…. please observe what others say… In Tripura Bengali are 99% (11% Bengali since from King rule and 88% after independent illegally immigrated from Bangladesh…..currently now tripuri are only24 %…..are u a really a mizo…????????? I don’t think u are…..ha-ha.

  36. C02 permalink
    March 24, 2008 5:20 am

    And adding to my last post, all groups in society have their good and their bad individuals. Sums up all Indian groups pretty much to me!

  37. monechee permalink
    March 25, 2008 5:07 pm

    HI C02
    Actully in Tripura the tribals are facing trouble as compared to Bengalis. Because of the partition and the India Pakistan war of 1970s the tribal population has become minority(about 27%) .And therefore they have revolted.
    In rest of NE like Assam and Meghalaya native people are scared of becoming minority so therefore the hostilities.
    In Assam the percentage of population of northies is like 8% , Bengali 40% therefore its very possible that Assamese become minority like in tripura.
    And did you know that they use bengali in the local assembly in Tripura instead of the tribal language.

    I do not think violence or sending people out is the answer but yea I think its high time to limit the mass migration as it would create balkan like situation in NE.

  38. monechee permalink
    March 25, 2008 5:18 pm

    Yea the local goverence is the way forward, India is too big to be governed by someone from the center in Delhi. A system where power is evenly distributed between local and central government is required.
    Also Indian bureaucracy need to be completely changed its pulling the country back. How can one man in the district ,eg District Collector , be respondsible for all the things a more decentralized way of handling things is needed. Otherwise the Indian bureaucracy will ruin the growth India is enjoying.

  39. monechee permalink
    March 25, 2008 5:33 pm

    Dear all,
    I would also like to make something clear, I do not have anything against other Indians. Just that I think we should have a right to preserve our culture and land.
    In my personal relationships too I have had lot of friends from all over India and I really value them.Yea I also had lot of debates about the situation of migration as they think its justified as its India and all Indian should have freedom to move .I think thats a very encourageable but what about the native population that only are about a million strong. And mass migration would put pressure on the natural habitat which is already lossing forest cover very fast.

  40. desi permalink
    March 26, 2008 1:34 am


    I agree with you regarding preservation of native cultures. While the government has done a great job of doing it in Andaman & Nicobar island, its efforts in this regard in NE is sadly lacking.

    Although I am not educated on these issues, the mere act of replacing one culture by another reminds me of the evils of colonialization.

    Not sure what can be done about people who have already moved in, but I think steps such as preventing land from being purchased by non native people in Meghalaya is a good step in the right direction. In fact I tend to think that if someones culture is not threatened they will be more welcoming towards non-native cultures.

    Hopefully the issues will be resolved non-voilently and we are well beyond the British colonial days, so any practice of replacing one culture with another should be discouraged.

  41. monechee permalink
    March 26, 2008 2:51 pm

    Well Desi,
    In Tripura the Bengali had to run from the war but a more proper settlement could have been done then just letting the Bengalis take away native land.

    Yea preventing purchasing land by non native is is a right way forward. As for people already there hopefully they will assimilate like in Assam . In Assam acutally lot of student politician who talk about cultural preservation of Assam have sir names like Bhatachariya, Dutta, Sharma etc. Those are people how have assimilated .Funny that some one who has Bengali roots is now against Bengalisation of Assam.=D

    Monechee, Desi and Northies are the same person. He is simply making mischief here. He will not be allowed to comment on this post again. – Nita.

  42. I. Das Gupta permalink
    March 29, 2008 8:02 pm

    Yeah, the influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh is causing havoc in Assam. It doesn’t even feel like Assam anymore, in some parts, last time I went there. Questions must be raised about Indo-Bangla border issues.

    Whats ironic is that ULFA consider Hindi speakers as threatening to the indigenous Assamese, yet it’s the Bangladeshis who are projected to become the majority. That may have something to do with the alleged links they have militant groups in Bangladesh and the ISI in Pakistan.

  43. monechee permalink
    March 31, 2008 5:10 pm

    HI Das Gupta,

    Its complex, when we talk about illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, are we limiting it to only muslim ones? because there are also lot of Hindu ones too.So how can you find out??
    And ULFA would not risk tragetting them ,as the backlash would be strong .There are 40% Bengalis in Assam tragetting them would create civil war.

  44. April 2, 2008 7:20 pm

    A very interesting discussion. Im from the North-East.Well,my dad is from the North-East.Im studying in Bangalore as of now and in order to showcase our culture,we organised a major North-East Fest in our college called FOOTPRINTS08.With over 2500 people in attendance I thought we did quite well.With a mix of both North-East and NON-North East people at the event,we did our best in trying to showcase all aspects of our culture.

    There were traditional dances from the different states, five bands showcasing their musical talents and a food court with authentic North-East cuisine was a major attraction and all of us felt that we managed to make some sort of an impact.Next year hopefully we will make it bigger and better to make it the biggest North-East Fest that India has seen.

    I was just reading through the discussion and came across a comment by someone saying that North-East people should showcase their culture to the rest of the people in India.That was what made me make this comment.And hopefully with some more support next year,we will make it a major event here in Bangalore.

    If anyone wants to view some of the videos from the event(FOOTPRINTS08) please go to:

    Thank you.

    The link is working Anurag. – Nita.

  45. April 4, 2008 7:10 am

    Oh..ok.thought it wasnt..Anyways if you happen to be in Bangalore in February in 2009 do let me know as we are planning to make this an annual event for all the North-East and Non-North East people so that the cultural divide doesnt exist any more.We would be very happy if anyone would want to help us.Thanks

  46. john lotha permalink
    April 16, 2008 3:36 pm

    well its the first time i came across this blog… but i shud say am quite impressed with the discussions here,especially the ones by Nita.
    well lemme put in some of my thoughts and expereinces i had and is having. First of all, i must say …NE issue is a very sensitive Issue and every single discrimination or bias further adds to the Problem. i’m from Nagaland staying in Delhi .. i’ve been here for 5 years now and i have in my circle people from all parts of India. these Friends of mine were quite Surprised when i spoke to them in Hindi the first time.. People have this misconception that NE fellas can’t converse in hindi but its not always the case…. although majority of us i admit is not fluent in hindi yet we atleast can communicate.
    As for the discrimination on the basis of our Looks, i should say People who does that are at the very lowest level. i have faced many an occasion ( am sure almost every NE fellas have at one point or another) where i had been remarked as a NEPALI or a CHINKY. being Branded a *Nepali* is as derogatory as us Branding an Indian muslim a *Paki* and the term *Chinky* which is used more often than the latter is another term that associates us as Non-Indians. we North-easteners have a misunderstanding of Mainland Indians, thanks to the various Draconian laws like AFSPA, disturbed area act etc etc , we view the Mainland as an occupying country, the concept of us NE people being Indian is still new to us and when we are received with such suspicion and contempt, it just goes on to further add the feeling of *Alienation*. The Mainland Indians tend to forget that “what they do to us today, how they treat us today” will Reflect in the future, the students of Today will be the Voice of tomorrow. The more they embrace us the more will our feeling towards them change.
    As for the treatment meted to our gals, lemme cite some points here:-
    *A mainland Indian gal wears a skirt, they are modern. a NE gals does, she is easy.
    *A mainland indian gal wears a Salwar kameez or a Sari, she has traditional values. a NE gal does, she is a wannabe Indian trying to impress them ( they still don’t know where NE falls).
    *A mainland Indian gal going around with indian boys, she’s outgoing, a NE gal does she’s a “RAAND ”
    well, i pointed out those, coz i have heard them and i have seen them…. these kinda attitude towards us would do no good, infact it goes only goes down to add the feeling of being discriminated and alienated.
    i know … there is a vast cultural difference between us, India is a Land of diverse culture,The indian constitution allows each entity to follow its own culture… we can’t view the culture of mainland India as something against our culture… and neither shud the mainland Indian view our culture as foreign and inferior. only when we start viewing each other with respect and dignity will the TRUE INDIA emerge.

    The present India was never the India, Gandhi or the freedom fighters fought for, and nor will the politicians bring about the Real INDIA. its up to us “The Mass”. so lets change it, lets help eachother in making this India the “INDIA” the freedom fighters gave their blood for, if not then that would be an *insult to them*.
    Thank You and God Bless.

  47. April 16, 2008 10:53 pm

    Thank you John for sharing your experiences. Yes I understand the conflict that north-easterners go through….their feelings of alienation and desire to be accepted. I am an optimist though and I strongly believe that slowly as the masses of India get more educated and aware, things will improve. As you said it is only the ignorant who have these prejudices.
    However I think it is important that you do not club ‘mainlanders’ into one. We are all very diverse and a person from the south of India is as different from the north india as a north-easterner is.
    Also please do not be under the impression that speaking Hindi makes you Indian. However you are absolutely right in speaking Hindi as you live in Delhi, one must try to learn the language of the place where one lives. However even if you lived in Nagaland and did not know Hindi, you are as much Indian as someone in Delhi who knows Hindi. If you lived int he South you might have to learn a different language.
    And thank you for those last lines. God bless you too.

