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September 23, 2007
  • The Bourne Ultimatum – movie review

    We got to see this thriller a week late in India, but gosh, what a movie! Sheer unadulterated enjoyment. Like eating my favorite dessert for a good one hour and 51 minutes with every minute like the first bite!Really, this is the best time I have had in a theatre in months….The camera work in…

  • What or whom do we blame for our terrorism deaths?

    Now that everyone knows that it’s not America, Britain or Israel who lost the most lives to terror…its India, (if one leaves out Iraq) can we demand some answers from our government?Why is our country suffering so much? I thought I would try and find the answers to these questions…but when I…

  • We have enough food but our kids our starving

    The developed world has been fortifying their processed foods for ages, but can you believe it, we in India haven’t done it yet!! Our economy is growing at 8-9 percent but this job hasn’t been done yet. India had been warned of the necessity of doing it by the UN as iron deficiency in particular…

  • A matter of hemlines and air hostesses

    The other day when I came across this article which said that air hostesses of Air Deccan will have to start wearing short skirts, so that their uniforms would be similar to the girls in Kingfisher Airlines, the new owners, I could not help wondering whether they would willingly step into shorter…

  • The ragging monster is alive and kicking in India

    Another ragging incident. 22 year old management student Sanjay Pal Singh was hospitalized with “a psychotic disorder” because of ragging.Inspite of a Supreme court ban in 2001, ragging continues in India. Its thriving here, even though the rest of the civilized world has abandoned it. Its…

  • America eyeing north-eastern India?

    America in the north east of India? Well, with the Chinese knocking on our doors, can the United States be far behind? In fact America has far more ambitious plans. China may be interested in just Arunachal (and in fact the latest news is that China is encroaching slowly but surely) but the US is

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