  48. john lotha permalink
    April 17, 2008 5:28 pm

    well, thank you Nita for pointing out the flaws.. i never intended to club them as a single unit…anyways i apologises if i did hurt the sentiments of the others. anyways all in all its always good to have feedbacks and once again i thank you for that.
    well i do understand i made the mistake of mentioning the word “Mainland” but like it is said…in every basket there is bound to be some rotten apples….Pliz don’t take the word “mainland” as a reference to whole Group.

    As for speaking hindi, i din’t mean to say…speaking hindi makes me more Indian then the others, all i meant was … if we can speak hindi or say converse in hindi…they (northies) tend to accept us more easily… anyways when i said that i only meant that we nned to try catching up with the lingo of that particular place..its never really harm in knowing hindi or bengali or tamil .

    anyways all in all i Stand corrected now (lol) thanks to you .
    take care and God Bless

  49. Sophisticated South Indian permalink
    May 13, 2008 1:11 am

    Hi Nita,

    Good to see the discussions going on. I’m from South India & been in Delhi & UP for 5 years. I would like to share my experience as far as the NE’s are concerned. Once i happened to go on a office vehicle & the driver is from Nepal & playing the Nepali songs . He asked me whether to change to the Bollywood Music ( crappy i would call ) for which i asked him to continue with the nepali songs. Though i didn’t comprehend the lang or the lyrics being a sophisticated individual i’m enjoying them (Nepali songs )then 2 colleagues of mine ( from delhi ) boarded the cab & shouted at the driver to change them to the Bollywood songs ( looks shit to me to hear them ).

    My Opinions ( especially to the south indian brethern & the North east brethern ):

    1) The North Eastern Girls are gorgeous & for me north indian girls looks pompous ( trying to act western – show off ). While there is a lot of naturality in the culture , especilly in the lifestyle & the dress that the NE girls wear.
    2) I used to have good friends from Manipur & Meghalaya who used to converse in the best of hindi & english & talented as well
    3) In a country like india who ever girls who’s natural i will call her not conservative but modern & this is mostly found in the North east & south indian girls ( exception in some Northie cases)
    4) North Indians if you look at them always trying to be modern ( only showoff ).
    5) when i used to go to some very least bollywood films it’s fine but majority are sh*t & shows only the Indian girls in a bad light to the westerners. Neither does it show the real indian values
    6) I always like the South Indian & North eastern people. Northies used to have lot of prejudice ( alhtough couple of my good friends are from UP & delhi- Exceptions ( & enjoyed their company )
    7) The Northies now they’re changing the places like Hyderabad & bangalore But i’m sure it would take them atleast 150 years to transform the cultural scene of Chennai ( congrats to Tamils ( I”m not tamil though & Looks like a Punjabi by complexion & feautures ( sorry Northies ……LOL………….:)
    8) I’ve have learned hindi in the shortest time as i shared the appartment with 5 Northies ( UP & Punjab ), but i would say that Northies shouldn’t insult the people of SI or NE who can’t speak/ learning Hindi
    9) for the Northies i would say they’re no better species/ race with in india compared to others (SI’s & NE’s ) , leave the rest like the americans, germans, japanese who’re 1000 times advanced than North Indians in many respects ( guess intellectuals agree on this…………………….)
    10) I though comming from SI (south india ) i listen to Heavy metal, hip-hop , punk rock besids the regional music but bollywood music or hindi movies aren’t my cup of tea ( My sincere request to the South indian & North eastern indian brethern )
    11) But frankly i can say Northies are good in doing business. Sure that they would get awards also as the best Cabbie, Convenient store owner in us, australia etc.;
    12) To North East Indian Brethern & sis: you feel that the SI’s & you are racially or other ways discriminated but the reality is in the western world Northies will receive the best of Racial discriminations ( thanks to Aussie & Brit’s )
    13) Northies feel & say that SI’s ( I look like a ferangi though ……& better than stupid Hrithik …………….LOL…………………..(My favourite is Matthew Mcconnaghey ..he’s damn smart ) look dark ( but their humble & intellectuals ) & shabby but Northies smell curry & that whiteness is not the fair complexion i would say. You need to come to the Udipi Brahmins (Karnataka ) & Tamil Brahmins & some kerala girls ….damn you go bonkers along with 99% North Eastern Indian girls all look 1000 times better & natural.

  50. Rohan permalink
    May 13, 2008 5:16 am

    Interesting how this discussion has spread over almost a year. Many people seem to see this as a matter of individual character flaws. I think that’s a very Indian way of looking at it and not necessarily the best one. Mistrusting people who are different (skin, language, religion, dialect, etc.) is a human tendency and occurs to varying degrees all over the world. The problem is not so much cultural but systemic: legal protection and effective legal recourse does not exist in India for people who suffer discrimination. When someone who is harassed, abused, or refused equal treatment, whether it’s in renting a flat, or employment, or banking, or any other activity. This should be true whether they are Muslim or Hindu or Punjabi or Naga. This is a failing of the government of India, which is unable or unwilling to provide efficient administration.

    The situation in the north-east is astounding, a case completely apart. There I would not call it just maladministration, but actual colonialism. Nita, I’m afraid I find your remarks about separation for the northeast not being ‘mature’ quite patronising. You clearly don’t know what people in the northeast are living through. You have only the most tentative idea of what they face on a daily basis in interacting with the Indian state. You cannot call them immature if they decide they don’t want to put up with it any more. It is their life, their experience, and their choice. I’ll give you a few examples from Arunachal. One, people say it can take as much as a year to get a passport, which plays havoc with travel plans. Two, government schools there hire incompetent teachers from Bihar who pay bribes to get their posts and have no teaching skills. Three, the army has changed a very large number of city names from the original Monpa names to ‘Sanskritic’ names as these are easier for soldiers from the mainland to pronounce. Four, the army abuse / AFSPA issue, which people from the mainland never seem to care about, because they don’t usually experience it. Hundreds of Indian luminaries write letters supporting gay rights, and not one stands up for Irom Shamila.

    As to whether small countries can survive on their own, of course they can. We have countries like Luxembourg, Monaco, Estonia, Surinam or (closer to us) Bhutan which are all doing quite well. The question is not whether the northeast can survive without India, but whether or not it will choose to. The answer to that will depend a great deal on whether India can reform its pathological, corrupt, obscene governmental structure. If not, the northeast is gone. With all due respect to the people from Nagaland and Manipur who are making lives in the mainland and are committed to the idea of India, I have been told by people who have spent their lives working in the Indian administration in the northeast that these two states are for all practical purposes lost to the Indian union. After everything they have suffered at the hands of the Indian government and army, the majority of people there do not consider themselves Indians and want nothing to do with India. The other states are still an open question.

    I do not pretend to understand completely the situation in the north-east, although I have talked to people there (in real life) and have lived there too, in Assam. However, I think I do have some idea of what the north east is going through though as you say not completely or totally. However I don’t agree with your view about separation. The Kashmiris too feel the same (I have lived in Kashmir too), that they aren’t Indians and well, the Indian Union is not going to let go. That is all that I really said, that it is impractical to think of separation as it will lead to a lot of bloodshed and the movement will not succeed. Also I believe that the north-east will come into the “mainstream” and it will not lose its identity either. You see what Tamil Nadu has done. It has maintained its culture and identity…just threatening to split has given them this privilige (not forcing Hindi on its populace). Also the people of TN do not entertain anyone who speaks Hindi and that has also helped them keep their culture. Its time the NE did something similar. I am not talking of violence.
    This is my view Rohan and I don’t think its patronizing but seeing the reality. You need not agree with me but you will have to agree that I have a right to my view. – Nita.

    P.S. Also your point about the NE surviving as a separate country, well, the point is debatable. Sure, there are many successful small states but there are also some pretty unsuccessful small states. Right now at least I don’t think the NE is in a position to be a strong needs to build up its infrastructure and well a lot of work needs to be done. I firmly believe the NE needs India and in fact each and every state in India needs India, including Maharashtra. We are strong as a total nation, not in bits and parts. So this is not demeaning NE in India in any way as you seem to think. Also India needs the NE. I love the NE culture, its diversity, and the region has a lot to teach India. I only pray that people from the NE stand up to their rights, kick out the bad politicians, and stick up for their language and culture. – Nita.

  51. May 13, 2008 10:13 am


    // . . . You see what Tamil Nadu has done. It has maintained its culture and identity…just threatening to split has given them this privilige . . . //

    I take strong exception to this comment, Nita! When did the state of Tamil Nadu ever threaten to split from the so-called Indian Union? Did the state legislature ever pass a resolution asking for the state to be split from the so-called Indian Union? Is wanting to use one’s own national languages,Tamil and English instead of licking the boots of some linguo-nazi a threat to split from the so-called Indian Union?

    For those who cannot get out of the colonial mentality that English is not an Indian language, I want to state here that India is home to several Anglo-Indians whose mother tongue,and therefore national language is English! I do not know about Maharashtra or other states, but in my state and especially my city, we have plenty of Anglo-Indians whose mother tongue is English as they speak English at home. I personally know several Anglo-Indians whose language I regard as Indian English as it is flawless English spoken with an Indian accent. So what is wrong if we want to use the national language of the Anglo-Indians who are truly patriotic as the link language of the so-called Indian Union?

    You are entitled to your views, Nita, but would you accept it if I say that Mr.Raj Thackeray’s wish to use Marathi a threat by Maharashtra to split from the so-called Indian Union? Is a wish to transform the so-called Indian Union into a truly federal and democratic country that gives equal rights to all its citizens a threat to split from the so-called Indian Union?

    Indian Union of what, Nita? Indian Union of diverse states and people and languages or an Indian Union that uses a stupidly homogenised and completely unnatural ‘nazi’onal language?

    Just because I do not speak Hindi and do not want to speak Hindi and do not want Hindi to be imposed on me as it violates my human rights that is guaranteed in the severely flawed constitution of the so-called Indian Union, do you regard me as a secessionist, Nita? I am sorry, Nita, but your views seem to be a milder version of those of the linguo-nazi politicians of the cow-belt who want to wipe out India’s diversity by hook or crook.

    Sorry Raj. Really this is what I had heard and thank you for correcting me! However if they did do it, I don’t blame them as Hindi was being imposed. That was my point. You know very well I am against the imposition of any language. – Nita
    p.s now in case this causes a further misunderstanding let me assure you that if Raj T threatens to separate from the Indian Union I shall oppose it tooth and nail! I think some odd fraction of TN people did threaten to separate, it does not represent the Tamil people. Same way Raj T does not represent Maharashtrians!

  52. May 13, 2008 10:44 am

    It’s okay, Nita 🙂 I know your views on the language issue. It is just that the notorious linguo-nazi politicians in the central government and their stooges in the so-called “national”, so-called “mainstream” media who keep dishing out all the wrong information about Tamil Nadu who are to blame.

    I blame the same notorious scoundrels for all the problems that India is facing today! They keep dishing out half-truths and plain lies about the North-East and about Jammu and Kashmir. It is only when one is a victim of those notorious scoundrels, can one think of those who are subject to even more discrimination, like the people of the North-East and Jammu and Kashmir, so I do not blame you, Nita. It is important to look at the truth 🙂 and not the reality dished out by those criminal politicians and their stooges in the so-called “national”, so-called “mainstream” media.

  53. May 13, 2008 11:40 am


    // . . . Four, the army abuse / AFSPA issue, which people from the mainland never seem to care about, because they don’t usually experience it. Hundreds of Indian luminaries write letters supporting gay rights, and not one stands up for Irom Shamila . . . //

    Don’t worry, brother! Not all people of the so-called “mainland” lick the boots of the criminal linguo-nazi politicians of the cow-belt. There are plenty of people who know the difference between reality and the truth. If you go through the following magazine, you will find articles not only about the courageous braveheart Irom Sharmila, but about the human rights abuses that take place throughout India, including the cow-belt:

    But yes, what I find sad is that even wonderful women(and men) do not oppose the human rights violations throughout the country(and the world) but instead ask people to look at the “reality”. If the “reality” means the filthy act of gangrape by a few cowardly criminals, then the reality be damned!!!

    I can only pray that the people of the “mainland” realise that it is the criminal politicians in the central government and their bureaucratic stooges who are responsible for all the mess in the North-East and Jammu & Kashmir

    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake!

    Raj, what do you mean by this statement of yours:

    But yes, what I find sad is that even wonderful women(and men) do not oppose the human rights violations throughout the country(and the world) but instead ask people to look at the “reality”. If the “reality” means the filthy act of gangrape by a few cowardly criminals, then the reality be damned!!!

    I find it very offensive. Even though I thought you over-reacted to my response to Rohan I didn’t say anything because I know you are sensitive to the subject – You know me for a year now and you know very well what I think of the language issue but you still took offence. ofcourse I knew that the Tamils are not asking for separation, that wasn’t the point I was making. I was saying they did in a non-violent way (unlike the NE), whatever they did was by protesting Hindi domination!!! I thought it was clear what I meant (probably it wasn’t) and I meant that NE should look up to TN but you took offense. I was telling Rohan, see what TN has achieved in a non-violent manner! Anyway, I have given up trying to think why people take offense…but one thing I can tell you I found your statement very offensive as it is an obviously a direct remark against what I have said. I said very clearly that separation from the Indian Union is not practical and one has to see the reaility….why have you brought up this nonsense of gangrape etc?? If you feel that is is practical to separate, then it’s different issue. – Nita.

  54. vivek mittal permalink
    May 13, 2008 12:15 pm

    I strongly object to using the term “so called” before “indian union” by a dear friend of mine

  55. May 13, 2008 1:22 pm


    I sincerely apologise if you found my comment offensive.

    Ofcourse, I understand what you meant by asking Rohan to achieve what they want in a non-violent manner. The courageous braveheart Irom Sharmila is doing just that. She just does not have enough support.

    And when I mentioned the wonderful women and men from the “mainland” who do not speak up against human rights violations throughout the country, that includes everyone from all parts of the so-called “mainland”, including TN, Nita. Not many people are aware of the human rights violations that take place throughout the country. As you can see, that magazine is published from New Delhi and not the North-East or Jammu&Kashmir. So there are people in New Delhi,too, who know about the human rights violations taking place throughout the country. I regard people who speak up against human rights violations by their governments(central or state or local) as the true patriots. That is my personal opinion.

    I have never,ever said anything about separation for the North-East or Jammu&Kashmir, Nita. I don’t know why I am always misunderstood. If the people of the North-East or Jammu&Kashmir feel alienated from the mainland for whatever reasons, instead of forcing them into the “mainstream” through the barrel of the gun, they should be made to feel a part of the “mainland” through development packages and repealing discriminatory acts like the AFPSA. The damned AFPSA and every other law that violates human rights should be repealed! The gun should be turned on the foreign terrorists who want to wage a proxy war with India, like the Arab, Afghan and Pakistani terrorists who are pushed into J&K, for instance. Kashmiris and North-Easterners should not be viewed as terrorists and insurgents as such. I find it shocking whenever a Kashmiri is labelled as a “terrorist” for just being a Kashmiri, or a North-Easterner is labelled as an “insurgent” for just being a North-Easterner.

    And whether we like it or not, gangrape is a part of the “reality”, not just in the North-East, but in the Hindi heartland and other states(and countries) as well. I was only condemning such kinds of “reality”. It did not have anything to do with the reality that you mentioned. I am sorry if I confused you, Nita. And I don’t think that it is practical to separate either. But it is my personal view and I don’t impose it on those from the North-East or Jammu&Kashmir. Maybe that is why I keep getting misunderstood.

    Okay, okay be cool! 🙂 And don’t worry I am misunderstood too! This is because at times I write in a hurry particularly comments and when I read my comment again I realise I have not been clear. I opologize too Raj for hurting your feelings. I don’t like hurting anyone’s feelings and therefore lets just forget it and move on! I realise what you meant now. – Nita

  56. Nil permalink
    December 26, 2008 4:18 am

    I just wanted to add another thing to this write from a year ago. If you think for one second the government/media’s attitude to the North East has changed, you’re dead wrong.

    The recent lack of coverage the Assam blasts back in October received is clear evidence of this. I’ve already expressed my stand on the elitist NDTV. They gave about 3-4 days about Assam after it happened, but didn’t even do a debate on We The People or anything. During one of the We The People episodes covering Mumbai these past few weeks, someone in the crowd even questioned Barkha why no attention was given to Assam. She conveniently avoided that question.

    I don’t want to make this only a problem of NDTV’s, but for a news channel which claims to report sympathetically to minority groups (religious, scheduled caste, OBC’s…), they’re just as guilty of neglecting the NE and its many ethnic groups and problems like the rest of India.

    While I’m no fan of coalition politics the NE needs some kind of unified political representation. Mainstream parties like Congress sweep them under the rug. The dalits of UP (and now other states) have shown great support to Mayawati and the BSP. The numerous tribal groups of the region have no such voice.

  57. kesiena permalink
    May 16, 2009 5:06 am

    I love indian people they are very lively,knowing what is going on i think you guys should stand to your feets concerning the case.your country i believed is nature’s favourite endowed with alot of beauty and so on,now allowing some criminals tanish the image of such country is not permitted.Like my country NIGERIA we know our human rites forget the fact you high and mighty,we citizens have our rite to protest and accept whenever we all haven’t sat down to think this over and settle where possible.
    human abuse is a crime and anyone found guilty should be dealt with without sparing a thing.My only advice now is to take things bit by bit and before you know it, you have achieved something your eyes cant measure.
    love to read from you guys

  58. August 2, 2009 3:38 am

    Is China really a bad country as portrayed by the media of western countries and India?

    I am showing you the long covered facts and evidence about China is actually not a bad country as portrayed and well accepted in Western countries and India.

    1. China and communism:
    There is a long covered fact (by all parts involved) about china and communism. Chinese communist was created under the help of Soviet union, and to a large degree controlled by Soviet union until 1959. After the second world war, Soviet union secretly supplied Chinese communist troops with captured Japanese weapons (enough for about 1 million elite Japanese troops—the guandong army), including 2700 artilleries, and produce ammunitions and weapons for communists in russia occupied china’s north-east. Chinese nationalist government troops were poorly equipped with little artilleries, even less amunitions. U.S. refused to give any heavy weapons after the second world war to Chinese anti-communism government. U.S. and west have supported many countries to fight communist troops after second war, such as in, Greece, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Angola. China is the only exception. U.S. happily to see china was overtaken by communists supported by Soviet union, and then began to isolate china. U.S. knows very well that communism will not work and will ruin a country. Americans were absolutely correct. All communists countries failed economically, including China. After the death of Chairman Mao, the new Chinese leader—Deng xiaoping realized what a big mistake it has been. He launched reform which bring a new life to china. The present Chinese ruling party is still called a “communist party”, however, communism is neither practiced nor believed in china anymore, although government can not say that openly. The name– “communist party” is retained, just to make sure the transformation will be stable and smooth. Chinese communist party openly recognized that china needs to build a more democractic country. What is in question is what kind of democracy, and how to achieve it. China obviously want to copy what south korea and Taiwan did: develop first (so that people will be sufficiently educated), and then followed by democratic reform. To build a well functioning democracy (functioning to the society) is not easy. In many westerners’ opinion, India is still not a well functioning democratic country even now.

    2. Present china:
    I am a pro-democratic person. However, It has to be pointed out that most articles and news written (or broadcasted) by western media and Indian media about present china is very biased or untrue. Western and India media semar/slander a lot on china, and this semar/slander will continue or even get worse even though Chinese people feel their country is getting better quickly from almost point of view. After giving up communism idealism from 1979, china’s government has turned into a secular government focused on economy development and letting people enjoy life. In present china, people have lots of personal freedom. Religion beliefs are fully respected as long as religious people do not get involved into politics, as done by Falungong. The only two things what western media said truely about china is that: chinese can not vote or challenge government’s authority at present stage, and I believe this will change, too. China prefers to do it carefully than fast. Democratic election has been practiced in rural village levels so that the least educated people can practice a functioning democracy, before it is spread to higher levels.

    3. Xinjiang Issue:
    Although Han Chinese ruled xinjiang before Ughyurs migrated to there at the end of Tang dynasty, xinjiang was not a part of china after that. However, Ughyurs volunterilly invited Junger Mongol troops to southern xinjiang and submitted to Jungers. Jungers initiated a war with Qing china by invading inner-mongolia and later on by invading Tibet, which was namely a part of china at that time. Qing defeated Jungers, and occupied Junger ruled lands. The then Ughyurs leader not only supported Jungers war with china, but killed Chinese government official after the defeat of Junger, thus caused Chinese army entering southern xinjiang and occupied it until now.

    4. Tibet issue:

    4.1. Was Tibet an independent country before 1912?

    Tibet was an independent country before 1246. From 1373 to 1578, Tibet rulers paid tribute to Chinese Ming dynasty government many times. In 1642, Dalai lama invited a Mongol tribe’s troops to come into Tibet to fight other opposite Tibetan groups. Tibet was then controlled by this Mongol tribe. This Mongol tribe voluntarily submitted to the Chinese Qing dynasty in 1653 for Chinese support to defend against west mongols. In 1705, Chinese emperor abolished the 6th Dalai Lama for his violation of Buddhism obligation, and ordered him to be arrested and sent to Beijing for punishment. He died on the way. Since 18th century, Dalai Lama had kneed down towards Chinese emperor’s picture many times during ceremonies. China posted a garrison in Lhasa from 1751. Tibet respected Chinese government’s sovereignty, which is typically shown in the selection of the 10th Dalai Lama in 1822. Britain and Russia recognized Tibet as a part of China in 1906. China ruled Tibet directly from 1910 to 1911. Since Manchu are Chinese citizens and support China’s claim on Tibet, Chinese regard the china after Qing as a legal successor of Qing dynasty. (Acutally western countries made sure china became a successor of Qing dynasty, so that china had to continue to pay the huge ransom owed by Qing to west countries after it was defeated in 1901 by west countries.)

    4.2. Was Tibet an independent country between 1912 and 1950?

    After the collapse of China’s Qing dynasty in 1912, China was in civil wars and warlordism until 1949, but did not denounce its claim on Tibet. Tibet never declared independence towards China or other countries during this period. (The 13th Dalai Lama himself denied (to British) he had ever authorized the Russian subject–Agvan Dorjiev, to sign a treaty with Mongolians on behalf of Tibet. So, that 1913 treaty is not valid.) U.S. officially recognized Tibet as a part of China in 1943, way before communist China existed. No country in the world recognizes Tibet as an independent country.

    4.3. Why Tibetans rebelled in 1959?

    Before 1956, most Tibetans are serfs, and most land was owned by nobleman and monasteries. The part of Tibet (central) ruled by Dalai Lama enjoyed very high autonomy within China from 1950-1959. China launched land reform in the Chinese directly ruled (east) Tibetan areas in 1956, taking land from noblemen and monasteries and distributed them to serfs. Rebellion led by noblemen and monasteries broke out in east Tibet in 1956, with independence as the slogan to get support from serfs, and spread to Lhasa in 1959, encouraged, supported and armed by American CIA.

    4.4. Does China repress Tibetans and have cultural genocide?

    Although everybody in western world believes China is repressing Tibetans, no valid example has been given on exactly and specifically how Tibetans are repressed, (Except for democracy or those involved in Tibet independence movement, such as showing Dalai Lama’s image in public for political purpose, which is not a Tibetan tradition.) Can anybody give a specific example of Chinese repressive policy toward ethnic Tibetans and their culture, when it is not related with Tibet’s independence movement? Foreign turists are allowed to visit Tibet freely and talk to Tibetans privately freely. Why they can not find out one specific evidence showing china’s repressive policy towards Tibetans? Tibetans want independence does not necessarily prove that they are ill-treated by Chinese. How Spain mistreated bask, and how Canada mistreated Quebecers? Speicfic evidence needs to be shown. What happened now is that some Tibetans took part in violent actions for independence, and got cracked down by Chinese government, and then they use these crack down as the reason to appealing independence in international world. This does not make sense. Only those evidence of repression when they are not involved in the independence movement can be used as the reason for asking for independence. However, they have shown none of such evidence up to now. Tibetans-in-exile made a lot of fake photos/videos and posted them on youtube, etc. For example, after the riot of mar 2008 in Lhasa, Tibetans said that chinese security troops wore Tibetan monks’ robes and initiated the killing. They shew a photo with chinese soliders holding monk robes. However, in the origional photo, there is line of text on the photo which said that solider are making movies. (It is quite common to hire soliders to make movies for large scale) Acutally the uniform of soliders wear are the old style which has been changed many years ago.

    5. China and india’s 1962 war

    Since 1959, Nehru ordered “advancing policy” to order Indian troops to advance across the Macmahoon line (Chinese claimed and posted a border stone way south of macmahoon line in 1910. china never recognized the macmahoon line. India unilaterally claimed and established this line before 1951 as india’s border) towards north and deep into Chinese controlled territories, attacked, captured and passed Chinese post stations, and deep into further north. India has no legitimate reason to occupy the land north of macmahoon line what so ever. China and India had been in war status since 1959. China had very few troops to fight with India troops from 1959 to 1962, since they are cracking down the rebelled Tibetans. Why china has no right to counterattack in 1962, if India can initiate the war with china and deeply advanced across the macmahoon line and into Chinese controlled territory?

    Reference book:

    1. “The snow lion and the dragon: China, Tibet, and the Dalai Lama”, Author: Melvyn. C. Goldstein, Director of Tibet Center, Case Western Univ. U.S.A.
    2. “India’s China war” auther: Neville Maxwell
    About facts and truth.

    I had read of a lot of articles about Tibet’s history and present written by both sides—the Tibetan in exile and the Chinese side. As you know their position and conclusion is just opposite. However, to my surprise, I find almost no conflicts between the dry facts presented by the two sides. Basically to say, neither side denies/rejects the dry facts presented by the other side. The analysis of these facts by both sides are pretty logical and reasonable. But the conclusion is opposite. Why?
    Lets see all the steps to make a judgement/conclusion:

    1. finding and examining facts
    2. choose the facts to be included into the data for analysis
    3. analysis and make judgement
    4. conclusion

    There is not problem in step 1 and step 3. Almost all the confilicts arise from step 2. Instead of including all the important facts presented by both sides, then analysis data and form an opinion, what people actually do is to have an opinion first, then choose only those facts in alignment/agreement with his opinion, and rejecting those facts confilicting with his opinion, then analysis data and draw a conclusion, and publish their article/books. This is the core of many confilicts.

    Media is the one who controls whict facts will be fed to public, and which book should become wellknown to public. By this way, media can actually control public’s thought and opinion without letting them know.

    To make any reliable analysis and judgement, we have to include all valid and important facts, no matter who presented them, or which conclusion it may benefit. For most confilicted issues, there is always one side who is reluctant to do this. The reason is simple. A complete analysis based on facts from both sides will harm one side’s opinion.
    So….., the problem is not facts, not analysis, not logic, not even judgement. All the problem arise from the greed of humanbeings. It is not a problem if we can, but if we want.

    • vasudev permalink
      August 2, 2009 9:38 am

      vary nice and detailed article. imho chinese were never unfriendly with india. in fact, being culturally one of the most ancient countries themselves they had a profound respect for bharat. that china did not want to hurt india was evident from their sudden withdrawal during their only war with india. it is heartening to see the ever improving trade relations between china and india. china can do the manufacturing, india can do the thinking. both should compliment each other. however, recession might hit china the worst and then it might see india as a threat. if something like that happens china might have to do something to keep its law and order under control. will china burst a few crackers in india then? one must wait and watch because indian north east has a chinese inclination. tibet is a sore topic. there is too much dirt under the carpet. someone someday might just think of doing some extensive house keeping and regularising. besides, western inclination towards india may not help our cause either.

  59. Bikiran Bordoloi permalink
    August 8, 2009 1:37 am

    Thank you Nita for highlighting the problems faced by the North Eastern people.Your article has definitely thrown some light on the treatment faced by the North Eastern people by the rest of India especially by the North Indian.Being a North Eastern I can feel the insult but I dont at all take it seriously because if everyone thinks about those silly sentimental issues we can never progress as a nation.There are more serious issues that needs to be discussed and should together try to find the solution.Although I must say, the issue that you have raised is a very serious one and we must find an acceptable solution.The issue is a racial one and I think this racism(a kind of viral disease) has spread all over the world like a wild fire.If we peep into the Human history we can find that due to this World War took place starting first from the Nazis-Jewis.Even now we can see the ill human treatment by the Whites against Blacks and Indians.The same racial mentality is also prevalent in our Indian society.Our Hindu society is again divided into four castes namely Brahmin,Kshatriyas,Vaishyas and Sudras.Among them the Brahmins are always considered wise (though they are),but I feel sorry to say that they were the first who divided our country on the basis of caste,creed and religion.So this hatred slowly split into community difference.People started to think my community is far more developed than yours,we are economicaly and culturally more advanced and all those nonsense. I know most of the people will not agree with me in this regard but thats a fact which can still be seen in many parts of our country.Our hindi cinema and our media are also to some extent responsible for these community difference. Have you ever noticed that the most shown culture are of the Gujratis, Punjabis, Bengalis and the North Indian.What about other cultures? A Punjabi will always think about Punjabi first,the same is that with Gujratis and Bengalis.Why cant we consider ourself as an Indian.The news channels(except DD News) never promotes North Eastern people and their cultures.Even if they show they will always show the gloomy pictures of it and not the positive aspect of it.At that condition what good we can expect from them.I dont want to say more because this kind of discussion will never come to an end.The most important thing is to find the solution of these problem. In my opinion the problem can be solved in two ways .The first way is through awareness about Indian constitution,giving historical knowledge about all cultures of India mostly in the grassroot level(i.e in school),and to teach moral values and to respect other cultures.And the second way is through spiritually which I think most of the cultures will not accept it.I would prefer all to study GITA and its significance in Human life.I dont want to say much about spirituality in here but If compare I will always stand by spirituality because that is the only way to gain true knowledge and which will be helpful for India as well as the whole world to be free from racism.

    • August 8, 2009 7:01 am

      Thanks Bikiran, I agree you on one thing. It is early value education that can make a huge difference. More important than alphabets is education which teaches students about different cultures and in India this certainly means teaching kids another language besides their own. cultures across the world are one thing, but also those in India itself. I for example should have had the choice whether to study Hindi or Assamese. Only my mother tongue and English should be made compulsory. People from North India too should compulsorily learn a language from another part of the country. Eduction about different cultures should start in the first grade itself as many Indian do not go beyond the fifth grade. And this subject of cultural studies should be compulsory till grade 10. This subject is far more important than anything else, a subject which will broaden the mind of children and counter some of the bigoted education they receive at home.

    • bikash permalink
      August 13, 2009 2:47 pm

      Xactly, Hindi movies are not able 2 show other rich hindu cultures Like Assamese also, not that much systematic our films r who never won an oscar..
      Even an Assamese man brought that technology of making movies who made the first Devdas in Bollywood, his name is P C Barua.
      Assamese people r not tribal dudes its a wrong concept nor chinki looking except assamese tribes. Even principal investigator of Chandrayaan 1 is an Assamese whose name is J N Goswami. Now again dont think that Goswami is not assamese title, its a 100% assamese title.
      And yes, 90% of Assamese use 2 have pure north Indian features, other 10% are having chinki features.

  60. August 20, 2009 9:35 pm

    I feel the number one reason is Economic status.Though the race is different in North-east a mix of Aryan & Mongoloid races which starts from Bengal and go on becoming a mongoloid race as it crosses upwards north and east into china and south-east asia.but i dont feel race is a problem.Development & Economic prosperity in the dravidian southern india is attracting, commanding and gaining respect from all quarters in India.

    Indian Government had really failed to construct any economic center in the North-east though there exists a special status for the North-east.corruption might be the reason.Migration to north-east is a big problem due to various insurgencies & local problems though mostly bengalis manage to migrate to north-east.

    Taking South-east asian economy and “Asean” into consideration Indian government has to construct a new capital city in the North-East which will boost the economy of the north-east.Just like chandigarh & Bhubaneswar. Once the region is economically vibrant automatically people will start gaining more respect.

  61. Shaan permalink
    September 22, 2009 8:35 am

    Interesting debate going on here. I am a Tamil. I have many friends from north India and other south Indian states. My sister has a close friend from Meghalaya.

    I can safely say that most of my north Indian friends do respect Tamils and their culture but some are ignorant and this ignorance breeds misunderstanding. I have a close friend who is originally from UP but now settled in Maharashtra who frequently tells ‘you people don’t accept Hindi’, ‘you want separate country’, etc for which I simply say ‘f*@# you!’. One asked me ‘Do you celebrate Navarathri?’ even though he knew that I am a Hindu. I handled him differently, I started to discuss with him and teach him what he didn’t know about the philosophy/story behind each tenet of Hinduism made him feel ashamed. Really to my shock I found that the person who asked me whether I celebrate navarathri didn’t even know what is Dwaitham and Adwaitham.

    I really don’t know who is behind this propaganda that Tamils wanted a separate country. The truth is that the DMK before 1962 (then a small party) was campaigning for a separate country and they were never accepted into the mainstream of Tamil politics till they dropped that demand during the Chinese invasion. Then came the Hindi imposition and the anti-Hindi agitations of 1965 throwing the Congress out of TN.

    We have an acute sense of history (like the Marathis), we still discuss and read much about Cheras, Cholas, Pandyas and Pallavas and also about our contribution to the freedom struggle. So when somebody accuses us that we are anti-India because we are against compulsory Hindi, we look down upon them because we are well aware that the person who says that has no sense of Indian history.

    I empathize with the people of the north east but I feel their thinking that they had no connection with mainland India is incorrect. Even according to the Mahabharata, Arjuna was married to Chitrangada the daughter of the King of Manipur and Ulupi a Naga Princess (

    But north Indians definitely need to be educated on history and geography.

    • A.Imchen permalink
      May 29, 2013 1:47 am

      Shaan sorry to burst your bubble but you have mistaken Ulupi with a different Naga.
      The Naga Ulupi you mentionedis this:
      Not this:

      Northeast India is different from Main land India. Its a fact.
      The question is Will Northeast India be accepted as Indians? Not if mainland India expects North East India to conform to it’s Values, Language, Culture etc. How about the other way round? Will North East India accept Main Land India as one of it’s own? Will Main Land India conform to it’s Values, Language, Culture etc. Either way I think not.
      The main land Indians have a lot of misconceptions about mainland India and vice-versa.
      The only way I see the point where east meets west is when if both sides have the “Yes they are different but that does not mean we treat them differently” attitude towards each other. Mutual respect for each other is the key.
      Will it ever be a possibility? Now that is a point to ponder upon.

  62. premjit permalink
    October 26, 2009 8:19 pm

    I am from Bodo community in North eastern region. I totally disagree that there exists any kind of discrimination against people from NE region . But the root of the problem is most of the indians do not have respect for the fair sex. They do not let their girls go to school more than 10th standard, girl infanticide, girls are killed in the womb, then dowry death. The whole indian society is shamefully cursed because of their ignoranct attitude which stems from whatever social structure they have inherited and proud of so called great indian cultural heritage needs more deeper analysis in the intellectual circles because india cannot show case these happenings to the world to be appreciated and pretend as if the world is unaware of happenings in the country.

    • October 26, 2009 9:41 pm

      That is a good point and the thought has crossed my mind too, particularly in light of the recent attacks on north eastern girls in India. The cases of rape/murder of the Naga girl and the other molestation case are crimes and the victims chosen because they were vulnerable. Well, this is certainly part of the motive and I do not think it is purely because of the girls being north eastern. As usual our media is over hyping the issue.

  63. premjit permalink
    October 27, 2009 2:45 pm

    dear nita, you are as pretty as your name , but your being defensive does not hide the facts about indian society and the generations of exploitation of females starting with ‘sati’, where women needed to sacrifice themselves in the pyre of dead husband had been as ridiculous as dowry death prevalent today calls for social reformation along economic reformation to earn self respect in the civilised world .

  64. November 5, 2009 9:19 am

    Hello Nita,

    This is like a complete breath of fresh NE who live in Hyd I have had my fair share of experiences..The first time I joint Loyola High School I was ask by my friends “Do you know Kungfu?” I know what they mean (Chinese), since my mom look much like the rest of indian they would also ask me if I am Nepali which was funny..then my lecturers ask me where Mizoram is (I was shocked we learned all this in school)
    After telling my Mates many many time they would ask “which is more Valuable Mizoram Money or Indian Rupee” I keep telling them they are the same
    which they never believe (I am not exaggerating)..I finally I used to answer in a sarcastic way and said 1 Mizoram currency is equal to 100 rupees…oh my oh my they believe it!!!!
    The truth is every 1 is Bias or racist but we only controlled them
    which some did perfectly but some can’t…but yes there are certain people I can not stand. I have my female friends telling me that they got spank by a biker many many time. I would ask my local friends why? is it because they look foreign that they are so eager to jump on them? I am very very doubtful they will do this to a local girl..sad part is, this is very frequent in a Muslim Locality…(mine you my best friends are Muslim) I remember being anger by my Lecturer asking me if we eat Dog in Mizoram infront of the whole class…I retorted heavily and ask him “Do you eat them?” he said no!! I told him that we are the same in that case, Being brought up from orthodox christian family that was very much insult ,as it was embarrassing as well..he go on to ask me if we eat snake :-)…..My junior high school was filled with those experiences ..I even have my Roman catholic fathers “NE people have no sense of Manner” and that we behave like a monkey which led My uncle who was an IPS officer in Andhra Very very Furious and Directly confront with the fathers which they apologize and denied (Nice even priest are Bias)……
    But this is not the end I did change my college and Study my BSC in Bhavans where is found my friends who are my best for life and things was just the opposite to the previous experience I fell in love with the City and the people but I realize that Racist bias people are mostly from uneducated with a little GK in their head and I now can bravely say they are the one who are Scum of Society and amazingly people who come from small town are very racist…
    The point is, we need to communicate well ,learn more of our culture Diversity ,get together and respect and appreciate ones culture..Even if people eat dog , Snake what ever..French eat Snails do you look at them like people look at the NE..No(White Skin Wallah Sab theek Hein!! more like that) we need to accept our diff..its not only the Mainland but for the NE as well..I think the Media are still sleeping and I believe the media can play a huge Vital role in bringing the Nation together..rather then Having India Pakistan peace rally (Which one would you prefer peace with you next door or within your family?)
    I also believe that cast system should be outlawed…if Delhi can make a handbook on dress code and food for NE why not a handbook on Anti Cast system(It is very much alive and strong in india we can not deny it)…………lets influences the younger Generation towards these…which i believe is happening…People around us are important after havinf the good exp with my best friends i can now proudly say I AM INDIAN..which I as never sure before…..Bottom line is understanding !!!! Peace all and better Future India

    PS: Goverment really need to look at Delhi ,3 Rape case in a week!!! And Moral Reformation

    • vasudev permalink
      November 5, 2009 2:12 pm

      dress code and food list for NE? what’s that? india is so diverse, difficult, far flung, alien to itself and above all, disturbingly OBESE that it takes time for it to recognise which part of itself belongs to it and not to the neighbour.

  65. john permalink
    November 9, 2009 12:08 am

    no matter what, i still feel that there is something that they(mainlenders) feel about us(northeastern). i have seen even in my class, i always tries to communicated with my classmate generally, sometimes i feel that i am talking to the air, they will just ignore me like am nothing even if i tried to speak loudly they will just act like they don’t hear anything. all this things may seems childish but as a grownup person small things seems terribly awful, their response to me… is like hell..some people will stared at me like a piece of shit…the thing i mention is juz nothings..just imagine you are heading towards you class and some unknown person standing outside stare at u and mocking u at your back n u heard everything…at that point if u think.. what is your images towards them. what are we for them..what did they think about us ? sometimes i think if this is my place(north east) i would have beaten and teach them a lesson like hell…but this thing will not be a solution to the problems. the way they looks at the north-eastern girls..! god knows what is in their mind..i jus don’t understand why? i just think that the way we thinks, talks,dress,eat,live is totally different from them which they cannot like we do. i am proud to be Chincky and proud to be north-eastern.. looks likes chinese, live like American, we the north-eastern…we the best…!

    • November 9, 2009 6:37 am

      john, think of those people who behave like that like ignorant fools. I know anger is a natural reaction, but no point getting angry with stupid insensitive idiots. Also there are certain people who behave badly to other groups also. That is the innate nature of the person. Such people are biased towards other religions, and other people who are different from them. As for looking at the girls, you know how sick and lecherous some people are.

  66. john permalink
    November 9, 2009 3:53 pm

    i agree with your comments that anger is a natural reaction…all these things get pop out when i compare the

  67. john permalink
    November 9, 2009 4:33 pm

    the enviroment here with back in my place(shillong)..there’s a vast differents..there, no one is looked as this and that..we never say to them..hey looks they do..hey look chinks or chinkys…here if u go alone somewhere say any official places..they will juz say “chinese kaha se agaya” seems like we could never b apart…we the northeastern are indians but we cannot b proud of being indians..when i think about all these small circumstences i just tries to ignore by saying that they are confuse and don’t know anything about us thatz y it is like this…but still happy by thinking that as time will pass by..everything’s gonna b okay…it is almost something like the black american(african-american) were treated by the white american back in a not saying that we’hve been force for a slavery..but a short of racial discrimination is happening, not in a wide range,but in some shorts…specially in delhi..we never say “mainlenders kaha se agya” in any place in shillong..we never or even think of underestimating them…i don’t know what kind of fun or enjoyment they get by saying and laughing “hey look chinky” one give them a right to mock others..God the father has created all of us in his own likeness,image. so did they get the extra looks..or glowing looks…sense of humainty is less in mainlenders that’s what i think…not all but some…

  68. Nick permalink
    January 27, 2010 10:22 am

    I can understand why NE people feel the way they do. I am not from NE. But, rest of India needs to be educated and exposedfirst about people and their culture, religion and lifestyle. People should embrace NE people and make them feel welcome so, they don’t feel obligated to change their dress and way of life to feel part of. I think government has lot to blame for this. PUNJABIS and SIKHS are not the only one in India. Rest of India has lot to offer in terms of music and other things only if government (most of them politicians are Northerners and somehow see that Punjabi is the only culture). This is the reason why “PUNJABI” has become an offician “modern” Indian dress. This PUNJABIZATION of India bothers me. Don’t get me wrong..I love Punjabis and their food but, rest of the cultures should have equal representation in Indian diaspora. You can or should be allowed to mix with other groups without changing their lifestyle or dress code. This doesn’t take away from NEasterners. They also should also try to mix and understand the local and general rest of India’s culture. NEasterner youth should understand that they’re not really hated because they look “chinkis’. I think most of the people actually would be more curious about them only if they can communicate and mix with them. NEasterners also have to understand the fact that it will be an adjustment period for atleast your generation because that’s the way humans are..Take a SIKHS for’ll find them in almost every state and see how their culture has been embraced by rest of India. This can happen to you as well…or it may not because your language is bit distant then Punjabi to Hindi but, may be you can find a way to show the best of your culutre in a way that rest of India absolutely falls in love’ve to try.. I hope one day we’ll live togather peacefully and become envy of the world!!!

  69. April 9, 2010 12:58 am

    Actually, from my point of view,what we need to focus on is that every thing has its bright and dark sides.

    India is a land of diversity,which is the only one of its kind in this world,with hundreds of different languages all over, and they are so different that they really seem to be totally alien to each other,i meant , is there any similarity between the “Khasi” and the “telegu” languages..?? probably NO.But still in every part of India ,does not matter what direction it is, you will find with 100% guarantee , people who are really proud to be Indians.People who cheers up in the names of SACHIN,SANIA,PKSangma,Zubeen and so on…

    It is very true that north eastern people are different from north people, but can you find similarity between a south Indian and an typical North Indian.There are so much of this differences, which does not mean that all are really different from each other.

    I want to put up one question,,,


    this is so logical that the problem of communal feelings are every where..this is logical because every body has the equal rights to preserve there own identity…

    I want to put one scenario :

    If you are out of your home and you meet your family in your local market, what will you feel ?,won’t you have a feeling of “OWNness” .If you meet a person from your town or locality in some other state,won’t you feel the “OWNness”, may be in a different level. The same thing happens…If a north INDIAN meets a North East INDIAN, in NY.,and introduced to be INDIANS ..i don’t think there will be much change in that above mentioned “OWNness”…

    Actually what i feel is that its not good enough to focus our attention in some silly things mentioned by silly mistakes….some nonsense north Indian guy feels that NE girls are cheap, this does not meant that every north Indian guy in a bullshit,,and also any nonsense cannot be so nonsense that he can misinterpret anybody without any reason….the same happens every where,,when some nonsense NE guy thinks that North Indians are nothing but full of Shits.. does not means that every NE guy is a jerk.

    Further about that word “Chinky”…why those people who use such kind of low level “MAWALI” languages does not think of the Koreans and Japanese…are the Koreans and Japanese not “Chinkes” what about them..?? …huh….you do really look like monkeys in front of those beautiful Korean Gals…those foreign “Chinkies” OK…

    Again i have also seen some guys telling…”Kya India….”guys studying in Central Universities …”India humko kya diya…..China accha heh…”….such kind of headless people really don’t have any idea about how their mother gave birth to them….they are from NE….don’t you think such kinds of people really deserve to be called “Chinkies”….

    the main point is…


    I am basically from Assam, I stay in Shillong…and every year we have educational trainings and tours all over India….and i felt…


    I saw this blog long before…and i am really sorry to see that still there are people who thinks that this post is really IMPORTANT…

    Nita ji,,kuch kijeye….please…

  70. Deepa Majumdar permalink
    May 21, 2010 11:33 am

    I grew up in the Northeast (Meghalaya). Trust me, people from the northeast can be very racist towards those who are native Indian, Hindu, dark skinned, with oily hair, etc. Since the Langpih massacre on May 14, the racism in this state has been hyped up, now against the Nepalese population. So the crudeness and hatred goes both ways. There was, in undivided Assam, when I was growing up, rank injustice and persecution of Bengalis. Justice towards “outsiders” was unthinkable, and not to be expected, even though the northeast was accepting monetary benefits from the “India” they so despised. Bengalis who suffered horrible poverty in the aftermath of the Partition of India, never received any such benefits.

    India needs a pan-Indian consciousness before it can rise beyond appearnces to an acceptance of one another on the basis of values, and values alone.

  71. August 1, 2010 7:03 pm

    A very insightful article. Thank you for writing on this issue. I’m from Bombay too, and have never really felt a discrimination against the north-easterners happening there. It’s perhaps because Bombay as a city is most culturally and linguistically diverse than most others in India. A sense of acceptance of diverse cultures had developed in the attitudes of the people there.

    But I’m very surprised to find that very little is available online or otherwise on the way the north-easterners are treated here in Chennai. I came to the city for the first time about three weeks ago, and I will be here for another year for study purposes. In the first two weeks itself, each of the three restuarants I went to, had north eastern staff, which was treated very badly. The first restaurant I went for dinner to – an Italian restuarant on ECR – I actually saw the manager about to slap a north-eastern who was waiting tables. On questioning him about what was wrong, he quickly excused himself and commanded the waitress to follow him inside.

    There is another dosa place in Adyar, where I saw the manager actually scream loudly on a young north-eastern waiter. Witnessed a similar thing at another breakfast place. All this within two weeks!

    don’t mean to judge, but this definitely speaks something. I spoke to a Manipuri beauty parlour girl once about this, and she was too hesitant to speak at first, and when she did, she spoke only good things about the city. She said they get good wages, people are nice, etc. She did add though, that one needs to compromise something to adapt oneself into a completely new city. I wonder if there’s more to that.

    Speaking to the owners of a famous restaurant in Chennai itself – Liu’s Waldorf – I was told that it takes time to adjust in any city you go to. The owners are Chinese, but they said that racism exists in every city, in some from or the other. “If you come to China, you will be discriminated against and cheated by the locals because you’re from India. it happens everywhere.”

    The three incidents I witnessed definitely didn’t look like regular ones. It would be nice if anyone who has a little mor knowledge on this subject, to throw some light on it.


  72. Akram Khan permalink
    October 1, 2011 12:03 pm

    very sensitive issue that needs to be addressed seriously

  73. DJ DIB permalink
    February 20, 2012 3:24 am


  74. Sean Xavier permalink
    May 13, 2012 4:47 pm

    Come Here to CHENNAI!!!
    me myself have alot of north east friends studying schooling as well as in college they enjoy alot!!They are sweet and nice people and trust me Chennai is gaining alot of student population from north east!!!
    BECAUSE HERE IN CHENNAI even thou its highly multi-cultured more than your DELHI or Mumbai or Bangalore!!!We are so normal come be friends with Tamils we are sweet caring in all ways!!

  75. Rajesh permalink
    March 21, 2013 2:34 am

    I really wished that people understand that our fellow country people from the North Eastern part, are just normal human beings like the rest of us. I am a North Indian and I have been living in Chennai for many years. People from the North East are friendly, humble and mostly mind their own business.
    Infact, I wish to get married to a North East girl, because they are culturally Indian at heart, but modern in living and thinking.

  76. tsewang permalink
    May 9, 2013 2:57 pm

    this is called illiteracy……hmmm…..the point is discrimination…… vs white…….brown vs yellow……discrimination bring compitition…compition brings new innovation……ultimately development……so…..its good.

  77. January 23, 2017 10:15 pm

    Decoding Alienation Of NorthEast
    & Its People

    “May I have your passport please?” the receptionist asked a Minister from Nagaland when he introduced himself at the reception for checking-in at a five star hotel in Mumbai (then Bombay). The receptionist, accustomed to greet guests from foreign countries thought that Nagaland was just another foreign country like Switzerland or New Zealand and hence asked for the passport. Naturally, the Minister was taken aback. The confusion finally ended at the intervention of the hotel management. The incident occurred years ago that made headline news in some national dailies.

    In another bizarre incident, an Assamese gentleman from Shillong (the capital of Meghalaya) after checking in with his family at a hotel in Chennai (then Madras) sometime in mid eighties was called back by the police late in the evening from his room to the hotel lobby for questioning. It came to light later on that the police were informed by the hotel receptionist who mistook Shillong for Ceylon. That was the period when anyone from Sri Lanka (erstwhile Ceylon) was a suspect LTTE rebel and hotels were required to report about their movement to the Police Stations. The gentleman from Shillong had a lot of explaining to do to clear the air.

    More recently, on the 9th July, 2016 to be precise, a lady from Manipur was subjected to racial harassment at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. She was on her way to Seoul for a conference. An immigration official looking at her passport remarked, “Indian toh nahi lagti ho” (you don’t look Indian). He then allegedly grinned at her and subjected her to redundant questioning to confirm her Indian nationality. On being told that she hails from Manipur, the officer allegedly harassed her further with some more silly questions. Such was the mocking attitude of the officer that a lady official at the adjacent counter could not stop giggling.
    In the aftermath of the riot between indigenous Bodos and Bengali speaking Muslims in Kokrajhar (Assam) during July – August, 2012, there was a widespread repercussion in other parts of India targeting people from Northeast. Some Manipuris were attacked in Pune. There was a protest organized in Mumbai which turned violent after some protesters displayed “provocative photos” of the Assam violence. Two laborers from Northeast were attacked in Andhra Pradesh while traveling on Ernakulam Express. One of them sustained severe injuries and later died. Nearly 30,000 people from NorthEast had fled Bangalore after threats of attack. Messages were circulated warning people of NorthEast States to leave Bangalore.

    On 2014 January Nido Tania, a 20-year-old student from Arunachal Pradesh was murdered in Lajpat Nagar area in New Delhi. This brutal attack was made by a crowd in a busy market. His resultant death had shocked the country and shamed the national capital. In October, 2014, three Manipuris were brutally beaten up by a mob at Bangalore “for not speaking in Kannada”. In the same month in another incident at Gurgaon, two people from Nagaland were taken captive, detained for more than 3 hours and tortured. The thugs issued death threats to the “native” of NorthEast in general.

    These are just few instances of harassment being faced by the people of Northeast from time to time. The caustic comments and nasty words like “chinki” that they have to tolerate at times for their looks are quite common. While the first two cases demonstrate general ignorance of the people of mainstream India, the second one indicates contempt. However, the subsequent examples bring out the racist hatred against the people of NorthEast. Taken as a whole, there seems to be a strong prejudice prevailing in a section of Indian society against the natives of NorthEast. The nation which boasts of unity in diversity must not tolerate such narrow-mindedness. However, this discrimination is not one sided. There is an even disturbing picture on the other side as well.
    In Assam, “Bongal Kheda” refers to an organized brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing of Bengalis. Widespread looting, rioting and arson are its common features. Even unarmed children and women are not spared from the cruelty. It originated in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam during 1960s and 1970s and spread over to 1980s – the period of Assam agitation. The brutality of these campaigns can be gauged from a six-hour long gruesome bloodbath known as Nellie Massacre. The infamous carnage that took place in the morning of 18 February 1983 in central Assam claimed the lives of 2,191 people – mostly very poor Bengali Muslim women and children. The unofficial figures run at more than 10,000. These innocent victims were butchered in a broad daylight but till today, no one is punished for the heinous crime!
    In Meghalaya, since inception of the State in January 1972, there were three major riots in 1979, 1978 and 1992. Its capital Shillong had to bear the maximum burnt. Similar to Assam – looting, rioting and arson are the common features of the riots. The government and state institutions have reportedly ganged up to see that outsiders are prevented from settling here. The situation is such that even the non-tribal populations who have settled there for several generations are being forced to leave the State. These riots have broken the backbone of the remaining few who are still living in Meghalaya. The resultant exodus that started in 1979 is still continuing and persecution of those staying is still going on. In November 2013, miscreants set ablaze a non-tribal trader inside his shop after pouring petrol over him in broad day light at Bishnupur, Shillong, is a case in point.
    There is a long list of unrest elsewhere in NorthEast too. In the 1990s, thousands of Riang tribals who rejected conversion were expelled from Christian-dominated Mizoram. They are now languishing in the neighboring State of Tripura. Manipur has witnessed mass departure of settlers from the State. Settlement of “outsiders” is already restricted in Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh through introduction of Inner Line Permit (ILP) which restricts Indian citizens to enter or stay in these States. Demands for IPL are also being raised from Manipur and Meghalaya. Nevertheless, pestering of “outsiders” who are staying there for Government service or for small business purpose is still prevalent everywhere. It is more frequent at a small town of Dimapur in Nagaland which is not covered under ILP. In one shocking incident, a mob of about 4,000 people broke into Dimapur Central Jail on March 5, 2015, dragged out an alleged rapist hailing from the neighboring State of Assam, stripped the person, paraded him naked on the main roads for hours, pelted stones and then lynched him in full public gaze. The police remained a mute spectator. All in not well in Tripura also. The recent clash between activists of the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) and local Bengali residents at capital Agartala on 23rd August, 2016 where at least 17 people were injured reveal the undercurrent of discontent among the natives.

    Influx of Bengali migrants in Assam and its adjoining States has an ugly origin. To the myopic Assamese leaders, the adjacent Hindu majority Sylhet District of undivided India (now in Bangladesh) was a hurdle to the emergence of a unilingual State of Assam and hence they wanted to get rid of Sylhet. As a result of their treacherous role in the “Referendum” of 1947, India had lost a major portion of that prosperous district to Pakistan through rigging of votes. Ironically, it did not fulfill the evil design of the Assamese politicians but just the opposite had happened – it opened the floodgate of refugees. The Bengali Hindus who are being systematically driven out by the fanatic Muslim from East Pakistan / Bangladesh have no alternative but to take shelter in the neighboring State of Assam. The selfish politicians of Assam are responsible for the “Cobra Effect”. This dark chapter of referendum has been buried under debris of history, the present generation Indians are not aware of the transgression of their past leaders and so, no one points a finger to the real culprits when the question of influx into NorthEast comes up. The helpless immigrants are being unnecessarily blamed for the entire mess. Regrettably, these migrants are being uprooted again from their new homes under the continuing ethnic cleansing drives in NorthEast forcing them to scatter all over India. Faulty approach of a section of selfish politicians at the time of independence is responsible not only for this mass human tragedy of the Hindu immigrants but it is also the root cause of the ongoing headaches to the natives of NorthEast.

    The seven States of NorthEast are fondly called “The Seven Sisters”. They are inaccessible to the rest of India except through a slender corridor of width of just about 20 to 40 Km at Siliguri in West Bengal known as the “Chicken’s Neck”, squeezed between Nepal and Bangladesh. Assam is the gateway through which the States are connected to the mainland India. This geographical bottleneck coupled with lack of infrastructure in NorthEast is hindering to and fro movement of people. Moreover, introduction of Inner Line Permit in three States and unfriendly terrain of the entire region are also coming in the way of necessary inter-mingling between the fellow citizens. Like every one else, population of Seven Sisters are also averse to unnecessary competition from outsiders. They feel that their separate ethnic identity is threatened in their own homeland by influx from Bangladesh and by settlement of outsiders. It is common knowledge that Tripuris have been reduced to a minority due to large scale migration of Bengali in their own homeland Tripura since it joined India in 1949. From a majority of 80% in 1901 their number came down to just 30% in 2001. Now, this instance is being highlighted time and again by some narrow minded groups to instill fear psychosis among the indigenous people of NorthEast. As a result, the Centre’s initiatives for infrastructural developments of the region are being thwarted by the locals. For example, Indian Railway’s plan to extend railway link up to Burnihut, barely 70KM from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, in the later part of 1980s was obstructed by the natives. Similarly, State Bank of India’s effort in setting up its Head Office at Shillong in the early 1980s was also opposed by them. Without such paranoia, today Shillong could have become an IT hub like Bangalore and NorthEast would have been on the World’s Tourist Map akin to Goa!
    Yet, Seven Sisters are feeling neglected and deprived by the successive Governments in New Delhi. While some of these grievances are quite genuine, certain political and religious leaders have been taking advantage of this resentment and coming in the way of developmental initiatives of New Delhi. The politicians play the ethnic card all the time for capturing votes and the religious leaders in the tribal dominated States want to keep the locals cocooned for fear of loosing their spiritual influence, resulting in apartheid in NorthEast. These leaders have been instigating the natives against the Centre with a view to fulfill their selfish agenda. The sense of neglect has been sown so deep in mind of the natives that at times certain people show reluctance to stand up as a mark of respect to the National Anthem when it is being played. That there is no mention of Seven Sisters in its lyrics is their ridiculous justification! Besides, at the national level, some unsavory utterance and undesired actions by few religious fanatics and fringe elements of the ruling BJP are adding insult to injury. The hype that media creates for increasing their TRP with undue focus on such stray developments is further vitiating the atmosphere. These are the backgrounds of hostility against the outsiders that is prevailing in Northeast.

    “No man is an island”. Today, India has opened up to the world. NorthEast will continue to miss the bus if it chooses to remain isolated. The Nation is now mature at 70. At present, its citizens are grown up enough to take decision about their own future. For the people of Northeast, there is the dilemma of preserving separate ethnic identity on one hand and on the other hand there is the issue of joining the national mainstream. They must introspect and find out on their own whether clinging to their ethnic identity, as professed by their leaders, was beneficial to them or it would be better if they open up for developmental agenda of the Central Government. There has to be some compromise. The famous quote of Harry Browne says “Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything.” Individual Sisters of NorthEast should make a choice for themselves – independent of the vested interests of politicians and priests, padres or mullas. Nevertheless, there must not be any harassment, coercion or violence anywhere. Knowledge and understanding of each other’s compulsion, limitation and point of view will bring in tolerance. Harmony between different segments of people and mutual respect can grow only through tolerance. There is no room for derogatory words like “chinki” in India. Similarly, there should not be any space for words like ‘dkhars’ in Meghalaya, ‘mayangs’ in Manipur, ‘plain mannu’ in Nagaland, ‘bhais’ in Mizoram or “k*la Bongal” in Assam. The literal sense of these words might be different but it carries the same pain and agony to the people at its receiving end – everywhere in India. It means – “You are not one of us and so you are not welcome here!”
    by Subir Deb

  78. silent ketshu permalink
    April 5, 2017 5:37 am

    I don’t think so its because of education or any other things. m a north-eastern too in my experience apart north-eastern people they think they are superior than us I even don’t know. their attitude too cheap, dress up yuk, English sucks but also showing off. and obviously we don’t want to talk with them because they even don’t know we exist in India. in simple words they even don’t know that our state is part of India. who will not be angry they treat our sisters as sluts but have we thought like that of other states girls????.if every one want to clean up the mess then they have first clean their mind & b little broad minded. because its already been 21st century & people are still at the age of kings and all.

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